Release and Let Go… It’s Time!

First Step in Calling in Abundance – Your Material Cleanse

Hello Smile Childs! Today’s video comes at you with such high vibration. This weekend I was just buzzing with massive energy as I was doing a material cleanse in my immediate physical environment. I felt called to do a video about what was happening. It is one of the first steps to really raising your vibrational energy to be a match to all you desire in life. Enjoy!

That night after my material cleanse and recording this video, I was reading my current book, “Creating Money,” and literally the page I was reading had these two quotes…

Abundance means more then having quantities of things; it means having things that fulfill you as well.

Through your mastery {of the spiritual laws} you will allow situations and objects to leave your life gently and easily when you no longer need them, creating room for the next things that will serve you. There will be a natural flow of money, people and things into and out of your life and each will serve your higher purpose and appear at exactly the right time.

I couldn’t believe how connected I was to this message that was being delivered to my intuition. It feels great to release all that no longer serves me. 🙂

Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, I want you to put into practice the releasing of items that do not bring you joy.

Since the easiest place to start is in your closet, take time now to go into your closet and look at all your clothes. Challenge yourself to get rid of a few items that you know do not light you up. I know this next part might sound silly… But…

Thank those material objects for their service and bless them. Then with love in your heart, take them to the nearest donation place. You just allowed them and their new partner to find each other.

GREAT JOB! I am so proud of you right now.

Are you ready to impact the world? If the answer is an ASTOUNDING YES!!! Then choose your next step below.

The Law of Being

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If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

Choose the Path of Most Light

OMG! My first video!

Hi all my Smile Childs! I am so excited to share my first video with you all. It shows me at my rawest of moments. It was just shot with my iPhone but it demonstrates my energy and I LOVE IT!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. Love to you all!!!


Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, take time to really embody that affirmation.


Read the questions below and then close your eye’s and using your connection with source, answer them. You might be surprised what comes up. 🙂

  • How does embodying that message change your next decision?
  • Where is your intuition telling you to go?
  • If you are feeling resistance, what fear is coming up for you?
  • How can you begin to bring in love and joy into that decision and instead of seeing any decision with an outcome, see it as only an experience?

You know the right decision to make when you feel elated, joyful and sometimes even an anxious, nervous energy. Almost like that energy is bubbling to be released.

Are you ready to impact the world? If the answer is an ASTOUNDING YES!!! Then choose your next step below.

The Law of Being

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If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

Can Pet Urine Make You a Better Person

A story is only a good story if it has challenges and triumphs from those challenges. At least that is what the movies tell us. 😉

Here’s Mine.

Recently, I decided to move from California to Colorado. I think I just needed a change of pace; a change of scenery. Maybe, it was that I needed to be inspired again and sometimes a move does this for you.

When I arrived in Colorado, I asked the universe for two things. I was ready for a relationship and to begin dating again. I was also ready to finally purchase a home and become a home owner.

I looked to the sky and told the energies that I was very grateful for all they have done for me. I am very blessed and live a blessed life. I let them know that my request that will follow is simply a desire that if granted would bring me even more uplifting energy. Then I closed my eyes, felt love in my heart and said out loud…

I really want a home to call my own.

Just weeks later I found a cute little house, perfect for me. It has a sunroom that I will turn into a meditation / atrium room. It has three bedrooms and three baths, with space for guests. It has this wonderful old Colorado mountainesque character; real wood throughout the whole house.

As soon as I stepped inside, I felt an ease. I felt at home. I thought this is it. It needed some love as it was built in 1984 and needed to be updated but I thought I was the perfect person to give it the love it needed.

So, I bought the house.

As previous and current home owners may know, you only get to see the home two or three times before purchasing the home. The night I received the keys, I stretched out on the floor of the living room, filled with the satisfaction of being a proud new homeowner.

That’s when I caught a whiff of something.

Something sour.

I began to sniff.

Rolled over. Got on my hands and knees. Put my face into the carpet.

Ah, There’s no mistaking the smell of cat pee.

How the 7 Levels of Energy helped me see the light

So here I am in my living room, realizing that I might have to not only paint and fix some out of date issues but now, rip up my carpet.

Ever hear about the 5 stages of grief? Well, I work with this other thing called the 7 levels of energy.

Here’s what happened next.

Level 1: Victim

I quickly recognized that I was feeling a lot of level one in this moment. The level one energy is a victim energy. Like, “Woe is me” or the Murphy’s Law Syndrome, “These things always happen to me.”

I knew I didn’t want to be a victim. I know I am always in charge of my life. I didn’t have to purchase this home. I chose to. So, I made a conscious effort to move to level two and get angry at the previous owner for not disclosing how bad this situation was.

Level 2: Anger

Many people think that anger is a very negative feeling or emotion. But anger can also be this great catalyst to motivate yourself into action. And I wanted to get motivated to solve the challenge. Yet, I didn’t move quite as fast as I had hoped. I went from level two, anger to level three, coping.

Level 3: Rationalizing / Coping

When I told the story to my family I would say things like,  “Well, I have pets. At least these pets had a good home. Maybe the previous owners lived with the smell so long that they didn’t even notice.” Level three is a lot of this making excuses or rationalizing for other people. I got stuck in this level for about three days.

Level 4: Martyrdom

I never did hit level four. Level four is a level I, affectionately, call The Mother Theresa. It is the level that you give yourself and your time to others. You think of them before you think of yourself. I bypassed this level all together. But if I would have hit it, it might have looked like this…

“Well, I am glad the other owners didn’t have to take care of this. It would have been just too much money and time for them to deal with. They would have had to stay in the hotel longer and our close date might have been pushed back causing them not to move to Florida sooner.”

