11 Year Old has a MoClar Moment

Today I was reading about Carson Huey-You, who is 11 years old and attending Texas Christian University as a freshman in college. It is an inspiring story. I have attached the Youtube video for you to view his story from the point of view of FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS).

At 50 seconds, Carson Huey-You had a MoClar Moment.

“Whenever you are like ‘Oh, that makes sense now,’ just kind of after going at it, going at it, it’s just kind of like that one moment of thought,” Carson explains.

That one moment of thought is what we call a MoClar Moment. This is what we strive to bring to our clientelle. Those moments of thought of pure clarity that this is the right answer.

Our programs work to open you up to awareness, clear your blocks or limiting beliefs and create a flow of moclar moments.