The intention of this I AM FUN LOVING mala is to capture the essence of excitement, fun, and enjoyment.

You are beautiful. You pop, sparkle and buzz electric. (shout out to any Big Bang Theory fans)

When you wear this mala you free your spirited fun loving self to shine brightly in all experiences! I think it to be impossible to look at this mala, where this mala or be in the presence of this mala and not just fall in love and SMILE!!!! That is why I titled it FUN LOVING!!!

I AM FUN LOVING is made with love and applies the properties of the following gemstones:

  • Agate, known to be a versatile stone. The original color before dying with a tinge of ruby was brown with white stripes. A brown agate is a grounding stone. It lets you relax, reconnect, and harmonize with yourself. It promotes security and stability. All the values required to create a relaxed mind ready for fun.
    • This guru stone is dyed with a hint of ruby. Ruby is passion, fun and loving. Stimulates Creativity and attracts friendships; probably because it makes you smile… raising your energy… opening you up to possibilities.
  • Ruby Red Agate Beads, a perfect accent stone for this mala. It enhances the guru bead due to sharing the same spiritual qualities. The ruby color is known to bring a sense of adventure to the wearer. Use this sense to create all joyful experiences! 🙂 *Note: Agate is dyed ruby.
  • Smoky Quartz, which is an extremely protective stone against negative energies by gently dissolving any negative emotions it comes into contact with. Smokey quartz was carefully added to protect your fun loving nature against any challenges that may arise as you are living your fun-loving lifestyle.
  • Rose Quartz, known as the ‘Love Stone’ and is said to be the stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz was carefully added to enhance self-love, compassion, and peace as you truly awaken to the fun-loving side of you!
  • Carnelian, which is a stone of action that will give you the courage and confidence to move forward to create new adventures. Plus it enhances your unique authentical personality traits.
  • Goldstone, known to help you attain your goals, facilitate mental agility and quick wit. Goldstone was carefully selected to be an energy generator for this mala. Due to the flakes of copper in this glass stone, it is an excellent conductor of energy and emanates from the higher planes of vibrational energy. *Note: Goldstone is actually a human-made glass with flecks of copper suspended in it, which give it the sparkles. It is a really pretty, sparkly and fun human-made stone.
  • Robles Wood, comes from the Trumpet Tree. This wood is known for its workability and strength. Robles wood is known to embody ease, flow and flexibility. It is dynamic looking wood, not afraid to shine its own beauty of a unique wood grain that gives each piece a uniqueness and flare. Spiritually speaking, it encourages you to stand tall and be proud, to be you and to be happy with who you are inside! (love)
  • Ebony, which is well-known as the most powerful wood on earth. Ebony wood protects your emotions as well as your intuition. Ebony is known to be useful for the spiritual seeker who is advancing their knowledge and exploring their intuition and emotion.

Every mala is made with an intention. The beads are cleansed using a full moon energy and energize them within my meditation room under a full sun day. Each mala is made with love and each guru bead has been carefully selected during my worldwide travels.

This is handmade. Every effort has been made to assure it’s durability (strong surgeon knots & fabric glue). However, do be careful not to tug or snag it on something that may create a force beyond what the Mala necklace can withstand. Thank you kindly for understanding this.

Many Blessings & Smiles,
Connie 🙂

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