See how that thought pattern above really thinks of other people, instead of thinking of yourself. Many people think this is an honorable level and I can agree that we need more Mother Theresa’s in the world. Yet, this is a very draining level to sit at if you always forget about you.

Level 5: Win-win

Level five is a level that wants both sides to win. For me a level five would have tried to find the positive out of this experience for both me and the previous owners. Again, I kind of skipped this level. If we take a moment now, I would say the win for me is that I know I am hiring a good carpet cleaner and I know for sure that the carpets are getting cleaned to my satisfaction. For the previous owner, their win is they didn’t have to spend money and time doing this.

Level 6: Joy

Level six, is one of my favorite levels. The person who sits at a level six energy finds joy in everything. There is no win or lose, there simply is joyful experience. The level six would have been interested in how to clean the urine. What chemicals are used? Do they have to be toxic? Can they be organic? Whom should I call? They would find joy from finding it to solving it to enjoying the whole process. This is where I arrived for a short time.

I learned a lot about cat and dog urine. I learned how to use a black light. I learned what a fresh spot looks like and what an old spot looks like. I was educated on what to do when I purchase a home again. I could say that this whole experience in some weird way may have been enjoyable on an educational level. 🙂 Yet, I didn’t sit in this level too long either.

Level 7: Observer

Instead I just kind of moved up to the last level, level seven. Level seven is simply being an observer of the experience. There is no joy, no anger, no excitement, no sadness, no depression, there is no true emotion that we feel. Level seven can be very Spock like. So if you think to yourself, how would Spock look at this challenge, then you are more than likely coming from a level seven.

I am always reminded of that saying from that movie 7 years in Tibet:

“If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good.”

To me, this saying is a level seven. It simply means that there is no need to stress or worry about a thing. Either solve it or don’t. Either way is fine. You will always move forward. You will always get to the other side. Just observe. Be curious. Watch how life unfolds.

At the end of the day, this is where I ended. I can easily fix this new challenge. I can easily know that all will be taken care of. Was it ideal? Well, you be the judge.

If you are looking at it from a high level, then ideal does not exist but at the same time it exists everywhere! 🙂

Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, just take time to really embody that saying from 7 Years in Tibet.

If you are having a challenge, ask yourself, can it be solved? If yes, then take the time to learn how to solve it with a mindset that it is already solved and you are simply finding the solution that is already there.

And if it cannot be solved, then take time to accept what is in front you and know that the universe never gives you anything that you cannot handle.

About the 7 Levels of Energy

The 7 levels of Energy is an energy leadership system developed by a man named Bruce Schneider. Each energy has a very distinct character to it.

I offer the Energy Leadership Index Assessment as an individual service and it can really help you move through life with less struggles just by having the ability to see the different perspectives in a situation and the energy level you are presenting to the current perceived struggle or challenge.

If you are interested, schedule a dream session with me and we can go over what this knowledge can help you release in your life.

Are you ready to impact the world? If the answer is an ASTOUNDING YES!!! Then choose your next step below.

The Law of Being

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If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 75 2014

Welcome to Day 75 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

You ever meet those people that no matter where they go they have fun? I love those type of people. I strive to be of that mentality nature. I practice patience, kindness and compassion. It is a daily practice; one that centers me for whatever life decides to manifest around me.

What inspired today’s Mo•Clar Moment was a recent post from a friend going to a hockey game in her hometown. I felt a small tinge of desire to want to participant in such an event. I, at times, can shrink my environment by only participating in activities that are to my guaranteed liking.

Honestly, I am not a person who enjoys sports. I prefer not to watch them on TV or in person. I don’t care about scores or players or anything related to the sports industry. I can see how this type of activity can bring together community and comradery. Yet, I have too often seen it also spur up competition and aggression. I think this is why I am not a fan. Though I recognize both sides of the coin, if I allow the negative side to affect my decision on life, do I limit my life?

I dream of day where I can go to a game and enjoy it; to be in the stands and cheer with the others; to high five when someone makes a score. It is mainly because I strive to give 100% in all that I do, be it business or personal.

The question lies how do I go to a game, be 100% in the moment and still be authentically me when I don’t generally enjoy that form of entertainment? It is actually quit a deep question. I actively pursue to be the presence of love no matter where I am at, be it cramped on a crowded bus, walking the streets of a foreign country or roped into a double date to support a friend.

How many of you have attended an event out of a feeling of obligation? Or how many of you wished you enjoyed but secretly just don’t such activities as sports or roller coasters or drinking games? How do you go to events that are not particularly your style but still show up with love? Yes, that’s it. That’s the question.

I think there needs to be a belief in a couple of thoughts. Such as…

1. All that is in front of me is meant for me in this moment and cannot be more perfect.
2. An experience out of my comfort zone grows my awareness and creates a path to deeply knowing me and my passions.

We can apply these same beliefs to many parts of our lives. It begs for me to step out of my own way and experience life as the universe sends it to me. It’s a practice in living authentically no matter the experience at hand.

Today, I still decline sporting event offers. Yet, it is my decline that keeps me stuck in the world of “I won’t have fun if it is not aligned to what I currently belief I like” type of thinking. Of course, I would never go against my values to enjoy something. Yet, what if next time, I say yes. I go to experience the “in-the-moment” excitement of a game. I say yes to something new and different and see how I can grow from that experience and instead of deny what the universe has manifested in my life. What could I learn? What clarity would arrive from this experience? How could I take this information back to my daily life?

Ah, the joy of being an obsessive thinker.

Today’s blog is more then just enjoying the moments of life you don’t choose. It is really about saying yes to those things you would normally not say yes to yet for some reason you are meant to say yes the next time it comes around. The universe has a habit of sending the same experiences your way until you fully feel and actively participate in those experiences. There is a lesson that you either need to learn or requested to learn to move you forward in life.

