365 Moments of Clarity – Day 68 2014

Welcome to Day 68 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s Moclar Moment or Moment of Clarity aligns perfectly with my strong synchronistic weekend. Read more about it on Day 69  .

Today we did a deep dive into finding your internal power. It’s that voice or that knowing that you don’t know the how but you know the result and no matter the how, you will get the result.

There have been many in my life that told me I couldn’t do this or that. Me included in that list. And yet I continually try new things, break new personal ceilings and surprise myself with how much strength I do have. This meditation comes at the perfect time of my current life’s events.
Read more on Day 72  

Last week as some of you know from my absence from blogging, was a challenging week. I felt a little down and depressed and feeling like I wasn’t going to make it. I was completely out of alignment with the flow of life and completely detached from my power center. It was an awful feeling of not being enough, not good enough.

I don’t know how you react but I know when I get to the place where I allow my gremlin to step in and tell me I am not good enough, I become ultra sensitive to everything; even twisting people’s words in my head or their body language. My interpretations are simply disproportional to the actual reality that is before me. Due to the fact that I am a spiritual person and have spent years getting to know my moods, I knew that my reality was skewed. So instead of acting out to innocent bystanders, I sunk in and retreated until I could ground myself again and center myself in love.

This would take a few days but I was able to pull through. To read how I made that happen, hop on over to Day 69 where a story of overwhelming synchronicity demonstrates the true beauty of the universe  .

This message today of finding our power is directly in perfect correlation to my frame of mind.  Deepak says that to experience inner strength we want to tap into the flow of the universal power.

But how do you tap into that flow? How do you get there? Where do you begin?

As you all know, I always begin with meditation. It is not fool proof. It may not work all the time, but it is the best place to begin. Next is about reminding yourself of a time where you thought something was impossible or it felt impossible and somehow you pulled through.

This reminds me of a saying I read a little while ago. I wish I could remember the original quote but I, unfortunately, couldn’t find it. The concept is this…

When you are in the midst of a struggle and feel as if there is no way to get out of this negative whirl wind of a situation, remember that you have a 100% success rate of moving past all your other previous struggles.

Once I read that quote, I never forgot that concept. I now remind my clients of that when they come to me upset and feeling like success is just not meant for them. I always let them know that they have been successful their WHOLE lives.

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Finding Your Flow Day 3

Day 3 in Finding Your Flow


It is important to be able to recognize when you are feeling out of alignment with the flow of life, with your core happiness, core power and strength and with being authentically you. Today, I would like you to take 10 to 15 minutes or less. Write down what it feels like for you when you are out of alignment, sad, depressed and your heart hurts. What happens to you in those moments? Be very descriptive and don’t leave anything out. Describe your body language and your words, even perhaps the clothes you might wear.

Now write what it is a like to be in alignment, to be happy, to feel like everything is going your way and to feel like you are the queen of the castle in your life. Again, be very descriptive. Really get into this exercise. When you are happy, how does it feel? How does it affect your food choices? Who do you call? When do you go to sleep or wake up?

If you are a creative one and have time, one option to really get to know you and bring this into reality for you is to make some visualization boards. One for what it is like to be out of alignment and the other of what it is like to be in alignment with your true being, your true passion and love.

Mindful Moment:

“Today, pause to notice the times when you feel an easy confidence in your ability.  Notice how smoothly the energy flows during these moments.  The experience of drawing upon inner power is just like that – silent, unassuming, and self-assured.  Pay attention to how you feel in these moments.  With this awareness, you can practice remembering and tapping into the flow of inner strength, increasing your confidence and sense of well-being in all aspects of your life.  As you absorb today’s meditation experience, remain connected to your true inner power, knowing that your entire life is upheld by creation’s unlimited energy.  Namaste”

My Journal Entries for Day 3

Who do you look up to as a model of self-confidence? Make a list of people you think of as courageous and strong. It can be someone in your family, a historical figure, or even a character in a book or movie. As you admire these people, you are being pointed to a quality that lives within you as well.

I can list so many people. Yet, I will do a short list of the few who are my virtual mentors. Those goddesses that never stop to impress with me with their work, their strength and their love.

  • Gabrielle Bernstein; Marie Forleo; Oprah; Marianne Williamson; Kris Carr; Louise Hay; Danielle La Porte

I have loads of friends that inspire me but they haven’t given me permission to list them here. They know who they are  and I am thankful for them daily.

Then I have some movie characters that just stun me with their tenacity to follow their intuition; such as August Rush/Evan Taylor and Martin Sheen as Tom in The Way.

Describe a situation where you needed to do a task and you didn’t know how you would do it, but you rose to the challenge because something inside said, “You can do this.” As you recall that situation, what did that confidence feel like? What or who inspired you to take the courageous step? Did you feel that strength centered anywhere in your body?

I am a person who believes I can do it all. You give me a task, I make it happen. That is my motto. I don’t believe anything is impossible.

That being said, the one event that comes to the top of my mind about not knowing how I would make something happen is my attempt at being debt free. Some years back, I had decided that by a certain age, I would be debt free. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I promised myself I would.

I surrendered the how and just took baby steps to get me there. Eventually through many mistakes and a few right actions, I can safely say that my last debt bill will be October 2015.

The confidence that I am going to feel writing that last check is going to be one of profound celebration and the proof that anything is possible, even the impossible is always possible. 🙂

I inspire myself to take action. I am a strong self-motivator. That trait goes a long way to getting things done. I set my own impossible goals and make them possible. In fact, most people think I am crazy for the goals I set, as they see them as too ambitious and a way to set myself up for disappointment and maybe depression.

