The intention of this mala is to remind it’s wearer of their potential. Each of us has great potential inside. It is our task to continually discover it and push our boundaries to see that we are capable of anything. This mala is meant to enhance your internal potential and manifest it out into the real world.

AFFIRMATION: I see my potential expand in all endeavors of life. My intuitive creative sense uses my potential to the fullest and awakens me to inspired thoughts that lead me in the direction of my chosen and most light path.

I AM POTENTIAL is made with love and applies the properties of the following gemstones:

  • Imperial Jasper, known as a stone of great power and protection. Imperial Jasper is used for its many qualities. From providing balance as you grow to your full potential, to promoting courage and determination in your quest to protecting you from yourself, your own limiting beliefs about who you really are. Imperial Jasper is a majestic stone that awakens you to the best of yourself. Green Imperial Jasper symbolizes renewal, growth, and harmony.
  • Prehnite, known as a stone of prophecy believed to enhance precognition, visualization, and inner knowledge. It helps you renew your trust in the universe. Prehnite is also said to bring peace. Prehnite was chosen to inspire you to see your goals fulfilled and to recognize the clear path before you.
  • Green Jade, known as a stone of to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. Jade encourages our consciousness to increase at a higher level. This increased level not only instills calm and peace but also awakens your creative thoughts, a necessary trait for living your full potential.
  • Smoky Quartz, known as an extremely protective stone against negative energies by gently dissolving any negative emotions it comes into contact with. As you live to your fullest potential, you will experience challenges from all angles; other people, self, daily life, and any unknowns. The use of Smokey Quartz is to protect you from what may come your way, gently dissolving those negative emotions and allowing you to keep your energy positive no matter the curve balls of life that may test you. Life is not linear. And remember, NEVER A FAILURE, ALWAYS A LESSON.
  • Robles Wood, comes from the Trumpet Tree. This wood is known for its workability and strength. Robles wood is known to embody ease, flow and flexibility. It is dynamic looking wood, not afraid to shine its own beauty of a unique wood grain that gives each piece a uniqueness and flare. Spiritually speaking, it encourages you to stand tall and be proud, to be you and to be happy with who you are inside! (love)
  • Tassel is a sign of achievement. A recognition that what is and what may come are written upon your decisions. The many strings in a tassel represent the many decisions you will face in your life. Each decision will have a cause and effect. The tassel reminds us to seek a decision that encourages us to expand to our greatest potential. Seek Honor. Seek Love. Seek Wealth in all areas. Seek to become the great YOU that is within. And so it is…

Every mala is made with an intention. The beads are cleansed using a full moon energy and energize them within my meditation room under a full sun day. Each mala is made with love and each guru bead has been carefully selected during my worldwide travels.

This is handmade. Every effort has been made to assure it’s durability (strong surgeon knots & fabric glue). However, do be careful not to tug or snag it on something that may create a force beyond what the Mala necklace can withstand. Thank you kindly for understanding this.

Many Blessings & Smiles,
Connie 🙂

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