Break out of your comfort zone. As long as it doesn’t go against your values, go do something new. And have FUN! Enjoy it. See the experience with kid eyes. Really get into it. You never know what might happen.

Day 75. Try something new

Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, I want you to practice saying yes instead of no. When someone asks you how your day is… respond with: “Why Yes, my day has been great!” Try to include the word Yes in many of your responses. Work it in, in creative ways.

Note of warning: Becareful not to overwhelm yourself. Take baby steps to this new way of being.

Extra Credit:
Read the post on The Power Behind Living Life Uncomfortably

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 74 2014

Welcome to Day 74 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Hello Everyone! First, I want to say thank you for reading my blog. Today is Day 74 and for me that is a significant number. To think that I started with an idea and have reached my momentous Day 74 is simply exciting to me. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

Today, I am writing in the early morning instead of late at night, my usual inspirational time. I am testing a new theory about creating reflection time in the morning verses at night. My usual morning routine is to wake, ready myself for the day, walk my precious Bella dog and then begin my daily task list. Yet, today I decided to pick up my inspirational books and see the message they had for me.

On my bedside currently are two books that arrived in my path this year, Creating Money Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer and Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein. Both books utilize the method of randomly turning to a page and reading the message that is on the page. This is one of my favorite methods for reflection. It allows the universe to speak to you through words. The idea is that whatever page you land on is the message you need to hear for that day or time in your life.

I began with Creating Money. The message I received is this one.

What an empowering message! So direct. So strong. Beautiful. This wonderful chapter titled “You Can Do What You Love” is all about your life purpose. It discusses how your deepest authentic desires are your soul’s messages to your consciousness. I wish some day to have a university where I teach light workers so that they may go out in the world and light up the world with their energy. That is my deepest desire and each and every move I make these days are for that highest calling I have in my heart. It all started with a desire to serve others on a deeper level, which developed into this website and eventually into my 365 Moments of Clarity project. My favorite quote from this passage is the following:

Your soul is not limited by the identity you have right now; it sees the larger picture of who you are and knows what is possible for you to accomplish in this lifetime. It shows you your potential and direction by giving you dreams of your ideal life. – Sanaya Roman, page 183 of Creating Money

When I moved my dreams from a desire of self to a desire to serve my dreams became bigger and more unlimited and my capabilities grew to something I didn’t even know existed before. As Dr. Seuss wrote in ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’, “… the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” As I turn to envelop an altruistic goal, my heart grows and therefore my purpose in life grows with it.

Receiving this message above allows me to feel as though I have the whole universe supporting me on my mission. This blog is my stepping stone to this new life that is my authentic purpose. And this is just the start of my day. As this amazing message is being delivered to me in the morning I am able to appropriately align my actions to carry this message through the day.

I decided before writing this blog to the world that I would first read a page in the ‘Miracles Now’ book and see how aligned the two messages may be. I turned to page 183, #78: Deal with Your Own Mind. It talks about the concept of “Zero Mind” by Yogi Bhajan. “Zero Mind” is where ego is brought to complete stillness. As I wrote before, I am not against ego. Ego protects you, loves you and wants to make sure you are always safe from hurt or pain. Yet, ego sometimes does his/her job too well and ego can suffocate you and prevent you from growing. When you practice bringing your mind to stillness, ego sort of meditates with you. It is in this moment when ego is quiet that messages of the highest order arrive in your being, your consciousness.

For me, this was a great action step. I heard the empowering message that I am in charge of my own destiny and now I am given a path to find the steps of that destiny or my next action plan by developing Zero Mind and listening.

Yes. These messages are completely aligned for me to fulfill my day’s purpose. I believe reflection in the morning can be just as powerful as my reflection at night if not more powerful because when I reflect in the morning, I align my soul’s desire to my actions. At night my reflection is an after thought of the day, a gratitude prayer and a preparation for restful sleep with empowering dreams. Just as important mind you, yet the morning has a strength to move my life’s purpose forward faster as I align more with my authentic truth.

daily affirmation love #1

Daily Reflection Exercise

For today’s exercise, I would invite you to schedule some time to reflect in the morning if this is not your usual time. Choose at least one of your favorite inspirational books and simply take 20 minutes to read and reflect on those messages and how you can align your actions to those messages through-out the day.

If you normally schedule your reflection time in the morning then I ask that you try a session at night and see if anything new shows up for you that may not have shown up in the morning.

The goal is to experience a new awakening by switching your schedule up. It is very similar to muscle confusion when working out. You don’t want to do the same exercise day in and day out or you will stop building muscle or loosing fat, whatever your goal may be. In the same aspect, by switching up your reflection schedule, you will not hit a spiritual plateau. As we continue to grow and become more authentically ourselves, we move into a world that is so full of abundance and love.

Extra Credit:

I challenge you in your meditation today to state the affirmation above 108 times. If you have a mala necklace, this is a great time to use it.


As you repeat this affirmation, what shift do you feel in your being or aura? How do you feel differently? What actions can you take today to move you forward to your heart and soul’s desires?

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 73 2014

Welcome to Day 73 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Why have I waited this long to tell the tale of my amazing story? I mean it happened on the weekend of April 18th and we are already on May 12th. Why does something take a month to be told? Honestly, I told many people by voice. Writing down the tale took time because I was waiting for the last bit of information or importance to arrive into my consciousness. As I mentioned before, I write when I know it is time to write.

Here is the last bit…

A story can heal. A story can transform. A story can move people, places and things. 