But remember, I set intentions, never expectations. If my last check isn’t October 2015, that’s okay. It wasn’t meant to be and that is not labeled a failure. Just set a new intention. It is as easy as that. 🙂

Hmmm… Where do I feel it when I accomplish something? My throat. Because I cannot stop talking about it. LOL!!!!

Write about an area in your life where you are talented – perhaps it is problem-solving at work, and you have acquired an easy confidence. Feel that confidence in your solar plexus and know that when your life is flowing, that confidence will be there, always.

In my previous life and still 50% current life, my main talent is a jack of all trades when it comes to graphic/web development and technical know how as well as problem-solving to get projects done. If you want something done, you come to me. Simple as that. If I cannot do it, I will find someone who can.

Hmmm… Actually thinking about it my talent is resourcefulness. Either I will learn what I need to get something done or I will hire it out. Either way, I always look for success.

Great visualization! Loved the tie in with the solar plexus.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 67 2014

Welcome to Day 67 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Have you lost your happiness? Did you look under the couch for it? Maybe on that high shelf in the closet. Or perhaps you left it at the neighbors house warming party last night.

When we rely on external happiness, this is exactly what it could be like to loose happiness. In today’s moment of clarity, Deepak talks about the fact that happiness, true happiness, core happiness, is always with us. It can be difficult to see that during times of challenges. Trust me. I KNOW! I had a challenging week and at every corner I seemed to be calling in more moments of challenge. I am usually *not* a murphy’s law type of person but this week made me a believer for all of a few seconds.

I attempted to look for my happiness in meditation, usually does the trick for me but not this week. I tried to look for it in my gratitude journal, usually does the trick but not this week. I tried to look for it in inspirational quotes and playing my guitar. But not this week. I finally had to stop looking. And guess what. The minute I stopped searching for it out there, I found it in here.

That is what true, core happiness is. I technically never lost it, even if it felt lost, it wasn’t. Once we start to search, we loose sight of it all together. The minute I sat down to feel all these sad, depressing feelings and then took those feelings and sent them in a bubble up to the universe to worry about, happiness simply appeared.

Our inner happiness has wisdom built into it, and guides the flow of our everyday desires to greater joy and spiritual fulfillment.  Fighting against your desires doesn’t make you more spiritual – only more frustrated.  Desire is natural.  — Deepak Chopra

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Finding Your Flow Day 2

Day 2 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the flow of happiness in motion today, take time to appreciate beauty in the ordinary experience of life – a warm breeze, the taste of tea, the sound of children playing.  Anything can become an occasion for noticing happiness is an inner state of awareness.  The more you connect the inner and outer, simply by taking notice, you will be strengthening and magnifying the knowledge that pleasure and happiness are already within you.  Over time, you will recognize  that by shifting your attention from the world out there, to the world in here, you’ll give yourself the ability to enter the state of contentedness and happiness anytime you want.  Namaste”

My Journal Entries for Day 2

Write about a time when you were happy because you got something you wanted, like a new relationship, a new car, or a great job. Under that, write about another time when you were just as happy even though you didn’t have those things. What was the common feeling in both cases? Write about your state of mind. What was it about you that made you happy in both instances?

I hold many memories of happiness from inanimate objects or external experiences. Travel is one of those external events that just brings so much sunshine into my life. I love the feel of airports for two reasons. Either I am going to a destination I have never been before OR I am going home. Plus for me, airports are the one time where I can simply relax. There is no hurry to get to the plane as you are requested to arrive two to three hours before departure and no rush once you are on the plane. It is also probably the only time I am not in the drivers seat.

I love when I visit places for the first time, experience their beauty and awe through new eyes. I love learning about the culture and meeting new people. There is just something about having an unknown experience that excites me.

On the other hand, I love being home as well. Playing with my furchildren, taking a nap on my couch, and simply enjoying time reading a book with a hot cup of tea. I do these things not to make me happy but because I am happy. I enjoy doing these things.

The common feeling in both is simply being happy. It is this inner knowing that no matter if I am across the continent or sitting at home, either place I am a happy and content person. I am blessed with all I receive be it traveling or playing with my furchildren. I believe that happiness comes from within.

In both instances I describe above, the events I experience are because I am already internally happy.

Write down an experience you had this week when you felt happy for no special reason at all. Maybe you were walking home or eating lunch with a friend, and you noticed a quiet elation for simply being alive. This is your unfiltered core happiness shining through. Bring that memory and feeling back into your body with a few deep breaths, feeling it settle in the area of your lower abdomen as a ball of effervescent joy. Write down a description of how this happiness feels inside.

Due to my nature these days, I am mostly a happy person. As Gabby Bernstein says, I am a person who lives in the light with fleeting moments of darkness. To be honest, this particular week was a little tougher to locate my happiness. Yet, down deep inside, I am still very thankful for all that is in front of me; good friends, good family, food, shelter, financial stability and a drive to service the world in a higher capacity.

I think the best day this week was today. I was simply happy at one point, just sitting outside enjoying the nice weather in California with my Bella Girl and soaking up the activity on a busy main street.

As I visualize that moment and see a ball of energy in my solar and/or sacral chakra brighten, I feel an overwhelming exaltation of love. It is this that I know I carry with me everywhere.

