5 steps to solve a problem / challenge

5 Steps to Solve a Problem

A Nightly Ritual to Release the Day’s Worries

At night just before I go to bed I have this ritual that allows me to release the day’s thoughts before settling in to a deep sleep. On my nightstand, there are several books that I turn to for inspiration, thoughtful awareness or simply to create a smile.

On this one particular day, a day that most would label as hard or trying. The kind with an over abundance of work, news that wasn’t ideal and generally some not requested stress. At times like this, I turn to a book called “Celebrating Love” by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is a book that holds discourses that he has given over many years. I randomly, with my eyes closed, flip through the pages and stop at a certain page based on my intuition for that moment. On this day, I stopped at page 21. Overall topic Problems.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar writes about the five steps to solve a problem:

1. Admit it exists.
How many of us know there is something a miss but we brush it under the rug or push it deep down inside? Admitting there is something there actually begins the process of healing or dissolving it.

2. See it as a small problem and do not see it as big.
This is one, even I can be guilty of at times. Looking at a situation square in the face and calling it big. The minute the title “BIG” comes out of your mouth now it seems as if it is impossible. We at Mo•Clar always believe that everything is possible. So simply change the perspective by changing the word. Call it small. This simple little trick will bring it down to a very manageable task to solve or later you will actually see to not solve, at least not immediately. The task now seems possible and with this your brain or intuition will naturally take over to create clarity around the situation.

3. If it concerns people, keep in touch with them instead of avoiding them.
Ah, Communication. So simple in idea. It seems a little harder to implement. Yet, when you consider something a small thing, no big deal, it exists, so why hide anything. As humans, it is better to be forthright with humility and compassion then to hide. Ask yourself, what are you hiding? If you were the other person, would you want to know? What is the benefit of you keeping it to yourself?

4. Talk less and give time a chance.
The human condition. We are talkers. We tell people everything, well most of us. At times, instead of giving the “problem” energy, give your blessings more energy. Actually, when you have what you call a problem existing is the time when you really need to express deeply what you are grateful for. I wear a bracelet on my left wrist that says “blessings”. It reminds me to speak more about my blessings then giving energy to other things that do not serve me. This allows me to focus and gives rise to faith. When we live from a place of complete unwavering faith, you will be surprised how little problems can really be.

5. Get together and celebrate.
“When you celebrate and put the problem on the back burner, you will see that the problem gets solved over time.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This one is my favorite. It really sets into place the notion of the mindset. If you are seeing problems then you are not seeing opportunities. Every so called problem is by definition a growing opportunity. If you can celebrate the moment and not label it, this twist allows your creative mind to take over and flourish with intuitive ideas to grow from this wonderful opportunity.

When I read this discourse, I realized that solving a situation isn’t really about solving it at all. It is about setting an intention of what you want to learn and what you want to accomplish. If you come at the angle of accomplishment or end result and really define the intention (not the expectation), then the so called “problem” will resolve itself through the action steps of the intention.

As your perspective changes, have deep gratitude for the current experience without judgement. Soon you will notice that your mind opens up with awareness and opportunities will abound. Have faith. The universe is always on your side.