When I was traveling home after this amazing weekend, I took my time. First, I decided to relax in Long Beach. Walked the docks. Visited a local farmers market where I picked up some awesome pants and a perfectly green scarf that matched my eyes and supported a local woman owned small business. Then I ate by the water, outside, just me and my Bella Dog. Next, I drove down highway 1, experiencing a true Sunday drive. Along the way, I stopped at my friend’s home in San Clemente and walked along the beach, watched the waves and spoiled myself to a single scoop of ice cream. When I arrived back at their house, we played music for about an hour or so.

The date was April 20th. That date has significance to a certain group of people. For me, I purchased my car, Irie; a beautiful muted purple Iridium colored Nissan Rogue that I named the moment I saw her in Ann Arbor, MI on April 20th, 2008. As I left my friends home, I was called to stop at a music store by some unknown feeling inside. I walked in about 40 minutes before they were to close and stayed for 2.5 hours. I walked out with a beautiful Martin custom guitar.

I have a habit of naming things I really love. My plant, the only one I have ever gotten to live as I am pretty sure I have a brown thumb, is called Mr. Travelling Man. My car as I mentioned above is called Irie. These are two examples of many. I am not sure where I picked up this habit but I know it has been occurring for some time. What is important is there is a relation here for me. If I nickname something, it means I really love it. It has an emotional significance to me. If no name arrives, then there is no connection.  

Well, tonight, my Martin received her official name:

India Rose Evelyn 

Her name arrived into my consciousness this evening. When I first picked her up, Rose or Rosie kept coming into my consciousness. But I knew that was not the end of it. So I played her and played her and played her. It took two weeks for me to hear the next part. India. India Rose. But it wasn’t final. So I played. And I played. I began to play some old tunes that I haven’t played in many years. Some songs, one in particular, I thought I would never play again and I played it tonight. When I was done, a healing took place. One so strong, so uplifting. It was as if this final remanence of a shadow that was over me had finally and completely dissipated. A shadow, mind you, that I didn’t even know was left. And then the name was fully revealed. India Rose Evelyn. It rolled off my tongue as if it had always been there. She was born to ease my stress. To bring me back home. To bring me back full circle to my roots. She was the last piece of my puzzle for true centering. If I wouldn’t have taken my time in Long Beach, I would have never stopped at my friends in San Clemente and played music. And if I would have never played music that day, I would have just went home without finding my soul guitar.

We all of have chapters in our life. Some have many, others have a little less. Personally, I have a habit of leaving all chapters with this sense of never returning. I even wrote a song about it; “Never return from once where you came. Never go back to the same old thing.” But there is a flaw in my thinking.

Each chapter bestows upon you gifts. Each chapter presents you with nuggets of knowledge and treasures. My last chapter gifted me with music. And I had fallen out of music’s good graces until March 2014. I had this magical weekend up in San Rafael with my BFF. This started my love of music again. Then my magical weekend that I just wrote about over the last few days connected with my March 7th weekend in San Rafael.  This guitar brought both of these weekends into one to rebirth me into a new life, a new chapter. One that embraces my past, catapults me into my successful future and centers me in the now. I still had a past that was only about 98% healed. But today, I stand before you at 100% both healed and renewed.

You see, all of these days were really for one MoClar Moment…

To tell a story that heals.

Story Begins on Day 69     Continues on Day 71     Moves into Day 72  

MoClar Moment Share Your Story

Daily Exercise

Today’s exercise is inspired by my last four blog posts. I think it is important to tell your story. Not just for you but for someone who may need to hear your story. Storytelling has been around since the dawn of man. First talking about the big hunts and then moving up to our Hollywood movies that range from amazing true life films to movies made only to make you laugh.

I know telling my own story has healed me, freed me and released me to express other ways of growing or creating. Pick a topic. Maybe you want to regale on how you met your soulmate to inspire others that it is possible. Or maybe you want to relate a cause that is close to your heart. Or maybe, like me, you simply have a story that helped you realign and ground to your purpose in life. Or maybe you tell us all a juicy tale of the most embarrassing moment. Listen to your intuition. What does your heart want to speak about? What does your intuition want to express? Where will you take us today?

For this exercise to be fully complete, I want you to share the story with others. Either a blog post or simply a letter to a friend. Or maybe be the center of attention at the next party. However you see fit to spread your story to the community, please take action. You never know who it will touch and how important it is to them.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 72 2014

And The Adventure Continues…

If you happened upon this page before Reading Day 69   or Day 71  , hop on back to those posts and follow the sequence of events. This story was covered over three days and it is an amazing intertwining story of synchronicity, presence and ultimately reconnecting to oneself again for paramount realignment.

Proof that as You Consciously Create the Presence You Desire, People & Events are Drawn to You

That Friday night when I left Gabby’s first day event, I arrived home to my friend’s house. On Day 69, I recap what happened there but I realized there was one story I left out that I really want to put back in. You see, as I began to consciously recreate my presence, my first friend who noticed gave me a gift beyond any that I had expected that evening. I had retold to them the events of that week, including the incident earlier in the day. In the middle of my retelling, my friend stood up, asked his wife to come with him and he walked over to me without hesitation and gave me a group hug sending their internal pure love to me and healing me from the woes of the week. It was the most amazing experience of being heard that I ever felt.

I would like to stop for two seconds, right here, and give gratitude to all who have stayed with me for this long story. I appreciate your kindness in reading this and may you gleam from it what you need. 

Let’s begin again…

You know how every little detail can sometimes be really important. Well, this is one of those stories. Let’s back up a few days before coming to the event. I have these angel cards. They are the ones that simply have a word on them. No description. In my opinion, I like this better. It allows me to interpret that word to my current events. There was one word that consistently showed up for a couple of weeks before the event. Birth.