At times, we may allow people to steel our energy and dull that brightness. I like the exercise of thinking back when you were happy and bringing that past experience into our present to wipe away the current moment of negativity. Wow, a reason the past is useful. As a spiritual person, you hear to always leave the past in the past, but this exercise actually uses the past to create a happier present situation. Very interesting, I like it. 🙂

Write about one thing in your life right now that you associate with happiness. It could be your grandson’s laughter, your beloved’s brown eyes, or the view of flowers in your garden. Whatever it is, connect that joyful experience with the bliss center in your lower abdomen and write down the full experience.

Playing with my furchilden and cuddling with them brings me mountains of happiness. I break out in uncontrollable laughter at times just laying on the floor and rolling around with my doggie. This is my deepest center of bliss for sure. I feel this more in my heart though, then my lower abdomen. As I think of these things, my heart center becomes warm and tingly. I also become very grateful for that experience.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 66 2014

Welcome to Day 66 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

In today’s Moment of Clarity, I have found myself back in the wonderful hands of Deepak and Oprah for their 21 Day “Finding Your Flow” meditation. It is good to return to my favorite way to bring myself back to center.

Our first day was about finding security. This message could not be any more timely in my life. As an entrepreneur, your income levels can sometimes be a roller coaster ride.  There are spans of time when things are at the top and life is treating you like a prince or princess. Yet there are those other days where one chooses to feed the dogs and cats first before feeding themselves, sometimes for days. My intention was to always have a steady stream of clients. The universe and I are still working out the details on that contract. 😉

For me, finding security is important. It is a high value as I age. When I was younger I was invincible. I could always get it worked out. And I still can today but I can see this value of security creeping in more and more as the days and months and years go by. However, this value of security that I speak of is material security; a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, bills paid and little money still left over for emergencies that may happen. This is the security I reference here.

When Deepak talks about security, he actually means something else then material security. His security lies more in trust and belief or faith. We will all have our inevitable ups and downs. And in these ups and downs, if we can ground ourself in the security of believing that all will be as it will be (read how I don’t mention *should* be), we will have the strength to get to the other side.

*Side Note… Becareful of the *should be’s*. Should be’s come from expectations, will be’s come from intentions. The fastest way to growth is through our vocabulary. 

So today, finding our security is finding our faith. It is grounding ourself in the security that we know our experience is meant to be. We speak about this subject a lot in this blog but that only goes to show how important this concept and belief really is in not only finding your internal peace, but finding success and clarity in life.

Finding Your Flow Day 1

Day 1 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the essence of today’s meditation with you as you travel through your day, consider making time to check in with your experience of security.  Several times today, notice how you feel.  Do you feel centered and grounded?   When uncertain moments arise, do you feel safe or unsafe, secure or insecure.  Just observe and be with your feelings.  Pay attention to the moments that you do feel grounded and secure.  This natural state is one that you can always access and come back to, of peace and clarity.  The flow of feeling safe is part of your essential being, there to support you and bring you home to yourself, your true self.”

My Journal Entries for Day 1

What does it mean when all the parts of your life are flowing smoothly? What does that look like? How does it feel? As you write, allow yourself the freedom to explore, knowing there is no wrong answer to this question.

It means that my life does not have stress. That I have time for the things that are important to me and I do not worry about things I “have” to do because my wants are met and life is as it will be.

OR if you think mindset. A mindset shift is to recognize that life is always flowing smoothly and that what is before us is exactly what we want to experience. We just need to remember that.

For me a smooth life is not a rushed life or a life full of worry about how we will make our bills or how we will find our next project, etc… It is about knowing that all is well and always will be. A flowing life feels relaxing, supportive, happy and empowering. It feels on point or meant to be. It has a very intuitive knowing of where you are meant to go and not really worrying about how to get there.

What are your intentions for this 21-Day Meditation Experience? What do you want to learn and create in your life during our time together? Be very specific with your intention – it is a powerful way to start any journey. After writing, take a moment to visualize each intention as a seed you are planting today within your heart. The time you spend meditating and journaling each day is the water and sunshine that allows your vision to sprout.

My intentions are to come back to my flow of knowing my next steps. To become unstuck with worry about my future. To believe again that the universe is always working in my best interest.

I would like to deepen my practice of trust with life and experience. Trust with believing in myself to follow my path. In the end, my ultimate goal for this meditation series is to create some additional tools so that when challenges arise and remove me for a moment away from my chosen destination that I hold the skill-set I desire to bring me back to where I want to be. To remind myself that the courage is in moving forward to my purpose and not loosing sight of my mission statement even through challenges. I choose to believe and trust that what I resonate with the most is why I have been born during this time.

The visualization exercise for today was terrific. I realized that this journal is my step back into my flow. That meditation is my ticket to my mission statement and my purpose in life. Meditation helps me to let go of worry or stress and allows me to align my vibration to the field of infinite possibilities where I can and will create the future I desire. Wow, already on the first day and I am feeling the love from within. 🙂

Write down a memory from your past when you felt completely secure, safe, and content. Know and feel that this presence of security is permanent and always available.

The memory that keeps popping up for me is the memory of being on vacation in Curacao. I felt very safe there and secure. It was a relaxing experience. I was content to slow down, take it easy and not worry about tomorrow. Maybe this is why I am so fond of vacation. There is this inner knowing that for that moment in time, everything will work out as it should.

I understand the concept of that feeling being permanent. I understand that I can always access it. Yet, in the real world, security can seem fleeting. What you once had, you no longer have. Youth is a great example of this. One cannot remain secure in youth. You will age. Your body will not heal as quick as when you were young. I know that some say this is a limiting belief and that if you believe that, it will happen and if you don’t you will not notice you aging until it is your time to depart.

