365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 74 2014

Welcome to Day 74 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Hello Everyone! First, I want to say thank you for reading my blog. Today is Day 74 and for me that is a significant number. To think that I started with an idea and have reached my momentous Day 74 is simply exciting to me. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

Today, I am writing in the early morning instead of late at night, my usual inspirational time. I am testing a new theory about creating reflection time in the morning verses at night. My usual morning routine is to wake, ready myself for the day, walk my precious Bella dog and then begin my daily task list. Yet, today I decided to pick up my inspirational books and see the message they had for me.

On my bedside currently are two books that arrived in my path this year, Creating Money Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer and Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein. Both books utilize the method of randomly turning to a page and reading the message that is on the page. This is one of my favorite methods for reflection. It allows the universe to speak to you through words. The idea is that whatever page you land on is the message you need to hear for that day or time in your life.

I began with Creating Money. The message I received is this one.

What an empowering message! So direct. So strong. Beautiful. This wonderful chapter titled “You Can Do What You Love” is all about your life purpose. It discusses how your deepest authentic desires are your soul’s messages to your consciousness. I wish some day to have a university where I teach light workers so that they may go out in the world and light up the world with their energy. That is my deepest desire and each and every move I make these days are for that highest calling I have in my heart. It all started with a desire to serve others on a deeper level, which developed into this website and eventually into my 365 Moments of Clarity project. My favorite quote from this passage is the following:

Your soul is not limited by the identity you have right now; it sees the larger picture of who you are and knows what is possible for you to accomplish in this lifetime. It shows you your potential and direction by giving you dreams of your ideal life. – Sanaya Roman, page 183 of Creating Money

When I moved my dreams from a desire of self to a desire to serve my dreams became bigger and more unlimited and my capabilities grew to something I didn’t even know existed before. As Dr. Seuss wrote in ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’, “… the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” As I turn to envelop an altruistic goal, my heart grows and therefore my purpose in life grows with it.

Receiving this message above allows me to feel as though I have the whole universe supporting me on my mission. This blog is my stepping stone to this new life that is my authentic purpose. And this is just the start of my day. As this amazing message is being delivered to me in the morning I am able to appropriately align my actions to carry this message through the day.

I decided before writing this blog to the world that I would first read a page in the ‘Miracles Now’ book and see how aligned the two messages may be. I turned to page 183, #78: Deal with Your Own Mind. It talks about the concept of “Zero Mind” by Yogi Bhajan. “Zero Mind” is where ego is brought to complete stillness. As I wrote before, I am not against ego. Ego protects you, loves you and wants to make sure you are always safe from hurt or pain. Yet, ego sometimes does his/her job too well and ego can suffocate you and prevent you from growing. When you practice bringing your mind to stillness, ego sort of meditates with you. It is in this moment when ego is quiet that messages of the highest order arrive in your being, your consciousness.

For me, this was a great action step. I heard the empowering message that I am in charge of my own destiny and now I am given a path to find the steps of that destiny or my next action plan by developing Zero Mind and listening.

Yes. These messages are completely aligned for me to fulfill my day’s purpose. I believe reflection in the morning can be just as powerful as my reflection at night if not more powerful because when I reflect in the morning, I align my soul’s desire to my actions. At night my reflection is an after thought of the day, a gratitude prayer and a preparation for restful sleep with empowering dreams. Just as important mind you, yet the morning has a strength to move my life’s purpose forward faster as I align more with my authentic truth.

daily affirmation love #1

Daily Reflection Exercise

For today’s exercise, I would invite you to schedule some time to reflect in the morning if this is not your usual time. Choose at least one of your favorite inspirational books and simply take 20 minutes to read and reflect on those messages and how you can align your actions to those messages through-out the day.

If you normally schedule your reflection time in the morning then I ask that you try a session at night and see if anything new shows up for you that may not have shown up in the morning.

The goal is to experience a new awakening by switching your schedule up. It is very similar to muscle confusion when working out. You don’t want to do the same exercise day in and day out or you will stop building muscle or loosing fat, whatever your goal may be. In the same aspect, by switching up your reflection schedule, you will not hit a spiritual plateau. As we continue to grow and become more authentically ourselves, we move into a world that is so full of abundance and love.

Extra Credit:

I challenge you in your meditation today to state the affirmation above 108 times. If you have a mala necklace, this is a great time to use it.


As you repeat this affirmation, what shift do you feel in your being or aura? How do you feel differently? What actions can you take today to move you forward to your heart and soul’s desires?

