Choose the Path of Most Light

OMG! My first video!

Hi all my Smile Childs! I am so excited to share my first video with you all. It shows me at my rawest of moments. It was just shot with my iPhone but it demonstrates my energy and I LOVE IT!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. Love to you all!!!


Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, take time to really embody that affirmation.


Read the questions below and then close your eye’s and using your connection with source, answer them. You might be surprised what comes up. 🙂

  • How does embodying that message change your next decision?
  • Where is your intuition telling you to go?
  • If you are feeling resistance, what fear is coming up for you?
  • How can you begin to bring in love and joy into that decision and instead of seeing any decision with an outcome, see it as only an experience?

You know the right decision to make when you feel elated, joyful and sometimes even an anxious, nervous energy. Almost like that energy is bubbling to be released.

Are you ready to impact the world? If the answer is an ASTOUNDING YES!!! Then choose your next step below.

The Law of Being

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If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.