It is not a word that I resonate with. I am not a human mommy. I don’t plan to ever be a human mommy. I do have furchildren, three physical and three spiritual, aka have already crossed the rainbow bridge. The picture on the “Birth” card is of a new mother holding an infant. It can throw someone off when birth doesn’t have a literal meaning of baby. It is important to note that I wouldn’t understand that card until after the weekend is over. Yet, it is integral to the story because it was a sign of what was coming.

The other addition I would like to add is during breakfast of Saturday, my friend read my horoscope. This is what it said.

You may be hesitant to accept a certain mission, Sagittarius, and you are very wise to be so cautious. Not because it is not an impossible mission, but because it will require a lot of effort and investment on your part. Is there a lot to gain? Absolutely – you could finally achieve something you have wanted for a long time. Is there anything to lose? There is certainly the time and investment mentioned above – but if you accept this mission with a full heart and your usual passion – it will certainly be worth the effort.

The universe always knows how to motivate. It was exactly what I needed to hear to remind myself that what I am creating is not about me. It is not only for me. I am creating something for a greater cause. My time and investment is my service to those who need to hear this message that is pouring out of me in ways I cannot even explain.

I do know that I write when I should. That I tell my story exactly when it needs to heard or read. Just like “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” My writing is the same. My message is the same. It is delivered exactly when it is meant to.  

As you know from Day 69  , I found my inner happiness on the way to Gabby’s event for Saturday night. When I arrived at the event, I was just shining. My weekend was taking a turn to my usual beautiful self and it would only get better.

During the event on this particular night, we would do Kundalini Yoga and meditation. The focus was learning skills that we could use in our daily lives. This evening was quite an experience. I arrived early enough to be close to the front row. The one amazing thing about Gabby is that girl has some good taste in music. We are supposed to be doing Yoga and Meditation and the music she was playing was just off the charts fun. I am a dancer at heart. LOVE TO DANCE  I have been dancing for 20 years and cannot see me stopping ever. Anyways, during the event I am dancing in meditation. Dancing while doing yoga moves. Simply dancing. I had my eye’s closed and all my visuals were picturing my dance moves in my head; where I would turn, how my hands would move, how my body would sway to the rhythm. When I am really happy, dancing is how I connect with source and let go of all human mind. And that night I was beaming.

The event was again phenomenal. I was simply happy to have the most synchronized weekend that I could ever remember.

Near the end, Gabby did a Q&A session. This is great for people who really need inspiration in the moment. This night she was giving out these trinkets of inspirational words during the Q&A called Soul Candy  . She would choose one for the person based off their discussion such as “I am abundant”, “I am worthy” or “I am enough.” It was a nice touch to be able to send a message home. Every time that person looks at that beautiful soul candy message, they would recall that moment and feel a surge of inspiration to keep moving forward.

At the end of the night, it was time for book signing. Most people wanted to get their picture with Gabby. Understandable. I had did that the night before. But tonight, the line is 350 people. I decided to simply get my books signed and no picture so that the line could go faster. I was maybe the 12th person or so. I arrived in the front and just quietly let her know that I was not going to take a picture and thanked her for signing my books. I thought I would just grab the books and go. Well, it didn’t go exactly like that. Instead, Gabby looked at me and said, “Girl, I saw you.” I kind of looked probably like a deer in the headlights thinking, “Am I in trouble? What did I do?” She says, “I saw you dancing.” “Oh. Yes, I am dancer and the music was too good not to dance a little.” Then she said something amazing… “You have it girl. You have presence. Go for it. And you know what I speak of.”

I was stunned that my energy carried in a room of 350 people. She saw my energy. She recognized my energy. And then as she handed me back the two books that she just signed, she took the very last Soul Candy, smiled at me and handed me, “I AM STRONG.” What a blessed moment in time for me. I was overflowing in ecstasy.

On Sunday as I drove home from this weekend, I felt reborn. I felt birthed into a new era of my life. The universe knew this was coming. It had been telling me for weeks.

Read the last Chapter of this on Day 73  


Daily Soul Growth Exercise

Today, I want to keep aligned with the message that I heard. “I AM STRONG”

What does it take to believe that you are strong?

First, it takes a fierceness in believing in yourself. To develop this self-belief muscle, you need to practice. Don’t just think you know what you are talking about, be confident that you know what you are talking. Be confident that the words you say are meant for someone. All it takes is for one person to change another person’s life. And if you touch just one life, you have been successful. Strong people know that the words that are delivered through them are the words for a greater cause then themselves.

Second, it takes moxie. Be determined to be strong. Don’t just dip your toe in the water and then say you tried it but nah it really wasn’t for you and then secretly behind the scene’s wish for it daily. Either go for it or go home. Don’t be wishy-washy. The universe gets confused; doesn’t know what to deliver to you. If you have a semi-successful life, it is because you are inconsistent. Become consistent and watch your life sore.

Third, it takes facing your fears. The next time you are in a situation where you feel fearful to speak up, that is the time when speaking up is the most important. Push past your fear and speak up. And do not judge what comes next. You may be surprised how others respect your viewpoint on a subject. And if it doesn’t go exactly as intended, remember it is only an intention, not an expectation. Learn from the experience and don’t let fear put you in a corner.

“I AM STRONG” Success formula = Believe in Yourself + Moxie + Fear Eliminator

I would like you to take time to write in your journal about what each of these three elements mean to you. The more you define, visualize and practice that formula, the stronger you will become.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 71 2014

The Secret Sauce on Realignment to Spiritual Self

You know how some films have several story plots going at once. Well the weekend of April 18th had two intertwining stories for me. The first, I speak of on Day 69 about being in service to friends and the power of synchronicity  . Today, I want to speak of the events that helped me get there.

