Russell Brand

Guilty Pleasures Russell Brand

What can your Guilty Pleasures of life teach you?

I think we should all have all some guilty pleasures in our life. Mine is simply loving a man for his brain. Russell Brand is one of those people that can shock you, disgust you, surprise you and astound you with the words that come from his thoughts. For me, on some levels, he is too uninhibited with his words in a way that makes me blush just watching a video of some of his comedic routines. Yet, at the same time, I even admire that. He is not ashamed in any way to be who he wants to be. He has true peace inside and loves who he is knowing that this self-love transfers to the genuine love of others.

Some may say that he is egotistical and I don’t necessarily disagree but he himself would admit that fact. That is the beauty. He sees his flaws and his strengths and he loves all aspects of himself just the same. That is TRUE self-love. He doesn’t put expectations on himself, only intentions. A great lesson to bring into my own life.

In my opinion, there is something magnificent about him. The way he speaks of consciousness and his ever growing internal pure love that he exudes from his very being. He understands that the inner dynamics is what manifests the outer reality. He teaches that there is nothing of meaning in this world, unless you give it meaning. He balances the two worlds of spirituality and reality in a way that I aspire to do.

I think what I most admire about him is he is real. He is not a prophet with no mistakes, he is just like us, minus a filter.

When he first came on the scene, I was not fan. It wasn’t until he spoke from the heart that he grabbed my attention. And today, he is my guilty pleasure of watching him in interviews and deeply listening to the tidbits of intellectualism that he says in passing. I hope to continue to learn and grow from the words of wisdom he delivers. I also aspire to grow my vocabulary from listening to him.

He and I have a similar life purpose. His is to make people smile by getting them out of reality for an hour or two and allowing them to relax away from the world of struggles and disappointments. He also subtly slips into his routines his belief system in hopes to create a better tomorrow. That always makes me smile. Does the masses know that he does this? How many people actually get it?

I choose to guide people to a lifetime smile by showing them they can do what they love for the rest of their life. Many of us don’t give ourselves permission to be happy or joyous or go after our dreams. When I am in a session and I ask what do you really want? My clients answer with many different visions. But the best part comes after that. I show them a way to give themselves permission to be who they want to be and find their tribe that will support them. By guiding one life, I hope they will guide two and then each of those will guide another two and so forth. My intention is to leave this world a better place as well.

Russell Brand

Lessons Learned from Russell Brand

  • Go after your dreams
  • Always keep growing and learning
  • Believe in yourself
  • Know your true purpose
  • Love who you are
  • Share your light with the world
  • Laugh at yourself; Don’t take life to seriously
  • Intend for a happy life yet be grateful for whatever may happen


Tell me, who is your guilty pleasure? What do you learn from them? How do they help you change your perspective?