I think that is why Taoists believed you could life forever. They knew the life we saw as reality was actually just our beliefs manifested on our experience. To this day, I have never met a person who didn’t age.

So the real question is, how do you access security the day you lose your job? Or lose your house to bankruptcy? Or lose your son to cancer? How do you access security in these moments?

The only answer I have ever found was simply by believing that the experience before you has been placed upon you because you are strong enough to handle it and you will grow from it in ways you cannot see in the moment. If you trust and believe, then the experience is your ticket to the life you deserve or desire. Just turn it around, get that positive mindset working and take that “Oh Crap” and turn it into, “How can I make this work?”

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 65 2014

Welcome to Day 65 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Personal story that happened today. I was visiting my local breakfast cafe getting my usual, hot green tea, a glass of water and my fresh made veggie juice. My hands were full and as I was leaving I took my right foot to kick the door open, which I have done many times before. I was at the next set of doors and this man walked up and said, “Let me open that door so you don’t have to kick it.” I said, “Oh that’s okay, I have it but thanks.” I didn’t really say it in a mean tone just an assured tone that I was capable of doing it myself. He strongly insisted and said, “You don’t want people to see you kick the door. You wouldn’t kick your doors at home, would you?”

At first, my immediate thought was this man was attacking me because I kicked a door. He was judging me negatively. But then, I realized that I was judging him negatively for thinking he was judging me negatively. My brain for all of 5 seconds went in defense mode as he threatened my perceived independence of opening my own door by any means possible.

Then I arrived back to my office and read this.

Wow. The exact message I needed. I realized that he saw me kicking the door as disrespect, even though that was not my intention. My intention was to assert my independence of being able to hold three drinks and still be able to exit a door by myself instead of asking a perfect stranger to help open a door.

It got me thinking. This man would have rather had me ask him politely to help. He was happy to help. I realized that sometimes you don’t always need to be independent. Sometimes, asking for a friendly help is better then kicking a door in disrespect to your community.

His feelings mattered and I should have considered them before kicking the door. I thanked him graciously for opening the next set of doors and then thanked the energies for this lesson.

Respect Peoples Feelings moclarmoments.com

Daily Exercise

Today, take the time to ask someone to help you do something. Anything small. This exercise helps you break the habit that you need to do everything. Community is so important in self-growth and connection. We think we have to go it alone, but we don’t. We have one another and that is one of the universe’s greatest gifts. We are not alone.

So even though, you could most assurely do the task you are going to ask someone. This exercise is an exercise in letting go; to get out of your comfort zone in just one small step.

Tell me below. What is the task you are going to ask someone to do today for you? And if you have time and remember, tell me how it went when you asked that person to do that task. Your feelings before, during and after.

OR simply just journal it for your own self-growth lesson.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 64 2014

Welcome to Day 64 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

I love synchronicity. When I started this blog, I had this BIG ol’ dream how I would blog nightly. Obviously, life flows and blogging nightly doesn’t always work. Yet, the universe knows this and it will place signs or symbols in your line of sight to tell you that you are exactly where you should be. When things come together perfectly, you know that you have made all the right decisions. Today is one of those unique days for me.

For weeks, I have been waking up at 6:40 AM. I am not a morning. In fact, I do everything I can to schedule things after 10 AM so I can wake up leisurely. Yet, my eyes will open at this exact time. Not 6:41 or 6:39 but exactly 6:40. I am a little bit of an amateur numerologist and usually when I start to see repeating numbers I know a message is trying to be delivered to me. So today, I followed up and decided too decipher what 640 means. In my research I came across this site: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes. I looked up 640 and read the most beautiful message that was bestowed upon me.

The number 640 is a blend of the attributes of the numbers 6, 4 and 0. Number 6 resonates with provision and providing, home and family, domesticity, compromise, truth and order. Number 4 adds its energies of practicality, application, passion and drive, discipline and working devotedly towards goals. Number 0 carries the vibrations of the ‘God force’ and Universe. Number 0 amplifies and magnifies the influences of the numbers it appears with.

Angel Number 640 is a message that your home and family life is running smoothly and all of your monetary needs are being met. You have toiled diligently and determinedly towards your goals and your just rewards are entering your life. There is a great deal of love around you. Enjoy and cherish your blessings.

The repeating Angel Number 640 is a message that you are safe, protected and supported by the spiritual realm and Universal Energies. Know that you have manifested many blessings due to your personal devotion, dependability and positive attitude, outlook and actions.

The repeating number 640 is a message to expect wonderful rewards for your hard work, will and effort and be grateful for your blessings. Trust that strong and clear connection with the angelic and spiritual realms will offer you constant guidance, assistance and unconditional love.
*Reprinted with permission from Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers by Joanne 

Isn’t that just wonderful. The energies are delivering me a wonderful message of support, acknowledging my hard work and devotion as well as rewarding me so I may continue my work of great service to the people who so choose to resonate with me.

I do understand that numerology isn’t for everybody. I began my love of numbers when I was 5 years old. My dad started the love affair of numbers. I was totally a daddy’s little girl. He told me one time… “You know what, I was born in ’47 and you were born in ’74. Our numbers are the same just switched.” He led me to believe that because we shared the same two numbers we had a special connection. I will never forget that as long as I live and am of strong mind.