It was Friday, April 18th and I was parking at the Golden Bridge Yoga studio in Hollywood. As soon as I walked up I felt a little more peaceful. Their outdoor patio was inviting. There were four ladies helping to pass out the “Miracles Now” book for the event that night. I picked up my two copies and walked inside where I struck up a conversation with some other audience members about when we first heard of Gabby, our current career choices and what our intentions were for that evening. The conversation allowed me to ease into a powerful evening. It is exactly what the universe ordered for me to calm my nervous after my incident earlier that day as well as my overall overwhelming week  .

When we were given permission to enter the grand room, I found my spot quickly and sat down. I must say that the informal setup that evening is exactly how I see my talks in the near future. Not webinars over the phone but on this one-on-one personal level.  Everyone on the floor, no chairs. To me, it was the most comfortable I felt for an event.

I, of course, being an impatient one, opened my book. I randomly opened my book to #47: Your Presence is Your Power. If any of you know me, I am a numbers aficionado. Numbers guide me in my life. It is how the universe and I communicate. Number 47 is one of my personal favorites.  So for me to randomly open the book to 47 was a divine sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Now if you read Day 69  , you know that I had a challenging week. This is the start of #47…

“Our ability to cope with stressors and adopt a positive stress response is called “allostasis”. The body is capable of restoring its balance naturally, but when stressors take over they hijack our body’s normal function. When we get too stressed, our stress response turns against us. This is called the “allostatic load.”

When you experience allostatic load, it’s likely that the world around you reflects your low-level energy. ” – Page 110 of Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein

Wow. If that is not a direct description of my stressful week, I don’t know what is. I was definitely in allostatic load. The man yelling at me at the corner baguette store earlier that day was unconsciously feeling my low level energy and in return reflected it back to me by expressing his insecurities at me. I was a living experience of this passage. My presence was not powerful but instead draining. I quietly whispered under my breath, “thank you,” because I knew this message is what I needed to hear.

There is a meditation that is described in the book to assist one in bringing power back into their presence. I highly recommend purchasing this book, “Miracles Now.” Yet, if money is tight, in our daily meditation today, I give you a link to this exercise.

The next passage I read was one I actively searched out, #17: Meditate to Release Childhood Anger. If you know my back story, I embodied a lot of childhood anger while growing up. That being said, I released it long ago and honestly, barely remember the anger of that time. I still thought it was interesting that on my birth number this message would come through. Maybe, I hadn’t released all of it yet. However, I will wait for a time when this messages finds me randomly instead of purposely as I didn’t resonate with it that evening. Yet, another interesting synchronicity is that there was someone in the audience that did need this message and Gabby spoke of it to them during our Q&A. I felt very in-tune with the evening through these passages.

The lights dimmed and it was time for Gabby. She spoke of many things that evening. All of which resonated with me greatly. There were a few times where tears of joy ran down my cheeks; messages I needed to hear to realign to my spiritual self. To me, what is most interesting about that evening was her overall message was #47: Your Presence is Your Power.

I heard it load and clear. And today, I want to pass that message on to you. Remember that who you are being is being reflected back to you. As I continue my weekend, my presence becomes more powerful and that power reflects back to me in ways unexpected but so joyfully welcomed.

Read more on day 72  


Daily Meditation

For today’s meditation, I would like you to try the “Breath of Fire with Lion Paws.” If you have been struggling lately with keeping your presence powerful, then this meditation will help you reset your brain’s electromagnetic field. I know that it has personally helped me to create powerful amazing experiences after being practiced.

Please note, I am not a Kundalini instructor, yet. I followed the guidelines within the “Miracles Now” book. I was able to locate online instructions for my readers.

Breath of Fire with Lions Paws Instruction Sheet  
Breath of Fire with Lions Paws Video  


Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.

Mudra: Make both hands into Lion’s Paws: curl and tighten the fingers of each hand. Keep the tension in the hands throughout the exercise. Extend both arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms up.

Breath & Movement: Bring both arms up over the head so that the hands pass each other over the crown of the head. The elbows bend and the palms face down. Then bring the hands back down as you extend the arms out parallel to the ground again. Start a rhythmic motion in this way. Alternate which wrist is in front when they cross by each other over the head. Create a powerful breath with the motion of the arms. The arm motion is very fast-paced. The breath is an inhale as the arms extend and an exhale as the arms cross over the head. The breath becomes a steady Breath of Fire.

Time: Continue for 9 minutes.

To End: Without breaking the pace of the exercise, stick the tongue out and down all the way. Continue for 15 seconds more. Then inhale, bring in the tongue and fix the arms at 60 degrees, so that they form an arc around the head with the palms facing down about six inches apart over the head. The hands are still in Lion’s Paws. Hold the breath for 15 seconds. Keep the arms fixed as you exhale and inhale completely. Then hold the breath for 30 seconds. Relax and let the arms down. Meditate at the Heart Center. Follow the gentle flow of the breath. Chant an inspiring and uplifting song. Continue for 3-5 minutes

This short one-exercise kriya has a powerful and immediate effect on the brain and its electromagnetic field. The pressure in the hand position triggers reflexes in the fingertips to each area of the brain. The movement of the arms moves the lymph in the lymphatic system. It also pressurizes the nervous system to change its current
state. The Breath of Fire added to the motion enhances functioning of the pituitary and stimulates the pineal gland to increase the radiance and subtle frequency of the
brain’s projection.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 70 2014

What does it feel like to find love within you? Or fall in love with yourself?

What would it look like to love yourself unconditionally and then share that love to all you meet?

