How Do You Impact The World

How can you impact the world?

How do I impact the world?

On the surface, these two questions appear almost the same – but the answers can be quite different.

In my case, the ways in which I can impact the world include:

Recycling more… Or driving my car less… Or maybe eating more organic fruits and vegetables to lessen my footprint of chemicals on the planet.

These are actions I can take to impact the world.

But, “How DO I impact the world?”

What am I doing right now, today, in this moment, even, to impact the world?

This one gets more to the now. It gets more to your current actions.

By simply changing one word, we go from dreaming to moving into motion to make an impact on the world.

I impact the world by leading those who are lost, confused, feeling out of place in their world, feel helpless or hopeless to a passionate, fulfilling and truly inspired purposeful life. I call this: Living from your true inner smile. This is my soul’s purpose; my life’s mission.

Do you know yours?

How do you know if you are living from this inner smile?

Signs that you are living from this strong intuitive place of the inner smile may be:

  • Your mornings become a joy because when you awake you are so excited to be doing what you are doing.
  • Your brain doesn’t turn off and you don’t feel drained.
  • You think of new ideas constantly that will help people out there.

But it is actually not thinking. It is more like a river flowing through you, sending you these amazing and profound clarifications on how to create your dynamic world of service and abundance for not just you but everyone. It’s not work because it is so satisfying that you almost feel guilty when you see other people not living the excitement you get to live daily!

When people are in the flow of their purpose, they are happier, make better decisions, give more to others, shine brighter in the world and they themselves create a greater impact in the world. This impact is a never ending ripple that keeps on giving.

Coaching Moment…

My clients are people who really care about others in this world. Their purpose in life is to support people to be happier, be it through business coaching, home interiors, graphic design, etc…

The dark side

I have experienced this myself and have heard the stories from others that when you live your life purpose, there may be people in your immediate circle that try to diminish your light. They, themselves, are not going after their dreams and their fears are being directed at you in a way that disguises itself as loving support. Yet, in reality it is holding you back from making your dreams come true. In this instance, some of my clients and others I have spoken with start to feel guilt and shy away or even stop creating the inspired massive actions to live their soul’s purpose.

Living your passion in life is actually helping those around them to see what life can be when you open up to the possibilities and opportunities that are all around you. Don’t hide under a shadow if people say words that may not be supporting of your choices. Simply go find your tribe that does support you. And I can tell you right now… I SUPPORT YOU!

My goal is to instill confidence in these kind and gentle clients that goes way beyond their actual careers but into their family life, friendships, health and even taking control of their abundance in financial realms.

Confidence is a MAJOR key in getting to know you and developing this amazing, sexy self-relationship that leads you to your purpose, passion and true fulfillment in life; to your inner smile.

Who wants to sit on the sidelines and have the excuse that I was protecting my friends or family because they didn’t have the confidence to pursue their dreams? I didn’t want to make them feel bad about themselves.

I say, “Forget that!”

Let them worry about them and you go shine for yourself and ultimately for others. Because when they are done being jealous, they are going to come to you and ask you, “How did you do it? How did you find the strength to keep going even after all the obstacles? How did you keep your smile when others tried to take it away? How do you live your passion everyday?”

For me, when others started asking me this question, I knew, I had arrived to who I was meant to be. As always, it is a journey and I want to keep growing, learning, teaching, traveling, talking, writing and whatever else the universe wants to me to fulfill my karmic destiny.

This is what I want for all my clients. This is how I impact the world daily.

All it takes is one talk, a smile or a positive conversation and the next thing you know… you just changed a life.

Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, I really want you to take time to journal about what you do to impact the world.

This type of service is what leads you to living a life full of passion and excitement. Find that one thing that you love doing that makes the most impact on someone’s life, and you are on the right track to discover the fire inside you.

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