365 Moments of Clarity – Day 8 2014

Everything Is Possible

Today’s MoClar Moment came from an inspirational quote:

“The Uni-verse doesn’t give you a vision without the resources to make it happen (which are closer than you think).”

Though I am not sure where the quote originated from, I can feel the truth of every word in this quote. In my old life, I would have a vision or an idea but then dismiss it thinking someone probably already thought of it or it wasn’t my job to figure out how to make it happen or I don’t have the resources to create it.  Have you ever had this happen to you?

Now in my new life; my new perspective, I realize that any vision I have is possible. I know I have the resources. I know the universe is always sending me experiences for my greater good. Visions are a way for the universe to speak to me or through me. Now I look at an idea and I ask myself…

  • Does this vision align with my purpose?
  • Will this vision be of service to others? 

Using those two all important questions, I clarify the vision and either implement or relate it to someone I know can fulfill the vision’s destiny. Either way, I believe in the gift of the vision.

Daily Journal Entry & Affirmation

Through out this year, I challenge you to write down all visions that the universe sends you. And then ask those two questions:

  • Does this vision align with my purpose?
  • Will this vision be of service to others? 

If you answer yes to both, take a leap of faith and develop an action plan to create that vision into reality. It was sent to you for a purpose. Work with your coach or partner to see what the gift is in that vision. Why was it delivered to you?

If there is pressing idea today that you have been thinking about for awhile, take 10 minutes right now and write it out. Or speak it and record it on your smart phone. Don’t let that vision escape. It has a reason and purpose for showing itself, especially if you have been thinking about it for awhile.

My personal affirmation for this:



As I stated yesterday about affirmations, make them your own. I share the ones I created with you to inspire you. If they resonate with you, keep them. If not, change them. 🙂

Down below tell me how the universe provides you with resources to build your visions. I would love to hear an inspirational story that relates to this saying.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 7 2014

The 2 Key Components in Learning that

You are Unlimited

Today’s MoClar Moment was a pretty powerful moment for me. It all started on Friday when I found a Barnes and Noble gift card in my wallet. I decided last night to visit the book store. I was going to purchase the Meditation Bible book that I have been wanting to get for awhile. Yet, something drew me to another book. It wasn’t a normal book that I would pick up and it might be because I have a ‘charge’ around the subject. The book that kept getting my attention was titled, “Creating Money — Attracting Abundance.” Now I am all for abundance but money has always been a subject of debate inside my head. I have heard from my parents growing up that money doesn’t grow on trees or that money is for the rich not for us or money is evil. Sound familiar?

The issue is that we grow up with all these sayings stuck in our head and we keep manifesting those ideals in our life. Through all my spiritual practices over the years, the hardest one for me to accept is that I deserve just as much abundance as the next person. Well, today that very lesson was taught to me in a MoClar Moment.

What I am realizing is abundance is a lesson of manifesting and realizing your true potential. Therefore, manifesting abundance in anything is an advanced technique in belief and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. It is the earth’s equivalent of learning real, usable magic.

Manifesting = Magic

This is the first time I realized this. Manifesting abundance is the ultimate creative process. Yes, I agree. I am slow to this lesson.

I wrote an article last year about redefining abundance. I decided to redefine it as this…  abundance is the freedom to experience life on your terms and your desires. I still agree with that saying. However, that was me playing safe and secure. I still don’t want the big house on the hill or the fancy car. But I do want to add to that definition.

Today I realized that abundance is freedom but it is also a lesson in ultimate creation. Abundance gives you the chance to see your unlimited potential. It is a birthright. Everyone deserves their abundance. It is about being rich in experiences and creating those experiences to be rich in.

Abundance is the freedom to experience life on your terms and your desires. But with abundance is manifesting. And manifesting is creating those experiences to be abundant in.

Abundance and Manifesting are the two key components in learning that you are unlimited. That important lesson alone is so powerful because you can then breakthrough any block that is holding you back. When you begin to realize that you deserve to live your life on purpose, you deserve that trip to Europe, you deserve the opportunity to love your career and look forward everyday to waking up and making a difference. All that potential; that creative power is within you.