Later in my teens, I swore I would be an accountant. I LOVED NUMBERS! Life had other plans for me. Instead, I became an Electrical Engineer. Honestly, I wish I would have become a mathematician. Of course, my life in the last several years have veered even from that career.

In that last three years, as I have ventured on this new spiritual path, my guides have talked to me plenty of times with numbers. I will talk more about that later on Day 74. 🙂

The synchronicity today is that I am on Day 64 of my 365 moments of clarity project. 64. I didn’t realize that until tonight shortly before I began writing this post. I had been seeing the number 640 for weeks now. Why I chose today to finally look it up, who knows. But it was on Day 64, that I did choose to look up the repeating number of 640.

I wonder if I will continue to see that number now that I know the message. Hmmm… I sense an experiment coming on. 🙂

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to Miss Joanne for allowing me to reprint the information above. To learn more about Day 64, hop on over to her website. Stay awhile and explore. It’s really interesting. She is also in the finishing stages of writing a book. Make sure to check back to see when that is available. 

Love Surrounds You


Your First Numerology Exercise

In the spirit of Numerology I would like to teach you how to calculate your Life Path Number. Your Life Path Number is the number that is based on your birth date. Below are descriptions in their simplest form. Please note that Numerology is very in-depth and it can take some time really understanding the numbers. This exercise is simply to introduce you to Numerology. Please have fun with it.

How to find your Life Path number

First, reduce each unit of your birth date (month/day/year) to a single-digit number or a Master number (Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33). Next, add each of the resulting digits (or Master numbers) together and reduce the total again to a single digit, or a Master number.

For example, if you were born on November 16, 2007, you would calculate your Life Path as follows:

Month: November is the 11th month of the year. 11 is a master number, therefore it doesn’t reduce down.

Day: The date of birth is 16. 16 reduces to 7 (1 + 6 = 7).

Year: The year of birth is 2007. 2007 reduces to 9 (2 + 0 + 0 + 7 = 9).

Now add the resulting single-digit or Master numbers: 11 + 7 + 9 = 27; since we want to reduce down to a single digit or master number we will now reduce again, 2 + 7 = 9.

The Life Path number in this case is 9.



The Primal Force
ONES are Individualistic and independent, showing leadership and drive. The 1 is masculine, focused, an originator and self-starter; it is also progressive, strong-willed, courageous, self-reliant and rebellious (in a constructive way).

Negative Characteristics: 1s can be stubborn, selfish, weak and undisciplined, or a pariah.


The All-Knowing
TWOS are Sensitive, tactful, diplomatic and cooperative. The 2s tend to be peacemakers and are loving, studious and patient. A 2 may express many musical or feminine qualities and also tends to be sensual and intuitive.

Negative Characteristics: 2s are often discontent and can be seen as spoiled or lazy. They can be careless, particularly with the truth, but when criticized for their faults are oversensitive.


The Creative Child
THREEs are imaginative, expressive communicators and artists. They are tolerant, joyful, optimistic, inspiring, talented, jovial, youthful, dynamic … the list goes on and on!

Negative Characteristics: For as inspirational as 3s are, there is a price: they are often vain, extravagant and prone to complaining. Intolerance, hypocrisy, impatience and superficiality are par for the course when it comes to 3s.


The Salt of the Earth
FOURS are disciplined, strong, stable, pragmatic, down-to-earth, reliable, dependable, hard-working, extracting, precise, methodical, conscientious, frugal, devoted, patriotic and trustworthy!

Negative Characteristics: 4s pay for their stability and pragmatism by tending toward the boring side. This may express itself with a lack of imagination, emotions, empathy. 4s may not bother to put much care into their appearance, and their social awkwardness can make them seem vulgar, crude or jealous.


A Dynamic Force
FIVES are energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving. They also tend to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, curious, social, sensual, quick-thinking, witty, courageous and worldly.

Negative Characteristics: On the flip side, 5s can be unstable, chaotic, self-indulgent, irresponsible or careless. They should beware the consequences of drug abuse and unhealthy sexual tendencies.


The caretaker
SIXES are responsible, loving, self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic and compassionate. These loyal, maternal figures are domestic, fair and idealistic healers or teachers.

Negative Characteristics: A 6 can overdo its inherent protectiveness and become anxious, worrisome, suspicious, paranoid, emotionally unstable, cynical or jealous. They tend toward the conventional side.


The Seeker
SEVENS isn’t just a lucky number. It’s also spiritual, intelligent, analytical, focused, introspective, studious, intuitive, knowledgeable, contemplative, serious, persevering, refined, gracious and displays much inner wisdom.

Negative Characteristics: 7s can be aloof, distant, sarcastic, socially awkward, melancholic, cowardly and, when they’re at their worst, back-stabbers.


Balance & Power
EIGHTS are authoritative, business-minded leaders. They value control and tend to be powerful, but are also balanced, materially detached, successful and realistic. They end up in management positions, are efficient, capable, street-smart and good judges of character.

Negative Characteristics: The dark side of the 8 can be cruel, insensitive, violent, bullish or greedy. At their worst, 8s can become intolerant religious zealots.


Global Awareness
NINES are helpful, compassionate, aristocratic, sophisticated, charitable, generous, humanitarian, romantic, cooperative, creative, self-sufficient, proud and self-sacrificing.

Negative Characteristics: 9s can end up being egocentric, arrogant, self-pitying, sentimental, discontent, fickle, cold or mentally unstable.


The Most Intuitive
ELEVENS are the most intuitive of all numbers. They are instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal. The 11 is the number associated with faith and psychics.