Today’s MoClar Moment is all about finding love from within. Exactly where all our energy is derived from, be it strength, courage, compassion and love. Many of us try to find love on the outside through relationships, career, family, pets or food. We ask those things to love us first so that we can then give ourselves permission to love ourselves. First, what a burden for them. That is a tough request to fill. Second, what if they are doing the same thing? Trying to find love outside of themselves. So here you are trying to find love within another soul and here they are trying to find love within another soul but in essence you both miss the love all together because you don’t have it and they don’t have, who has it?

Let us flip that switch. What if we found love from within instead? As we walk out into the world shining brightly with this love that is within our being, we help others discover their god-given gift of love within them. Now love is not lost. It is always with you; found in your soul, never to leave you. And everyone you come across as the same ability. How would your relationships change?

Instead of asking them to give you their love, you are both sharing something that is innately inside. It is no longer a give and take. It is simply a way of being. We no longer are draining one another but instead uplifting each other by allowing them to keep what is rightly theirs because you have your own. So you are both overflowing and creating ultimate love abundance. Your relationships would deepen, grow and mature to focus on other things in life, like experience, forward thinking innovation and community development. You are no longer looking for something that is perceived as missing. Now you have the power to advance the evolution of life.

I want to be on that side of the road. The one that is pushing forward to a better tomorrow with love that is not lost but instead is used to teach and empower the next generations.

Finding Your Flow Day 4

Day 4 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the flow of love in motion during your day today, practice giving the energy of love to yourself and each person that crosses your path.  As you give, you will receive.  If you find yourself criticizing or judging yourself harshly, take a moment, breathe deeply, exhale and then regard your actions as the insignificant oversights of revered guests in your home, easily forgiven in the light of your high esteem.  Bringing this to mind will help you remember the experience of being with yourself quietly in a state of loving kindness.  Namaste”

My Journal Entries for Day 4

Remember when you first fell in love and all you wanted to do was be with your beloved? Look back on the purity and openness of your heart at that time and describe that impulse of the heart to escape its isolation and connect with another heart. That complete surrender to the joy of union is the essence of love. That energy of divine union is your essence.

I remember quite well being in love. Wanting to share every little detail with the person. Experience life with them. It felt like time stood still and that there was no better place to be then right there next to your love. I remember thinking that all his stories were the best stories I ever heard.

It is also the little details. The way they say a word or shake their head. How they smile or say goodbye on the phone. Everywhere you would go, you would consider them. Always thinking what you could bring home to give them a smile. For me, I never left without a picture of them either in my wallet or a frame to put on my bedside at hotel rooms.

Being in love is the most precious experience one can have. I am lucky to have been in love twice.

Well, three times. Over the last few years I have learned to fall in love with myself. Enjoy quiet times in meditation, writing a song or reading a book. I have felt the joy of listening to my body and loving the person who is in the mirror.

When you fall in love with you, magic happens. Real magic happens. You will never be in isolation again. You will never feel lonely when you are aligned with the flow of life.

You will feel as if you could accomplish anything and in truth, you can.

Who is your ideal example of a loving person? Write all the reasons why.

For me, my ideal example of a loving person is/was my Zack dog. He loved me no matter what. Whether my hair was messy or styled. If I wore sweats or my best dress. If I was happy or sad. He loved me unconditionally. He never wavered. He was my rock, my living angel and now my virtual angel.

He taught me how to not be selfish. How to give of myself completely. How to take care of another without judgement. How to be free. How to not worry about where we were going or how we would get there.

He lived in the moment. He loved everyone and everywhere. He was the happiest dog/person I ever met. No hangups. Didn’t care about the past or the future. He just put one paw in front of the next and kept moving forward.

He also taught me how to let go. He taught me how to survive after loosing a loved one. He taught me to see this world differently.

I will never forget him, ever.

Zack, I miss you and love you more each day. Thank you for being my dog.

Who or what in your life inspires your love and devotion? Make a complete list and then be sure to tell them today how much you love them.

I am inspired in so many ways by so many people. Just recently, I had a friend of mine hear my story of challenges in the current weak. And out of the blue he stood up and grabbed his wife and walked toward me to give me a love hug. I will never forget that. It was one of the best moments of being heard I ever felt.

I have others who teach me love and devotion by having those things devoid in their life.

I started a practice several years ago, to tell everyone that I meet that I love them. Whenever I walk out the door, I say “Love you” to most people. It is because I do truly love them. And they deserve love, even by a stranger. I am usually the stranger. 🙂

I felt that if more people could know that love wasn’t about their status, how they looked or even acted, but instead about simply being who they were, as is, then maybe it would spread. Maybe, just maybe, that person would adopt saying I love you more often. Less fights would break out and slowly but surely, life would get easier for everyone. At least in the perspective of the holder of the idea.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 69 2014

The Power of Overwhelming Synchronicity

Where do I begin? It all started last week. I had a big project that I was working on. It was a rather challenging project. I wanted to start Deepak’s 21 day “Finding Your Flow” meditation on Monday, 4/14. Yet, this project was taking 110% of my time and finding the time to meditate seemed on the low priority list. Finding the time to blog did as well.

With all the work I was accomplishing in this project, the customer felt that I wasn’t in alignment with their vision. I took the comments personally and my week simply went down hill from there. I knew that I was getting overwhelmed with work and not getting in my regular meditation sessions as well as being sleep deprived, I was coming close to the border of sanity verses insanity.

During the week, I purchased tickets to see Gabrielle Bernstein in Hollywood on Friday and Saturday. As Friday fast approached, I knew in my heart that I needed this time to realign and get grounded. I took my time traveling up to LA from San Diego. I stopped for lunch at this great little Baguette place in Long Beach. I had my sidekick with me, Bella dog, and asked politely if she was allowed in to the corner store for me to order and then go sit outside. They kindly replied yes and I stepped into the order line.

When it was my turn to order, I walked to the second register and ordered. No big deal. Was feeling very calm, happy, excited to start my weekend. When I turned around to walk out the door, this customer that was right in front of me and stood about two inches from my face and began with these words, “I know people like you don’t care but you could shut this place down for 30 days by bringing your fleabag into this establishment.” He then went on to insult me as being an inconsiderate citizen who gives good dog owners bad names. I was in shock. Simply, in shock and immediately, welled up with tears.

He walked away feeling like he did his job of telling me off. I went outside and cried. Remember, I didn’t just walk in. I asked before I walked in to order. He, obviously, didn’t hear that or chose to ignore it. Either way, my weekend took an unexpected turn to sadness in that moment.

That night as I drove to see Gabby B, I felt beaten up emotionally. I just wanted to crawl in bed and stay there for days. Yet, I pulled myself together and just thought, “What will be will be. Have an intention but don’t expect anything.”

First off Gabby BLEW ME AWAY! This woman is amazing!! She is such a beautiful, strong goddess. I simply love her. That night was exactly what I needed. She lifted my spirits, and allowed me the connection to believe in myself again. I left there with an extreme high on life and my mission and my passion to serve the world. I LOVED IT! Read more about my experience on Day 71  

Here is where I started to get realigned…

That night for attending the event, I was given two “Miracles Now” books. I had Gabby sign them. Usually, I would keep one of the books and give one away. But there was this overwhelming voice in my head that said, “Give them both away.”

When I arrived back at my friends home, where I was staying for the weekend, I told them my story about my week… the client, the guy yelling at me about my dog and then my amazing experience with Gabby. I took one of the books and immediately gave one to my friends. This felt great. But to be honest, I still had an emotional hangover and did go to bed early that night. I was able to do day 2 of the 21 day meditation that night all about happiness, Read more at Day 67  . Happiness. Really?!? Happiness. It was what I needed and the meditation couldn’t have been more timed to my current life at that moment.

The next day, I awoke, still feeling a bit out of sorts. I was determined to just take it easy and relax. My friends and I decided to head to breakfast and go birthday card shopping afterwards for a mutual friend of ours who was celebrating her birthday that night. For her birthday gift, I wrapped the other book up and got her a humorous card. When we arrived back at the house, my friends decided they wanted to rearrange furniture. So for the next few hours, we rearranged furniture. I was of complete service to them. Whatever they needed, I helped out. It was exactly what I needed to do to get realigned. It was part of my path to center and ground myself. I was being of complete service without asking for anything in return.

Next on our agenda was leaving for the birthday party. I didn’t realize it but the time was much later then expected when we left. I was driving to the place and thinking in my head that I wouldn’t even be able to spend two minutes there. I thought several times to signal my friends ahead and give them the gifts and I would turn around to get to my second evening with Gabby. Yet something inside of me said to keep on going. So I did.

When we arrived at the place, the parking lot was completely full. My friends waved at me and said they were going to another lot. I knew that if I didn’t find parking here, I wouldn’t be able to stay. I had my hand on the door handle to walk over to their car and give them the gifts when this gentleman right in front of me said, “Need a spot? I’m pulling out now.” What? Really?!? Yeah!!!

My friends left to find parking in the other lot and I patiently waited to allow this person to move his car so I could pull right in. Of course, I thanked him graciously. I quickly jumped out of my car to pay the parking meter, which only took credit cards and it would NOT in any way take my credit card. No Idea why. It took everyone else’s credit card but mine. I was trying for about 2 whole minutes and couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed the gifts and went running to the place where the birthday party was being held. As I rounded the corner, I could see the line of people trying to get into the bar. The bar was packed! For about 30 seconds, I thought I would never get this gift to her in time. I am parked illegally and I simply don’t have time to stay.

Just then, the universe answered my prayers. My girlfriend comes pedaling up on her bike. She wasn’t even in the bar yet. I screamed out her name and ran over to her. It was the most perfectly timed event you can possibly imagine. I quickly gave her the gifts and asked her to open them in front of me. She loved them. She said the “Miracles Now” book was exactly what she needed. She gave me so many compliments on how I always know the right things to get. She made my soul shine and I hope I did the same.

I then quickly ran to my car and took off for my event. While driving, I found that beautiful core happiness that Deepak mentioned in the “Finding Happiness” meditation   from the night before. I was simply happy because I was aligned. I was in flow. I was centered and grounded. I found myself again. I found myself by being in complete service. And because I was in complete service, my life was synchronized.

Later I would find out that my friend took her time getting to the bar. She stopped at some shops along the way that had caused her to arrive at the exact same time as me. We were both supposed to be in that bar an hour earlier. But neither of us were and the only connection we had was the infinite potential connection. Remember, anything is possible. Even a chance arrival time between two friends coming to the same place without direct communication on when they would arrive.   Just BEAUTIFUL!!

See Part Two Day 71  

Two Hands - Audrey Hepburn

Daily Exercise

Today’s exercise is all about being in service. Through service of others we find the greatest joy in life. How can you help someone today make their day better?

Here are a few of suggestions:

  • If you have friends with kids, offer to watch their kids for an evening so they can have date night.
  • Offer to grocery shop for a busy person.
  • Offer to cook dinner for a busy friend.
  • Volunteer at your favorite shelter.
  • Help someone move.
  • Help someone with an event, birthday party or anniversary party.

There are countless ways to be of service to your fellow human. Get creative. If you feel sad or misaligned, this is the best way to recenter yourself and get grounded into the flow of life again.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.