Yes, I do deserve money as well as health and love and family and traveling the world; everything. But up until now, money was always a guilty pleasure. Today I realized that the abundance of money is essential for my purpose to inspiring people, teaching spiritual practices and raising the consciousness of the world. Living in abundance and being grateful for it brings you closer to source and the divine power within you. The universe is already very abundant.

If you realize how innately connected you are to the source and the source is very abundant itself, then you by default are also very abundant naturally and innately. And when you believe this you actually move towards creating a higher karmic energy. This higher karmic energy is what moves you to the next level of your learning cycle (if you so desire to get to the next level).

Whew! Big lesson.

“…learn how to trust and listen to [your] inner guidance, awaken to [your] greater potential and
gain the confidence that comes from knowing [you] can create whatever [you] want.” — Sanaya Roman

Daily Affirmation

Today’s daily exercise comes from the book, Creating Money. I highly believe in affirmations and also belief that creating your own is more powerful than repeating someone else’s affirmation. So please read these three affirmations. They are only here to inspire you. If they resonate with you, keep them. If not, then change them or create your own. The goal is to create three affirmations that speak to your ultimate creative process of manifesting abundance in your life.

For more ideas in creating your own affirmations, read Four Step Affirmation Formula.

Remember these tips in creating affirmations:

  1. Make them believable
  2. Begin with “I”, make them personal
  3. State them in present tense
  4. Really feel them down deep in your soul




Tell me about your thoughts on abundance and manifestation. What are you beliefs around money? What is your definition of abundance? Share with me your practices for manifesting the desires you deserve in this life. Today, I thank my audience for being apart of this experience. Only 7 days in and already I feel motivated and ready for 2014; a powerful year of learning and experiencing life. 🙂

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 6 2014

How Adam Sandler Taught Me to Slow Down

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I want to discuss slowing down to experience life as it happens. So many of us are rushed in this current modern life. Before we know it, we blink and we are turning 30. Then we blink again and we are 40. It is like that movie Click with Adam Sandler. If you haven’t seen or heard of the movie Click, it is all about a workaholic architect who discovers that a universal remote allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. However, the remote has a smart feature where it automatically learns his preferences and then uses those preferences to skip ahead in life to accomplishments he thinks he wants or desires. What happens is the major accomplishments of what he thinks he wants take longer then he thinks they should and he misses out on living. This is such a great lesson for all of us.

Although we may not have a universal remote, we at times are our own universal remote. We forget to slow down and enjoy the journey; the every day decisions; the every moment interactions with people, places, pets, clients, audiences, etc…

It is that saying, I’ll be happy when… But when never arrives.

I make it a point to wake up happy everyday. Everyday is a gift and a blessing. Every moment is a gift and a blessing. Every interaction is a gift and a blessing. With this mindset, my journey is always just as important if not more important then the destination. Yes, I want to be the best coach I can be. I want speaking gigs lined up for years to come. But the practice of being the best coach I can be is just as important as being that coach. The time spent writing those speeches are just as important as giving those speeches.

Slowing down to the moments of life is the greatest gift you can give yourself this year. 

Daily Meditation

Today let’s take time to slow down. My favorite slow down meditation is a mantra meditation. My code word for relaxing and slowing down is “Zen“. When life is moving too fast and I need to center myself, I simply repeat the word Zen with my eyes closed until my heart rate has slowed, my thoughts are no longer racing and my breath has a long inhale and a long exhale. I wait until I lose myself in the moment and when I am ready, I awake feeling refreshed and very Zen like.

This practice allows me to be more aware of each moment. It clears my thoughts and often promotes solutions to rise to the forefront in creating a more effective way to use my time in getting my tasks done. I smile more and enjoy the journey with each blessed interaction.

