365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 73 2014

Welcome to Day 73 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Why have I waited this long to tell the tale of my amazing story? I mean it happened on the weekend of April 18th and we are already on May 12th. Why does something take a month to be told? Honestly, I told many people by voice. Writing down the tale took time because I was waiting for the last bit of information or importance to arrive into my consciousness. As I mentioned before, I write when I know it is time to write.

Here is the last bit…

A story can heal. A story can transform. A story can move people, places and things. 

When I was traveling home after this amazing weekend, I took my time. First, I decided to relax in Long Beach. Walked the docks. Visited a local farmers market where I picked up some awesome pants and a perfectly green scarf that matched my eyes and supported a local woman owned small business. Then I ate by the water, outside, just me and my Bella Dog. Next, I drove down highway 1, experiencing a true Sunday drive. Along the way, I stopped at my friend’s home in San Clemente and walked along the beach, watched the waves and spoiled myself to a single scoop of ice cream. When I arrived back at their house, we played music for about an hour or so.

The date was April 20th. That date has significance to a certain group of people. For me, I purchased my car, Irie; a beautiful muted purple Iridium colored Nissan Rogue that I named the moment I saw her in Ann Arbor, MI on April 20th, 2008. As I left my friends home, I was called to stop at a music store by some unknown feeling inside. I walked in about 40 minutes before they were to close and stayed for 2.5 hours. I walked out with a beautiful Martin custom guitar.

I have a habit of naming things I really love. My plant, the only one I have ever gotten to live as I am pretty sure I have a brown thumb, is called Mr. Travelling Man. My car as I mentioned above is called Irie. These are two examples of many. I am not sure where I picked up this habit but I know it has been occurring for some time. What is important is there is a relation here for me. If I nickname something, it means I really love it. It has an emotional significance to me. If no name arrives, then there is no connection.  

Well, tonight, my Martin received her official name:

India Rose Evelyn 

Her name arrived into my consciousness this evening. When I first picked her up, Rose or Rosie kept coming into my consciousness. But I knew that was not the end of it. So I played her and played her and played her. It took two weeks for me to hear the next part. India. India Rose. But it wasn’t final. So I played. And I played. I began to play some old tunes that I haven’t played in many years. Some songs, one in particular, I thought I would never play again and I played it tonight. When I was done, a healing took place. One so strong, so uplifting. It was as if this final remanence of a shadow that was over me had finally and completely dissipated. A shadow, mind you, that I didn’t even know was left. And then the name was fully revealed. India Rose Evelyn. It rolled off my tongue as if it had always been there. She was born to ease my stress. To bring me back home. To bring me back full circle to my roots. She was the last piece of my puzzle for true centering. If I wouldn’t have taken my time in Long Beach, I would have never stopped at my friends in San Clemente and played music. And if I would have never played music that day, I would have just went home without finding my soul guitar.

We all of have chapters in our life. Some have many, others have a little less. Personally, I have a habit of leaving all chapters with this sense of never returning. I even wrote a song about it; “Never return from once where you came. Never go back to the same old thing.” But there is a flaw in my thinking.

Each chapter bestows upon you gifts. Each chapter presents you with nuggets of knowledge and treasures. My last chapter gifted me with music. And I had fallen out of music’s good graces until March 2014. I had this magical weekend up in San Rafael with my BFF. This started my love of music again. Then my magical weekend that I just wrote about over the last few days connected with my March 7th weekend in San Rafael.  This guitar brought both of these weekends into one to rebirth me into a new life, a new chapter. One that embraces my past, catapults me into my successful future and centers me in the now. I still had a past that was only about 98% healed. But today, I stand before you at 100% both healed and renewed.

You see, all of these days were really for one MoClar Moment…

To tell a story that heals.

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MoClar Moment Share Your Story

Daily Exercise

Today’s exercise is inspired by my last four blog posts. I think it is important to tell your story. Not just for you but for someone who may need to hear your story. Storytelling has been around since the dawn of man. First talking about the big hunts and then moving up to our Hollywood movies that range from amazing true life films to movies made only to make you laugh.

I know telling my own story has healed me, freed me and released me to express other ways of growing or creating. Pick a topic. Maybe you want to regale on how you met your soulmate to inspire others that it is possible. Or maybe you want to relate a cause that is close to your heart. Or maybe, like me, you simply have a story that helped you realign and ground to your purpose in life. Or maybe you tell us all a juicy tale of the most embarrassing moment. Listen to your intuition. What does your heart want to speak about? What does your intuition want to express? Where will you take us today?

For this exercise to be fully complete, I want you to share the story with others. Either a blog post or simply a letter to a friend. Or maybe be the center of attention at the next party. However you see fit to spread your story to the community, please take action. You never know who it will touch and how important it is to them.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.