Four Step Affirmation Formula

Creating Personal Affirmations

Affirmations have been used for centuries to affirm something that is true. They are short and powerful statements that when you say, hear or even think them can create a great transformation in your thinking process. Research has shown that we have on average 70,000 thoughts per day. (1) That’s approximately 3000 thoughts an hour. Affirmations are used to break negative thinking and promote positive outcomes in your life. The goal is to change your thought on a subject, thereby changing the actions you may take on a decision be it small or large. You may even ask yourself how something you are about to do invites this affirmation in more or less into your life.

Until recently, I looked up other people’s affirmations and used their affirmations to repeat with my mala beads. When you are first working with affirmations this is a great place to start. But as you become more familiar with the technique you may want to create your own. Having personal affirmations is a powerful step in changing the way you think about anything. To continue my self development, I created a four step formula for personalizing affirmations for the needs of the moment.

For instance, we all live busy lives. Maintaining balance in our lives is an important goal for keeping our sanity. Therefore, my four step formula would look like this if you are looking to create more balance in your life.

  • I am balanced.
  • I live a balanced life.
  • I create balance.
  • I am balance.

The four step formula has four distinct sections. The first line or section is about the feeling. I am balanced. It is all about the emotional state or the reaction of the belief that you are balanced. The second line or section is about your expression of that feeling or idea. I live a balanced life. Your mind determines what is defined by the term balance. What does balance look like? How does a balanced person react to life and situations? The third line or section is about the action of the feeling or idea. I create balance. This is a very powerful statement. Here you are actively seeking out ways to live a life of balance. The last line or section is you knowing without a doubt that you are balanced. I am balance. It is always stated in present tense. Here you know that you know. You are clear that all actions you take will promote a balanced life.

This formula works for any affirmation you’re looking for in the moment. Lets go through another example.

Say you are looking to create more abundance in your life. The word abundance is a good start but lets dig a little deeper. What kind of abundance are you looking for? Wealth, Happiness, Spiritual Abundance, Time Abundance, etc… Make sure to always be very clear and descriptive to the best of your ability in what you are looking to create in your life. For this example, we are going to decide that you want more abundance of laughter in your life. You want to laugh more. Well, what does laughing do for you? It makes you smile, it creates joy and happiness. It is a byproduct of seeing the world as fun and exciting. If you want to create more laughter then you will want to create more experiences that promote laughter or that amuse you. To laugh your thought must include the idea that the current moment is joyous, funny and exciting. After this thorough drill down, I believe we should use the word joy. Joy is a value that has the potential to create more laughter or an abundance of laughter in your life. The more joy you bring into your life, the more you can view life as entertaining.

In thinking about the formula, we want to feel joy, live joy, create joy and be joy. So the affirmation formula is as follows:

  • I am joyous.
  • I live a joyous life.
  • I create joy.
  • I am joy.

It is as simple as that. The first step is always the feeling. What does it feel like to be joyous? You can even do a short visualization technique here to really get into that feeling. To visualize, just close your eyes and take three big long breaths. And then remember a time when you felt joy or saw it in a movie. Really get into that moment. Be that moment. Where are you at? What are you doing? How do you feel? What is the expression on your face? Who’s with you? What time is it? Remember to really think about all the small details.

The next step is defining what it looks like. How a joyous person expresses that feeling? It is the outside expression. You may smile, laugh or sit with your eyes closed looking up to the sky feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin causing a slight laugh to come out as you think about the beauty of the earth and how blessed you are in this very moment. How does a joyous person move, walk or talk? What kind of thoughts does a joyous person experience daily, moment to moment?

The third step is actively seeking out activities that would promote that feeling in your life. It is continuously creating moments of joy. If you gain joy every time you play with your children, then set aside time each day for playtime. Or if you create joy by playing an instrument, then set aside time daily to play a song or two or three. Seek out those moments that allow you to always express and feel joy.

The fourth step is knowing that all life is joy. That no matter what you are doing or who you are with you are simply a joyous person. Joy is all around you and all you have to do is open your mind’s eye to see the expression of joy. All moments have joy if you just change your perspective to open your awareness to joy.

This is my four step affirmation formula. You feel it. You live it. You create it. You know it.



The Power of Thoughts and Simple 1 Step Solution

Have you ever felt this way?

Picture this…

You are at work. Someone comes to you and hands you a task that you don’t want to accomplish. It is not a fun task. It is time consuming and not in a good challenging way. You know you have to do it but man is it hard to focus when you are not thrilled about it.

Your thoughts may include:

  • This Sucks!
  • Why Me?
  • I am so unhappy at this task.

If you answered yes to that picture above, let me offer you a simple 1 step solution.

Instead of thinking that the task at hand makes you unhappy, ask yourself this simple question.

What would it be like to let go of that thought or idea or picture in your head that the task makes you unhappy?

Please Take a Moment

I want you to really think about the answer above. You have a thought that states, “I am unhappy with this task“. Okay.

Now just picture letting that thought go.

Spend a few minutes here.
Take a out a piece of paper and pen and write it down.

  • What would it be like?
  • How would you feel to remove that thought?
  • How would the task change?

Now, replace that thought. Say outloud and affirm it with 100% confidence…

I am releasing any negative thoughts on this task. I am happy to perform this task and thrilled to be of service to this project. I am happy.

It is as simple as that. Some people who are limited in their thinking may argue against the idea that it is as simple as adopting another thought but it is that simple. We humans make things so complex when in reality it is really just that simple to forgive, to let go, to move on, to change your thoughts. It may take practice to get good at this skill. But the more you practice, the easier it becomes just like all things in life.

Here is another affirmation:

I believe with all my heart that changing my thoughts are easy.

Adopt the idea that changing your thoughts is easy and suddenly your world opens up to new ways of thinking and looking at a situation. All thoughts are perceptions that occur from our past experiences and perceived ideas of the current situation. If you can become aware of this fact and remove those perceptions than any task that does not go against your main values can be exactly what you want that task to be.

In the case of this article, we are simply introducing the concept that rethinking a thought that helps you be more productive either at work or in life can create a more balanced approach to events that happen around you. This concept of asking yourself to remove the thought that is not serving you is a simple practice for when the bigger experiences in life come your way. If you begin small and can change your thoughts on something so simple as a task that is not so much fun, can you imagine where you will go on a huge experience that may have a negative label such as sad or lonely?

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