Zen Meditation

  1. Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Put on soft music if you desire.
  3. Relax in a comfortable position.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Start with Awareness of your environment and any physical sensations.
  6. You may chose to do a quick body scan starting with your feet and rising up to your head or your head and going down to your feet, feeling each body part as you move from top to bottom or bottom to top and deepening the relaxation of each muscle group.
  7. Now focus on your breath with long inhales, a slight pause and long exhales.
  8. Begin your mantra. You may use any word that means relaxation to you. Mine is the word, Zen. But you may use any word you prefer.
  9. Lose yourself in that mantra.
  10. When you are ready, let go of the mantra and just be.
  11. To awake, begin by moving your body slightly, starting with your head, then moving onto your shoulders, then arms, then hands and fingers… legs, feet and toes.
  12. Open your eye’s slowly and smile.

Down below tell me about the results of your slow down meditation. I am most curious and interested to hear the words that mean relaxation to you. How does this meditation help you to slow down? What time of day did you use it? What were the reasons you needed to slow down? What clarity arrived after the meditation?

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 5 2014

The Importance of the Absence of Meaning & Significance

At times do you wonder why certain situations appear in your life? Some you may recognize as negative and others as positive. When the situations that we define as negative appear, we wonder how we attracted these? What did we do to deserve them? The challenge in those situations is simply how you think of them. The Law of Attraction would have us to believe that what shows up in our life is what we focus on. I don’t necessarily disagree but at the same time, I believe that sometimes the situations may not always be for us.

The ego would have you believe that everything you experience is meant for your purpose. Yet, what would happen if the experience was really meant for someone else and you just happen to be the catalyst to start change for them or maybe just an innocent bystander, an extra if you dare, in their lesson.

I heard a story once that drew this idea closer to reality for me.

There was this boy, 16 years old, who just started driving. He received a car from his parents and as young boys sometimes do, went out partying with friends one night. He had watched his parents drink alcohol his whole life. A beer there; a glass of wine here and then get in the car and drive the family home. He didn’t see any issues in him having a beer or two or three and then driving. But he was inexperienced in the field of drinking alcohol.

As you may have guessed, he was in a car accident. He went into a coma for 3 days. Now you ask, how is this lesson not for him?!? Well, he was only mirroring the behavior of his parents. They never taught him to be careful or not to drink and drive. I am sure he received a lesson as well but the biggest lesson actually came to the parents. In the story, it is the parents that realized their ways were not an ideal upbringing for their children. After the accident, which the boy 100% recovered from, the parents stopped drinking and driving. One of them was always a designated driver.

You see the boy did nothing to call in this experience. This experience was meant for the parents to change their ways, maybe even prevent a fatal accident down the road for them.

How does this story help you build clarity? Great question.

I would like to challenge you to think outside the box on this one. Meaning and significance can be important but so is the absence of meaning and significance. You don’t always need to know why something happened. Wondering why has you dwelling in the past. Keeps you from moving forward.

Instead, just realize that a situation has happened and then take it from there. It happened. Now what are the next steps? By clearing your mind of the “why” and focusing on the now, you allow more room for clarity to seep in for whatever your challenge may be currently.

I do believe that everything has a purpose for someone. But if I cannot find the purpose for me in the immediate now, then I let it go. If the purpose needs me to have the knowledge of why, it will show it’s head someday. For now, I get to continue living; moving forward and creating my dreams.

Not all experiences are for your benefit. If you don’t find an immediate purpose,
then simply move on to living your life purpose and let go of the past.

Daily Journal Entry

Think of time in your life where an experience you were a part of had a big change for someone else.

  • What was your role for them?
  • How did ego make it all about you?
  • What can you do now to remove ego from future experiences?
  • As you move forward with your life, how will this idea of the absence of meaning and significance help you?

Down below, share your impression of this concept. How will this idea of removing ego from experiences help you in life?

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 4 2014

Creating Clarity through Muddy Waters

Visualization Technique

Today I would like to share one of my favorite meditation / visualization techniques. This technique is inspired by a passage in 365 Tao, where it speaks of reflections, clear water and how when muddy water sits it becomes clear. The goal of this technique is to clear a path for positive energy to shine through your life. This meditation / visualization can be practiced anytime you need to remove blocks in your life.

