365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 75 2014

Welcome to Day 75 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

You ever meet those people that no matter where they go they have fun? I love those type of people. I strive to be of that mentality nature. I practice patience, kindness and compassion. It is a daily practice; one that centers me for whatever life decides to manifest around me.

What inspired today’s Mo•Clar Moment was a recent post from a friend going to a hockey game in her hometown. I felt a small tinge of desire to want to participant in such an event. I, at times, can shrink my environment by only participating in activities that are to my guaranteed liking.

Honestly, I am not a person who enjoys sports. I prefer not to watch them on TV or in person. I don’t care about scores or players or anything related to the sports industry. I can see how this type of activity can bring together community and comradery. Yet, I have too often seen it also spur up competition and aggression. I think this is why I am not a fan. Though I recognize both sides of the coin, if I allow the negative side to affect my decision on life, do I limit my life?

I dream of day where I can go to a game and enjoy it; to be in the stands and cheer with the others; to high five when someone makes a score. It is mainly because I strive to give 100% in all that I do, be it business or personal.

The question lies how do I go to a game, be 100% in the moment and still be authentically me when I don’t generally enjoy that form of entertainment? It is actually quit a deep question. I actively pursue to be the presence of love no matter where I am at, be it cramped on a crowded bus, walking the streets of a foreign country or roped into a double date to support a friend.

How many of you have attended an event out of a feeling of obligation? Or how many of you wished you enjoyed but secretly just don’t such activities as sports or roller coasters or drinking games? How do you go to events that are not particularly your style but still show up with love? Yes, that’s it. That’s the question.

I think there needs to be a belief in a couple of thoughts. Such as…

1. All that is in front of me is meant for me in this moment and cannot be more perfect.
2. An experience out of my comfort zone grows my awareness and creates a path to deeply knowing me and my passions.

We can apply these same beliefs to many parts of our lives. It begs for me to step out of my own way and experience life as the universe sends it to me. It’s a practice in living authentically no matter the experience at hand.

Today, I still decline sporting event offers. Yet, it is my decline that keeps me stuck in the world of “I won’t have fun if it is not aligned to what I currently belief I like” type of thinking. Of course, I would never go against my values to enjoy something. Yet, what if next time, I say yes. I go to experience the “in-the-moment” excitement of a game. I say yes to something new and different and see how I can grow from that experience and instead of deny what the universe has manifested in my life. What could I learn? What clarity would arrive from this experience? How could I take this information back to my daily life?

Ah, the joy of being an obsessive thinker.

Today’s blog is more then just enjoying the moments of life you don’t choose. It is really about saying yes to those things you would normally not say yes to yet for some reason you are meant to say yes the next time it comes around. The universe has a habit of sending the same experiences your way until you fully feel and actively participate in those experiences. There is a lesson that you either need to learn or requested to learn to move you forward in life.

Break out of your comfort zone. As long as it doesn’t go against your values, go do something new. And have FUN! Enjoy it. See the experience with kid eyes. Really get into it. You never know what might happen.

Day 75. Try something new

Daily Exercise

For today’s exercise, I want you to practice saying yes instead of no. When someone asks you how your day is… respond with: “Why Yes, my day has been great!” Try to include the word Yes in many of your responses. Work it in, in creative ways.

Note of warning: Becareful not to overwhelm yourself. Take baby steps to this new way of being.

Extra Credit:
Read the post on The Power Behind Living Life Uncomfortably

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

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  1. Michaela Cristallo
    Michaela Cristallo says:

    First up Connie, what an amazing thing you are doing with this 365 day series and what dedication that you are still going at day 75. I know many people would have given up by now!

    I can totally relate to the sports thing. I too am not a sports fan and have found myself in this situation before. Great advice on how to get through it and see the good in something we might not have otherwise enjoyed.

  2. Tamira Hamilton
    Tamira Hamilton says:

    Your writing style is very engaging because your writing voice is so calming and soothing. Clarity is very sought after because our world is so ADHD today. Thanks for the tips!