Negative Characteristics: The 11 can be anxious, shy, stressed, conflicted and scattered. When focus is not applied toward a goal, the 11 can be extremely self-sabotaging. As a Master number, the positive characteristics will turn into obstacles when not understood or used properly.


The Master Builder
TWENTY TWOS are the most powerful of all numbers, able to turn lofty dreams into realities. They are confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined.

Negative Characteristics: Impracticality and self-imposed pressure can get the better of the 22. When unaware of its own potential, the 22 will miss out on or shy away from necessary opportunities.


The Master Teacher
THIRTY THREES are humanitarian, understanding and knowledgeable, a mover and a shaker.

Negative Characteristics: As a Master number, when the positive potential of this number is not used properly, one tends to become preachy and care less about others, putting too much focus on one’s personal agenda.

*descriptions above are from numerology.com

Down below share your Life Path number and if you resonated with the description.
If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 63 2014

Welcome to Day 63 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today is an intimate personal message but very powerful. When I embraced the spiritual life back in 2010, an odd thing kept happening to me that probably always happened to me but I never heard it before because I denied any interaction with the other side. I would get these flashes of conversations. I would be in the middle of doing something and suddenly I would hear a sentence or two or more about something that had been on my mind. It was like an answer or what I would later call a moment of clarity or moclar moment.

Now they are quite frequent though varied. I might receive a message a couple times a day if I am going through something serious or in the flow of creativity or maybe a couple times a month if my life is slow. I have learned to trust and honor these messages because I know they are delivered to me by my spirit guide.

In December 2013 I took a vacation to Curacao. It was a very relaxing vacation. It was also the year anniversary of my furson Zack crossing over. I had went to Curacao so I wouldn’t be home to remember the day.

While I was driving across the main bridge in town, I heard my spirit guide. Below is the message that was told to me.

Message from my guide in December 2013

It is interesting when they {spirit guides} decide to speak with you. My guide suddenly spoke to me crossing the curaçao bridge.

This is what my guide said…

You are a hard worker. You are always looking to learn and advance and create. Your past lives have been full of strife and death. In those lives when those that left you early you did not cry. You did move forward because that lesson came easy for you. This life is your vacation to relax and ready yourself for future lives. Therefore in this life death is hard. Since this life is easy the lesson of death is the hardest lesson you face. Yet, if you take time to recall your survival skills, search deep in your soul, the lesson of death is easier to bear.

The cycle of life is complete and renewed with each passing. It is a perfect system showing itself to you. You need only to recognize its beauty. It is the constant prose of change and continuum. There is something quite remarkable about death and rebirth. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. That story is a powerful folk tale handed down over the ages. It shows that through ash and the flames of release rises a new soul. One that is wiser, more gentle and more understood. Yet that new soul will carry with it new lessons. Some for reminders, others for completeness of the soul experience. In all its many lives it will remain the same with one goal; To always return to its home; To always teach the new.

You see, within you lies the very peace you look for. You are not alone because of me or doing something wrong and forgetting to let go or focusing on what you don’t have. You are never alone. But in your quest for true partnership, you are only alone because your requested this path. As you relinquish your request the world of potentiality will open up. You have made many wishes but how have you actually showed in actions that you are ready? Align all your actions to your goal and the window will open. This is the path for all potential outcomes. This is the knowledge that you so need. This is what you seek. Your potentiality. For something to exist you need to make it from nothing. But how do you find the nothing? You find it within you. Keeping looking inside and your nothing will become something beautiful.

Yet, don’t forget to rest. This is your life to rest. Rest daily in meditation or with your chosen company of animals. With each passage of day, rest is of your highest priority. With a restful mind will your true creativity abound. In true creativity will your windows open. And when your windows open your potentiality will be maximized.

This is my lesson for today. Very powerful. Very real in both empirical and transempirical worlds.

Thank you guide for this beautiful lesson. Thank you for the awareness to hear it. Thank you for all you do. May I continue my growth and make you and I and all proud. Thank you.

I’ll never forget writing down that message. I was in the post office with my Dad as he was shipping a purchased item back to the US. Since I am a talker my Dad asked me three times why I was so quiet. But I didn’t want to forget what was told to me.

I felt an urge to write about this today. I hope you find comfort in knowing that we are never alone. We have someone always looking out for us, even if we cannot see them. As you meditate more, you will get comfortable tuning into these messages. Below is a simple meditation to get you started. Enjoy.

A message from a Spirit Guide

Daily Meditation Exercise

The first step in tuning into your spirit guides is through listening. But not really listening for them. Listening to life. Listening to all that is around you. The noise of your computer;  the purr of your cat; the kids playing outside; the birds speaking to one another.

When I first began practicing meditation, I would go to very public places and sit and listen. Tune into the universe. I wouldn’t judge or comment or have thoughts. I would simply listen.

Today’s meditation starts with leaving your house and going to a park. Now if it’s winter and way too cold, shelf this exercise until it’s a bit warmer or at your comfortable temperature.  You may want to bring a blanket to lay on the ground or sit on the ground. I find it easier to connect when I have bare feet. There are some that say you connect heaven and earth through bare feet and hands. For me, I felt it was more my American Indian roots flowing through me and demanding my shoes be off.

The important thing is to be comfortable. Now, just take your time, close your eyes and listen.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 62 2014

Welcome to Day 62 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s moment of clarity comes from understanding your strengths and their gifts. As we go through life, we sometimes see it has one big string of events. And in essence it is. Yet, that is only one perceived idea.