Most of us walk around and live our life in a muddy state. How can we think clearly in this state? If you feel that you are walking around muddy, confused or broken, this meditation should be your daily practice until you feel clear, whole and optimistic about your next steps.

If waters are placid, the moon will be mirrored perfectly.
If we still ourselves, we can mirror the divine perfectly.

Daily Meditation

As we start this meditation, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Put on soft music if you desire. Relax in a comfortable position.

Start with awareness. Close your eyes and just listen to the noises that are all around you. Feel your environment… the temperature, physical sensations, thoughts that may arise. In this step we are simply being one with our surroundings. This can last from 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes depending on your experience.

Next we begin a simple breathing exercise. Notice how breath moves in and out from your nose. Feel it come in and down into your lungs; filling your lungs up with oxygen and qi (life energy); your chest rising and falling with each breath. Become one with that movement. As you begin to deepen your meditation, continue to relax all your muscles and allow your mind to wander.

With your mind and body relaxed, start to visualize the muddy water that surrounds you. Visualize that all your anger, disappointment, struggle, self-doubt and any other negative feelings are in that mud. As you infuse that mud with all these thoughts and feelings, now watch and experience as that mud begins to settle and fall to the bottom floor of the still water. What remains is the healing clear water of positivity. Feel as this newly clear water surrounds you and kindness, happiness and love is freed within you to expand outward.

Take several minutes here to feel this new clarity in life. All your past blocks that may have had a hold of you are gone. They have fallen away. All that is left is a relaxed state of happiness filling your heart and soul. Just as the moon reflects off of the still water and becomes one with the water, so do you become one with the divinity within you. The universe now reflects its beauty through you.

Return to your breath when you are ready. And as you awake from your meditation, keep that feeling of clearness. Allow the universe to send you the messages you desire for your next steps.

Down below, tell me how this meditation worked in your life. As you practiced it, what came up? What block dissolved? I would love to hear from you.

Sources 1365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 3 2014

Using a Journal to keep your Commitments

At this stage, I want to congratulate you to making it to Day 3. So far we have learned to make a commitment to ourselves and view this year as a learning experience. On Day 3, I want to discuss motivation and devotion. Making a commitment is the decision. Devotion is the constant daily practice to your commitment. Devotion comes from our heart, body and soul. Feeling and visualizing your commitment with all your senses, each element of what we desire, is key to keeping your commitment and moving forward towards clarity in life.

The question that begs to be answered is, “How do we make devotion a daily practice?”

The key answer to this question is aligning our values and belief systems. To devote yourself to creating clarity, you must first understand why you want clarity in your life.

What will clarity do for you?
How will it change your life?

Be specific. Create stories and write them down.

For me, I wanted to develop a life full of service. My previous career paths and current career path all satisfy this desire to be of service to others as well as myself. I knew my passion and purpose has always been to help others see the big picture. To have clarity in my life assists me in creating innovative ideas for my clients and projects. Keeping a clear mind allows the universe to send me messages of my next steps.

Therefore, I align my actions with my belief system and my values.  This alignment promoted more clarity and created more innovative ideas and through this practice my companies grew, my customers were/are loyal and my personal life remained in balance. Each of these successes fueled me to devote myself more to my purpose and passion and fulfill my karmic destiny.

If we see our path clearly and our personalities are completely unified,
then there is no distinction between the outer world and the inner one. 1

Daily Journal Entry

One of the best tools to develop clarity is keeping a journal. It wasn’t until later in my life that I started a journal. I didn’t keep a diary as a child. When I decided to devote myself to a spiritual life, I began writing down the revelations that flowed naturally to me during meditations. This practice was my key to aligning my actions with my values.

My journal is the best tool for me to keep my motivation to my daily practice. For today’s journal entry, I would like you to paint a picture of why having a clear mind or clarity in life will promote your passion and fulfill your purpose. Be as descriptive as possible. I challenge you to write it as a short story as if you already have clarity and living your purpose.

Use this journal entry as your map for your goals. You may change it as the year continues, refine it and perfect it to align with your values and belief systems. This is perfectly normal and expected. Our goal today is just to start.