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      You hit the sweet spot. Our fast paced world can create so much clutter in our minds. This causes clarity to disappear among the infinite choices. By slowing down, being mindful and fully experience life in the moment, one can feel and see clarity. One of those mindful experiences is saying yes to new experiences and getting out there. Stepping out of the comfort zone and into the world of the unknown.

  3. Susan Sontra
    Susan Sontra says:

    I am someone who also is not a big sports fan. As far back as high school, I rarely attended the SUPER important Friday Night football games. They weren’t my thing. You grabbed me there. That being said, over the years, I have said yes a few times to events that I would not normally attend, depending on the person or situation. I love the idea of going into the situation with love. I focused on going with an open mind (and sometimes an escape plan).
    MOST of the time, even if I did not enjoy the event, I gained so much more from going there. It allowed for me not to just step outside my comfort zone but allowed me to be a better friend, more understanding and empathetic to their world. A few times were complete disasters or looking back just studied or dangerous. If I look back with compassion for myself, the people I was with, and the knowledge I had at that moment, I can see the value that came from saying yes when, really, I “should” have said no.
    Great post. And I think I will practice saying yes today and see what happens. Happy Friday.

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      I love the escape plan. Too funny. I also like how you view it from the angle of the friend. To see their world. Their excitement. That is a whole other aspect to saying yes that I didn’t cover. It is more of an observation. I like it. I would love to hear about how your day went when saying yes. The insights that come from it. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  4. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Thank you for writing this, it’s a really powerful reminder of how opening ourselves up to opportunity can lead us to places of more love – for ourselves and others. It’s so easy to stay stuck in our cosy comfort zones sometimes, the challenge of actively saying YES brings attention to our choices and those beliefs we have about ourselves without really questioning why we hold them. A few years ago when I was in my early 20s, I set myself the challenge of six months saying yes to any opportunity that came my way (within boundaries of safety/ethics etc!) – I went all over the world! Did things I’d never dreamed of doing before. Sure, some were complete disasters, but even those have provided great stories ever since. Of course saying yes to EVERYTHING isn’t always sensible, but just remembering that you have a choice is so powerful. Thank you.

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      I love the idea of setting a challenge time frame. For six months, say yes to everything! I might add that to my programs. I have definitely said yes to some events that in hindsight wished I wouldn’t have. However, like you, I have had some amazing stories come out of those events. I am so happy this article resonated with you. Thank you for such a great comment!

  5. Jane Manthorpe
    Jane Manthorpe says:

    You are so right about what you right today Connie.
    I really is about living in the present moment, either like you say accepting what is and fully appreciate and be grateful for every moment even if its not to your liking.

    I have many times, and still do, say no to things that generally do not interest me, like being offered to go to the pub and drink to someones birthday who I actually do not know or associate with, but among those going are people I know. So I could go and really be present, who knows who I might meet who could either be the love of my life or could be a potential business partner or a turn out to be a long-term life-time friend and companion.

    What you say that the universe throws events, people and circumstances your way for you, either for you to experience a thing or learn something, I agree we need to grasp these with delight not judge them and do so with full presence and who knows what wonderful experiences we can come away with.

    I am at present going through a situation I choose to do so, but I get there and do it, its really is not my environment or circumstance, but I am committed to a certain deadline date. I would have not chosen this in hindsight. I have gone through major emotional roll coaster to cope but realised I was not grateful for the situation and what, if any, lessons it is teaching me. I now recognise what I have been like, and fully present with each moment and grateful for the experience.

    Today I will be fully aware and in the moment, and say “Yes, tremendous ” to anyone who asks how my day is going and “Yes” to any social occasions or events I am offered to go to, to get me out of my comfort zone and get there and be present in the moment fully.

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Wow! You really got my article. I am in awe with you beautiful response. This article was so torn for me. It took me days of refinement and understanding the words that I myself wrote or what I was trying to say. That fact that it resonated with you and that you are able to apply it, just makes my heart shine. Thank you so much for sharing. I LOVED reading your comment. Here is to Gratitude and saying “YES” to life! 😀

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this post. It was a couple of weeks work in progress as I tried to express this idea. I am thrilled the idea came across as understandable. 🙂

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