365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 72 2014

And The Adventure Continues…

If you happened upon this page before Reading Day 69   or Day 71  , hop on back to those posts and follow the sequence of events. This story was covered over three days and it is an amazing intertwining story of synchronicity, presence and ultimately reconnecting to oneself again for paramount realignment.

Proof that as You Consciously Create the Presence You Desire, People & Events are Drawn to You

That Friday night when I left Gabby’s first day event, I arrived home to my friend’s house. On Day 69, I recap what happened there but I realized there was one story I left out that I really want to put back in. You see, as I began to consciously recreate my presence, my first friend who noticed gave me a gift beyond any that I had expected that evening. I had retold to them the events of that week, including the incident earlier in the day. In the middle of my retelling, my friend stood up, asked his wife to come with him and he walked over to me without hesitation and gave me a group hug sending their internal pure love to me and healing me from the woes of the week. It was the most amazing experience of being heard that I ever felt.

I would like to stop for two seconds, right here, and give gratitude to all who have stayed with me for this long story. I appreciate your kindness in reading this and may you gleam from it what you need. 

Let’s begin again…

You know how every little detail can sometimes be really important. Well, this is one of those stories. Let’s back up a few days before coming to the event. I have these angel cards. They are the ones that simply have a word on them. No description. In my opinion, I like this better. It allows me to interpret that word to my current events. There was one word that consistently showed up for a couple of weeks before the event. Birth.

It is not a word that I resonate with. I am not a human mommy. I don’t plan to ever be a human mommy. I do have furchildren, three physical and three spiritual, aka have already crossed the rainbow bridge. The picture on the “Birth” card is of a new mother holding an infant. It can throw someone off when birth doesn’t have a literal meaning of baby. It is important to note that I wouldn’t understand that card until after the weekend is over. Yet, it is integral to the story because it was a sign of what was coming.

The other addition I would like to add is during breakfast of Saturday, my friend read my horoscope. This is what it said.

You may be hesitant to accept a certain mission, Sagittarius, and you are very wise to be so cautious. Not because it is not an impossible mission, but because it will require a lot of effort and investment on your part. Is there a lot to gain? Absolutely – you could finally achieve something you have wanted for a long time. Is there anything to lose? There is certainly the time and investment mentioned above – but if you accept this mission with a full heart and your usual passion – it will certainly be worth the effort.

The universe always knows how to motivate. It was exactly what I needed to hear to remind myself that what I am creating is not about me. It is not only for me. I am creating something for a greater cause. My time and investment is my service to those who need to hear this message that is pouring out of me in ways I cannot even explain.

I do know that I write when I should. That I tell my story exactly when it needs to heard or read. Just like “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” My writing is the same. My message is the same. It is delivered exactly when it is meant to.  

As you know from Day 69  , I found my inner happiness on the way to Gabby’s event for Saturday night. When I arrived at the event, I was just shining. My weekend was taking a turn to my usual beautiful self and it would only get better.

During the event on this particular night, we would do Kundalini Yoga and meditation. The focus was learning skills that we could use in our daily lives. This evening was quite an experience. I arrived early enough to be close to the front row. The one amazing thing about Gabby is that girl has some good taste in music. We are supposed to be doing Yoga and Meditation and the music she was playing was just off the charts fun. I am a dancer at heart. LOVE TO DANCE  I have been dancing for 20 years and cannot see me stopping ever. Anyways, during the event I am dancing in meditation. Dancing while doing yoga moves. Simply dancing. I had my eye’s closed and all my visuals were picturing my dance moves in my head; where I would turn, how my hands would move, how my body would sway to the rhythm. When I am really happy, dancing is how I connect with source and let go of all human mind. And that night I was beaming.

The event was again phenomenal. I was simply happy to have the most synchronized weekend that I could ever remember.

Near the end, Gabby did a Q&A session. This is great for people who really need inspiration in the moment. This night she was giving out these trinkets of inspirational words during the Q&A called Soul Candy  . She would choose one for the person based off their discussion such as “I am abundant”, “I am worthy” or “I am enough.” It was a nice touch to be able to send a message home. Every time that person looks at that beautiful soul candy message, they would recall that moment and feel a surge of inspiration to keep moving forward.

At the end of the night, it was time for book signing. Most people wanted to get their picture with Gabby. Understandable. I had did that the night before. But tonight, the line is 350 people. I decided to simply get my books signed and no picture so that the line could go faster. I was maybe the 12th person or so. I arrived in the front and just quietly let her know that I was not going to take a picture and thanked her for signing my books. I thought I would just grab the books and go. Well, it didn’t go exactly like that. Instead, Gabby looked at me and said, “Girl, I saw you.” I kind of looked probably like a deer in the headlights thinking, “Am I in trouble? What did I do?” She says, “I saw you dancing.” “Oh. Yes, I am dancer and the music was too good not to dance a little.” Then she said something amazing… “You have it girl. You have presence. Go for it. And you know what I speak of.”

I was stunned that my energy carried in a room of 350 people. She saw my energy. She recognized my energy. And then as she handed me back the two books that she just signed, she took the very last Soul Candy, smiled at me and handed me, “I AM STRONG.” What a blessed moment in time for me. I was overflowing in ecstasy.

On Sunday as I drove home from this weekend, I felt reborn. I felt birthed into a new era of my life. The universe knew this was coming. It had been telling me for weeks.

Read the last Chapter of this on Day 73  


Daily Soul Growth Exercise

Today, I want to keep aligned with the message that I heard. “I AM STRONG”

What does it take to believe that you are strong?

First, it takes a fierceness in believing in yourself. To develop this self-belief muscle, you need to practice. Don’t just think you know what you are talking about, be confident that you know what you are talking. Be confident that the words you say are meant for someone. All it takes is for one person to change another person’s life. And if you touch just one life, you have been successful. Strong people know that the words that are delivered through them are the words for a greater cause then themselves.

Second, it takes moxie. Be determined to be strong. Don’t just dip your toe in the water and then say you tried it but nah it really wasn’t for you and then secretly behind the scene’s wish for it daily. Either go for it or go home. Don’t be wishy-washy. The universe gets confused; doesn’t know what to deliver to you. If you have a semi-successful life, it is because you are inconsistent. Become consistent and watch your life sore.

Third, it takes facing your fears. The next time you are in a situation where you feel fearful to speak up, that is the time when speaking up is the most important. Push past your fear and speak up. And do not judge what comes next. You may be surprised how others respect your viewpoint on a subject. And if it doesn’t go exactly as intended, remember it is only an intention, not an expectation. Learn from the experience and don’t let fear put you in a corner.

“I AM STRONG” Success formula = Believe in Yourself + Moxie + Fear Eliminator

I would like you to take time to write in your journal about what each of these three elements mean to you. The more you define, visualize and practice that formula, the stronger you will become.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.