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

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  1. Toiia L. Rukuni
    Toiia L. Rukuni says:

    Hi Connie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your blog and your daily routine for clarity. I am a true believer in the power of the universe, power of the spirit, positive energy, and writing down your vision and making it plain. I am a person who loves to write in journals, make vision boards, and recently started life mapping as a way to discover clarity. I love how you use the power of books and turn to the first page for inspiration, very useful tool.
    Toiia L. Rukuni recently posted…Back to School! New Adventure and Chance of a Lifetime

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      All those tools are great to move forward to your life’s goals. I think the more tools you throw at something the more it will manifest in your life. The tools just help you focus on what you want so that you can see the opportunities more clearly. I have yet to life map but I can see that as a useful tool. I may want to explore that later. Thank you for reminding me about that tool. 🙂

  2. Martin Labud
    Martin Labud says:

    Hey Connie, what an enlightening post. Congrats on reaching 74 days. 74 days on anything is such a huge achievement. I remember when I tried out writing for 40 days straight a couple years back I reached Day 17 or so and was already having difficulties to continue and needed a break. I didn’t reached my goal of 40. I also once wanted to do a cleanse/juice fast for 10 days but then felt OK to stop when I reached 3 days I thought it was enough. It’s really not easy to do 365 days (of clarity which is a nice theme)- so congrats on reaching 74. What an accomplishment. I really like the message of the post about changing your schedule up and trying to get inspiration in that way. Recently I started working a day job again (last year I was completely self sufficient and now I catching up again)- and now that I have a day job my schedule is different- and I can’t just work on my own stuff until nighttime. I have found ways to read or write down ideas on my morning commute and continue working when I get home. If I did not try it I would not have known how effective it was. The brain really seems to respond well to new environments because surprisingly I had a lot of ideas on the train ride. Looking forward to your next days and thanks for your amazing consistency.
    Martin Labud recently posted…What Riding A Bike Has To Do With Learning Programming

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Thank you for all your kind words. Day 74 was huge for me but I am hoping to continue and reach that famous day 365. It may take two years but I am up for the challenge. I often get great ideas while driving in the car. I have learned to keep my phone handy to record inspirational thoughts that flood me while I am out in the open driving down some beautiful american roads. 🙂 It has been a great experience to finally begin to capture my thoughts in a blog. I never really thought I would enjoy this but as time went on, I began to really enjoy writing and being authentically me in my writing. Your message has inspired me to continue on this amazing path. Get back on the blog wagon trail. Thank you.

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    Great post and a great reminder to get back to basics with my own daily spiritual practice. I love the idea of “zero mind” and really do much better all around when I give my ego a daily rest, in the form of meditation or contemplation. Mornings are difficult for me to meditate, because I have narcolepsy, and invariably fall asleep. But I can move to my chaise lounge, where I have books for reflection, and journal type books that have questions on spiritual growth themes. I can do that in the morning, and spend some time in “zero mind” later in the day.
    Susan recently posted…Faith and Astrophysics: A Meditation on John 3:1-17

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you will have the chance to see if a slight modification to your practice may spur some new ideas or moments for you. I have a chaise lounge next to my reflection area. It’s great! I love sitting in that chair, looking out the window and reflecting a new idea or an old idea with new light brought into it. 🙂

  4. Menucha
    Menucha says:

    In today’s day and age, you see so many people using circumstance as excuse. This is a critical issue as it relieves a person of responsibility of his actions – leaving no accountability and no law and order. I have learned through the years that my life will be what I make of it. I am fighting a daily struggle to carve out my life, and I am succeeding in doing what I’ve seen so many others throw away… the rewards are amazing!
    Menucha recently posted…Upcycle Baby Food Jars – DIY Spice Rack

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Cheers for Rewards!! Being a victim to life is not an option for people with strength. We know that we create our lives. You sound like a person who has much strength in their being. It is so beautiful to see that expressed in words. Keep going! You are doing great!

  5. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    Hi Connie,
    I love this post. I have the book Creating Money Attracting Abundance. I feel this is a sign to go back and read this one again. I do like reflection time and right now I do a mini meditation when I wake up to center me in my day. My daily schedule varies, so my wake up time is sometimes at night or day. I will try to do a mini meditation before bedtime and see how vivid my rest and dreams are when I awake. Keep up the good work and please continue to blog and share. Your voice is needed.
    Tracey recently posted…Moms Rule The Buying World

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Ah, The mini meditations. I love them! Depending on the day, I may do them often throughout. Thank you Tracey for your wonderful words and for sharing. And for encouraging me to keep going. I am excited to hear this positive feedback and it really inspires to reach for the stars again! Many Blessing my friend!

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