I would love for you to share your story below. Tell me how you plan to keep your devotion to your commitment. What practices will you adopt? And how will they move you forward to your life’s purpose? When you share your story, it becomes real to you. Shine a light on it. Let the world see you. Be proud of who you are and want to become. We can all use inspiration and the highest inspiration comes from stories just like yours.

Sources 1365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 2 2014

A Learning Mindset will set you FREE!

As we embark on this year long clarity development system I want to begin by setting the tone. Gay Hendricks has a great sentence that I believe is ideal for 2014. In his book, A year of Living Consciously, he writes…

“Realize that your journey is not about being right or achieving anything;
it is always about learning what most needs to be learned.” 1

Clarity arrives when we are in a mindset of learning. For the next 12 months, I hope you will learn who you are, what you want in life, where you want to go and of course develop an initial plan on how to get there. To embark on a journey of this magnitude takes that commitment we spoke about on January 1st.

Sometimes when we struggle in a moment and we so badly want to figure out the answer, by simply struggling we actually block the answer from arriving to us naturally and effortlessly. Instead use this new concept, that we are learning from the experience at hand. It is easier to calm your thoughts through this perspective. Don’t look for the answer. Instead look for the gift in the moment. What are you supposed to learn by this experience? How will you change due to this experience?

The practice that Gay Hendricks suggests is to ask this question throughout the day, “What do I most need to learn right now?”

As I practice this myself, I learned these few items:

  1. 7 AM: I needed to learn flexibility and not being attached to an event. Being okay with change.
  2. 11 AM: I needed to learn patience with coding PHP and motivation to accomplish what I say I will accomplish. Living with integrity.
  3. 1:30 PM: I needed to learn to speak of only my truth. To be optimistic; To speak of present moment opportunities and growth. To allow others to speak their truth without judgement.
  4. 4 PM: To not judge other drivers on the road. 🙂
  5. 11 PM: To learn that I am loved by many people. That I have great friends and a great family who has done so much for me and my growth.

Daily Meditation

It is through the practice of silence that clarity develops. Today, simply sit in silence for 5 minutes or however long you want to clear your thoughts. Put on soft music if desired. Find a relaxing position.

If you are just starting out in meditation, do not judge yourself. Remember this is a learning year. If you only sit for 1 minute, congratulate yourself for that 1 minute. Be grateful.

Now it is your turn. Down below in the comments, please share your learnings throughout the day. What did you most need to learn? Be specific and really feel those teachings. Have fun with them. Remember this is a learning year. We are not wrong or right. We are just committed to learning more about ourselves on this journey we call life.

Sources 1A year of Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 1 2014

Welcome to New Beginnings!

Learn how to commit to your new intentions for the New Year

Today I would like to dedicate this blog to new beginnings. January 1st began with a wonderful new moon and many stars. All new beginnings start with a decision of commitment to new goals. I set my intentions on December 29th after watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. This year is all about making decisions based on those intentions and moving my business forward to new levels.

I choose to create a big impact on as many people as I can and am lucky to be introduced to. I desire to raise the consciousness of the earth; to be a part of the shift. I want to create a field of possibility around me and others. I desire to learn as much as I can and then share my knowledge to all who are ready to listen. I say yes to transformation, to excitement and to my journey ahead.

This year, I commit to living consciously, and I commit to having fun as I do. I commit to expanding my consciousness and my capacity for fun every minute of this year. 1

In addition, I intend to transform myself into an instrument for experiencing the deepest spiritual essence in life. 2 I choose to refine my words using grace and dignity; to remove harsh words from my vocabulary and realize that each of us move to different vibrations.

Daily Gratitude

Thank you for the strength to commit to a new strong beginning for 2014.
Thank you for all the support from my friends, family and coach.
Thank you for the continuous love I feel as I take my journey farther than I thought possible.

Down below in the comments, please share your commitments for 2014. What are your intentions this year? Be specific and really feel those intentions. Commit to yourself. You may be surprised what you can accomplish when you set your whole body, mind and spirit to it.

Sources: 1A year of Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks; 2365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao