Abundance Redefined

Redefining Abundance On Your Own Terms

I wish to secretly or not so secretly redefine abundance.

I believe abundance is the freedom to experience life on your terms and your desires. I believe that you can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t break the two golden rules which simply are do not harm and do not judge another living being on their quest to do the same.

Abundance defined in this way accepts all lived lives; the adventurers who are perpetual travelers, the stay at home moms who wish nothing more than to raise the next generation, the hard working person who loves a day job so they can support a hobby or live a simple life in their hometown and the grandma who decided to take up singing and join a over 60’s Rock band at 61.

Abundance is simply what you want more of. At MoClar Moments we take the time to listen and assist you in defining what authentic abundance means for you. It is so important to get very clear on what a life of authentic abundance looks like for you.

  • What is your personal happy scale?
  • What dreams make you giddy like a child? And Why?
  • What are the steps to live your life authentically?
  • If you had unlimited opportunities and you couldn’t fail what would you do today?

Daydreaming is one of the biggest tools you can use to know who you really are. I day dream of travel. I day dream of love. I day dream to be able to one day own a quaint little home and sit in my beautifully landscaped backyard drinking my favorite Yogi green tea with the morning sun and looking out to a breath-taking vista. I day dream of a garden where I grow at least 30% of my food. I daydream to be a earth disciple and do what it takes to awaken people to another way of thinking, another way of life that will be a win win for Mother Earth and the human race and all the living beings on this living planet. I daydream of the freedom to experience life in all its glory. This is my authentic abundance. Not a million dollar house or a fancy BMW. This isn’t me dreaming small. This is me dreaming my authentic life in my own authentic way.

I hear so many people who come to me thinking having the big house and the fancy car and the demanding social life is what abundance looks like. As I work with my clients to define their true abundance scale, I usually find that they are truly happy with taking one extra week on vacation instead of traveling the world for a year. Others I have found want little material objects so they can be free to be spontaneous in where they live. They don’t fit the average stereotypical story for what abundance is sold as. If dreaming of a million dollar home is your authentic dream, then I support you 100%. But don’t dream someone else’s dream. Dream your life.

A good sign that you are dreaming someone else’s dream is you feel that abundance is out of reach. That is when stepping back and really defining authentic abundance on your terms is important if not necessary. The fastest way I have found to get detailed is either meditating and then journaling for a few weeks to a couple of months or working with a life coach who can ask those inquisitive questions to get your right brain thinking and creating the life of your dreams.

Take time to define what you really want and be very truthful with yourself.

What is your truest beliefs and values for your dreams?

MoClar Moment’s goal is to assist you on that path of defining your passionate and authentic life and creating the mindset, speech and powerful inspired action plans to get you from point A to Point U!!

Your task this week…

To sit down and daydream for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then write me a comment and tell me, what is your authentic meaning to abundance in your life?

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  1. Kate Lindsay
    Kate Lindsay says:

    I use daydreaming intentionally to pass the time during my day. Its the most productive way to wander through the stores or wait in a line or listen to the story being told in the song on the radio. I pick and choose from what I see and hear all day long and add to my dream details. Its super fun and if nothing more it puts me in a great mood.

    I too think it so important to not judge another but to be uniquely you and dream your dream. I often think that when I look at my one sister. Of the 4 (adult) children in my family she and I are the closest in age among a laundry list of other things and I find that I compare myself to her a lot. And our details are super different. Not better or worse but very different.

  2. Mary Beth Leisen
    Mary Beth Leisen says:

    I love the idea of authentic abundance! I often think of abundance in terms of getting everything I want. But then I realize that the ‘everything I want’ is very ego-based and that I probably don’t truly want all those things on the list. I also like the idea that I may be dreaming someone else’s dream it feels like it’s out of reach. I’ve been dealing with some ‘compare and despair’ as I’ve watched some colleagues who are having some strong success right now. It’s interesting how automatic the compare-and-despair feelings come up. I have to deliberately remind myself that I’m not they, I don’t want much of what they do, and I’m doing something completely different. When I do, it helps tremendously. My abundance is totally different. Thanks!!!

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      It is great that you know yourself well and can feel those feelings of compare-n-despair pop-up. The practice of reminding yourself what you want and what you don’t want is perfect. I trust that with more practice those feelings will eventually be a memory and your authentic abundance more frequent. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    I have a confession to make. I am a thief. You see I just stole your definition of Abundance! I love it…thank you. It is the first one that I have seen that truly makes sense to me. And you are so right in that dreams do not have to be huge. Great post!

  4. Kristy Moore
    Kristy Moore says:

    I love intentional day dreaming too! Thanks for pointing out the importance of not judging other people’s realities. It makes a huge difference when people discount your dreams, but I love that you also say it’s ok for people to choose whatever life they have chosen for them – it’s ok to quit your job to follow other dreams and it’s also ok to keep your job if that’s what you want to do. It’s ok that ‘settling down’ means still travelling a lot or never travelling in the first place, if that’s what your dream is. I’m feeling more abundant just at the thought, thanks.

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