Couple months ago I took that Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. I learned that my top strength was being an Achiever. An Achiever is someone who starts at zero everyday. They need to produce or accomplish something meaningful everyday; Monday, Wednesday, Sunday, everyday. I relate to this description well. I believe that is why I am always working on two to three projects all the time. For Achievers, it is important to set small goals that can be crossed off daily.

I was meditating on this because even though it  resonates with me, it also seems exhausting. What I noticed when I thought about it was that I seen a never ending list of goals, tasks and to dos.  I didn’t very much like that feeling. So as I meditated, I asked from my higher guidance a different way to view the strength. How can an Achiever be thought of as an inspiring gift that was bestowed upon me at birth?

That is when I read Day 90 from Marianne Williamson’s book, A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections. It is a great book full of love, motivation and encouragement. It is these types of books that inspired 365 Moments of Clarity blog.

The quote below stood out at me like the answer I was looking for. If I start at zero every day, that means every day can be this brand new experience of life. A beginning. A letting go of things unaccomplished yesterday and a surrender to what might be tomorrow. An Achiever focuses on the now, what needs to be done today. This was a breath of fresh air as I realized this strength trait was indeed an awesome gift. I, more than anyone else, has the unique power to begin again daily.

In truth, we all have this power. I am not really special (said of course with a grinning smile of kindness and a slight wink). To begin again. To not look back. To not spend too much time looking forward. To be in the present over 90% of the time. Yes, I see this as a gift.

Marianne Williamson Quote

Daily Reflection

Today, I would love for you to reflect on all your strengths.

  • What are your strengths?
  • How are they a gift to you?
  • If you could choose one to focus on, what would it be and why?
  • How can you enhance that one strength more?

Write yourself a letter to that strength. Thank it for its service. Write an example of how it helped you get through something or accomplish something. Be detailed. Spend time with it. The more you practice getting to know you and be in gratitude for the makeup of your personality, the more you will find happiness and true fulfillment.

*If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend taking the Gallup’s Strength Finder Assessment. It is quite interesting to see my top five strengths and how I can incorporate more of them in my daily life.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 61 2014

Welcome to Day 61 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today I would like to discuss the trading of energy. It is a belief among many that we all are made of energy; humans, animals, insects even plant life. When we interact with one another we exchange our energy. This exchange can be constructive or healing or it could be destructive or draining. Most of us walk around in life with our energy field unprotected from invading energies. We allow all energies in and our energies wildly out in the world to get taken advantage of by some.

When developing successful relationships either with friends, family, co-workers or strangers we meet, it is important to be in control of your energy. Learning to protect yourself as well as learning to gift your energy to those whom you want to share with is a great tool to have in your back pocket.

We all know some people who we may speak with often, such as a family member or a good friend, who seems to have a life that is full of drama and negativity, that can at times wear you down. Those types of relationships have the potential to take a lot of out you both emotionally and physically.

The question is how do we navigate our life without allowing these types of individuals to penetrate our inner peace?

Down below I have detailed out an exercise that was taught to me some years ago in a Taoist retreat.

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace

Bubble Shield Visualization Technique

The Bubble Shield Visualization Technique is great for when you feel people are attacking your being, bringing you down and depressing you for drama that is not even yours. This technique is also good for those looking to strength their energy field as well as learn to recognize both constructive and destructive energy. This knowledge allows you to further your energy development. My recommendation is to practice this technique for about 3 months with dedication, spending about 15 minutes or so in the morning visualizing the bubble shield.

Let us Begin…

  • Take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Release your thoughts for another time.
  • Begin to visualize a bubble that is all around you. It is flexible and yet impenetrable from the outside. Visualize sending love from your inner being out to the world. Feel that connection deeply from your core.
  • Stay in this moment for some time, until you feel very proficient sending love out into the world.
  • Now begin to visualize an invading energy trying to get into your bubble and visualize how your bubble is protecting you. See that energy bounce off your shield. Feel how you are able to stay centered, focused and emotionally unharmed.
    If you can, use this invading energy method by linking the person who often invades your energy. When you associate a real person in this moment, you will begin to more actively have the presence of your bubble in the moment when your interacting with them either in person or by other technology such as phone, skype or email.
  • Stay in this active mode for some time, until you feel very proficient in feeling the strength of your bubble. Get very intimate with that feeling of courage, strength and wisdom to recognize invading energies.
  • Since this can be quite intense, after this section, simple sit and quiet your mind. Go to your special place of peace. Whether it be the ocean or beaches or your flower garden. Take in the wonderful healing energy at this peaceful place.
  • Stay in this moment until you feel rested, secure and loved.
  • Now we will practice, how to open a portal for only those you choose to allow in.
  • Picture yourself with someone you love that is kind, funny, special and lifts you up. Picture their loving bubble and their bubble sending you loving, healing energy. Send a signal to your bubble asking it to encode a message to receive that energy inside. Only what you encode on your bubble will be able to penetrate. All other surrounding energy will still be locked out. I want you to truly feel how amazing it is to share energy with others. It is the ultimate intimate experience.
  • When you are ready, you can turn off that decoding or keep it on for all time. This is your choice.
  • Bring yourself back to center and begin to wiggle your fingers and toes.
  • Begin to lightly stretch.
  • Take 3 big breaths and open your eyes.

As you practice this technique, you will get faster and faster at it. The goal is to have this tool called up in the moment when life is actually happening to you. It should only take a few seconds for you to return to your mind’s eye to control the energy being released, deflected or encoded in.

