Wake Up to Non-Judgement in 30 Seconds

Wednesday’s Inspirational Story

Today I was traveling to the office when a person in a blue pickup truck nearly hit me as we were getting off the freeway. At first my thought was, “How Rude.” And I had a first impression that this man was inconsiderate, impatient and egotistical about his status in the world thinking he was above all of us to do this type of thoughtless driving.

Then I slowly heard in a voice in my head saying, “Are you negatively judging him? How does this thought help your day?”

Ah, that voice always pulling you back to true reality. A smile formed on my lips as I gently nodded and agreed. I then remember one of my own principles that I teach…

Principle #3: Being Present with Non-Judgement

I tell a story about how we can be present with judgement and if we had non-judgement how that same scene would look with a different perspective. As I recalled that story, I readjusted my own way of thinking in that moment. I began to think that maybe he is in a hurry because his wife is in the hospital and he needs to get there fast. Maybe he is late for a job interview, the first one he has had in months. In reality, his story isn’t important.

What is important you say? Why, great question. Thank you for asking. 😉

What is important is reminding myself that I am driving to the office. How lucky am I to be able to afford a car to drive to the office. Some in this world cannot. The freedom of driving at all is a joy to me. One that only a few generations have been able to experience. I remember with crystal clear detail the day I turned 16 and the feeling of getting my license. It was one of the best days of my life.

I caught myself early enough in the judging process to realign with my true beliefs and how I really want to show up in the world, which is with compassion and understanding. My other thought was how grateful I am to wake up so fast in that moment. I have been practicing for some years now and to see it all come together in 30 seconds is such a joy.

Then as I watched him speed off when the light turned green, I blessed him and his day and wished him all the best.

For me… I was smiling ear to ear with an open mind.



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