Nice, France Hotel View

Visualization Technique to Nice, France

As promised, I completed my visualization technique yesterday to Nice, France. I spent about 45 minutes really visualizing it and looking up pictures and feeling what it was like to sit in the cafes, stay at the hotels, and walk on the cobblestone streets. I began my visualization with going to the San Diego Airport and standing in line at security feeling those exciting feeling for going to France for a day. I knew that in my pack, I had an extra pair of clothes, a tooth brush and toothpaste, my hair brush, a book to read and my journal to write in. I checked my pockets to make sure I had my camera so I could take lots of pictures. Next I saw in my mind’s eye me sitting waiting to board. Then walking over to Starbucks for some hot water to put in my coffee cup for my favorite Yogi Green Tea that I always bring with me everywhere I go.

Now I am on the plane, watching a romantic movie on the seat in front of me. I love when you can choose your movies or watch TV on those little screens right in front of you. Really makes the plane ride so much faster. Arial Nice FranceBefore I knew it was I departing from the plane and I had arrived in Nice, France. Secret…the best part about taking a trip in your mind’s eye is that you get a non-stop flight to your destination. 😉

Ah! The first blast of warm air as I step out of the airport. Now since this is my luxury trip, a limo is waiting to take me to my hotel. How exciting to ride in a comfortable limo with infused cucumber and lemon water waiting for me inside. We drive through the city streets slow so I can see this beautiful place they call Nice, France. Me…joyous and happy and smiling from ear to ear.

We arrive at Hotel La Perouse. I will be staying for only a day but it is so beautiful and refreshing. I have a deck so I can enjoy the sun and breeze as I read my favorite book or work on my musing for my blog. By lunch I am hungry and feeling that tug to go and explore the surroundings. I first visit the flower market on Cours Selaya and do a little shopping. Take pictures at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and the Fountain Plaza Massena. I stop to hear jazz in the plaza and tip the gentleman for the nice music he played on his saxophone. What a beautiful day with the temperature an even 74 degrees, slightly cloudy, mostly sunny. Where I stop to eat, simply must have the best french cheese and sun dried tomatoes. After lunch, I walk along the Promenade des Anglais, visit the art galleries, and see more of the beautiful churches. I spend time at the hidden gem of Nice, Parc Phoenix, a haven of wildlife, gardens and fountains.

By this time it is time to rest and finish the day at a romantic cafe on the main street where action is all around and conversations are animated. As I finally make my way back to Hotel La Perouse, I am tired but filled with joy and happiness. I am now ready to move forward with my work knowing that my day in Nice, France was exactly what I needed to renew and refresh.