This meditation works wonders when practiced and implemented in our daily lives.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 60 2014

Welcome to Day 60 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s Moment of Clarity is inspired by a Paulo Coelho. A few years back, I used to be like many people. Work was just work. Nothing more. Something I needed or had to do in order to pay for things. Bills were just bills. Annoying items that stole my money. Gas prices were rising and I was displeased that the government was not taking care of us. House prices were rising and I was aggravated that I had to save more money for a home I will never be able to afford. Can you see a pattern here?

Then something magical happen to me in 2010. I started to change my perspective. Work was something that put food on my table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. It fed my furbabies and put gas in my car. Bills allowed me the luxury of electricity to light my home at night, a phone to speak to my loved ones, water to cleanse myself and heat to warm me on cool nights. I realized that I couldn’t control gas prices so instead I viewed it differently. Every time I went and put gas in my car, I thanked the energies (or the universe) for giving me the opportunity to travel to places to see friends and family. I thanked the energies for providing the opportunities to make enough money to even put gas in my car in the first place. Heck, I thanked the energies to even have a personal car at all.

All these ordinary tasks that were a part of life that once looked annoying began to look magical and beautiful. I saw the world as this wonderful, alluring place that was full of life, love and living.

I realized that everything I was doing was my choice and it was a choice I was very proud of. Cleaning the home became a pleasure as sitting in a clean home was my awesome reward. Doing laundry felt great because I LOVED wearing my clothes often.

You see, your thoughts really do control how you feel. I didn’t change my lifestyle, I changed the way I thought about it and my lifestyle went from normal to magical within just a few short months of perspective practice.

What Ever You Decide to do, make sure it makes you happy - Paulo Coelho

Perspective Exercise

Changing your perspective can seem difficult at first. But with patience and a dose of self love you will be there in no time. Use the exercises below to begin to open yourself up to a new way of thinking.

Am I happy?

Catching yourself in the act is the first step. The best way I have found to wake up to the moment is by asking myself, Am I happy? If you answer no, then ask yourself these questions:

  • What is bothering me right now?
  • What is the blessing in this moment?
  • Are there people in this world that don’t have what I am complaining about?
  • How will this feeling matter in 12 months, 2 years or 5 years from now?
  • If I wanted to change this feeling, what actions would I take right now to feel better?

Now I know, that was a lot of questions to remember. We can simplify it to two:

  • Am I happy right now?
  • What am I most grateful for in this moment?

It is not possible to be mad and grateful at the same time. Which leads us directly into the next section.


Gratitude is the BEST way to see that your life is full of magical, amazing moments right now today. In my group program, I have my students do a 21 day gratitude challenge. I ask them to write 3 things they are grateful for that happen to them that day. You can either write the three grateful items as they happen during the day or right before bed. You cannot have less then three but you can, of course, have more.

PMI Method

PMI stands for Pluses, Minuses and Interests. For my logical thinkers out there, I think the PMI method will work wonders for you. A man by the name of Edward de Bono came up with this method in his book “Tactics: The Art and Science of Success”. Basically, you begin to think about the pluses of the situation, the minuses of the current situation and interesting points as an outside observer looking in. The last one allows you to detach from the current experience. From there you draw a conclusion on how you feel. Determine if you want to feel this way; if it is more of benefit to be unhappy then to be happy.

There are some instances were being unhappy creates positive action for the betterment of the world or society. But in this article, I am talking about what some would call ordinary issues in normal everyday life and how to view those as magical.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 59 2014

Welcome to Day 59 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s Moment of Clarity comes from the We’Moon datebook  . There is a page that talks about initiation. When I first think of the word initiation, I think of being initiated into a club like a sorority or some other type of society. But truth be told we get initiated into events all the time.

Becky opens the word initiation to mean when you are irreversibly changed forever. You could never go back to what you once were because your eyes have been opened, your thoughts forever changed and your mind never escaping the image that beholds you. This caught my attention because it reminded me of my initiation in losing my furson, Zack dog (pictured below). It was one I chose to experience because I chose to adopt him, to initiate him into my family, my life and my heart.

In December, I will be initiated into a new age decade group. And since I choose to live daily, I choose to be the age that I am. There are some initiations we strive for. Being financial independent. Being a mom. Being a successful business owner. Being a world traveler.

But there are others, that are bestowed upon us without request. Those are the initiations that will sometimes challenge us if we allow them to. Yesterday I spoke about how you are the creator of your universe  . As a creator you can choose how you view these initiations.

Do you welcome the initiation of life? Do seek to experience all life has to give both good or bad?

Though I did not welcome my furson Zack’s death, I revel in the 12.5 years that I was able to experience him. He taught me more than any human ever has. How lucky I was to know him. I created him, he created me and together we signed a contract with a unknown future ending and we accepted this inevitable fate with joy, love and understanding.

MoClar Moments Zack Initiation


Daily Journal Entry

Today I would like you to do an exercise.

What does Initiation mean to you?

What life initiations surprised you, challenged you and changed you?

As you look back upon them, how can you view those experiences as choices?

We at times give our power away to something that we always had the power to change. I didn’t have to adopt my furson. But I did and I knew what it entailed. I didn’t have to enter into a relationship that would break my heart 12 years later, but I did. I chose that experience. We think we didn’t choose them but look back at all the decisions you made. You will realize that all experiences have been chosen by you. When you acknowledge, accept and embrace your power, you will be one step closer to living authentically you without fears or regrets.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.