365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 71 2014

The Secret Sauce on Realignment to Spiritual Self

You know how some films have several story plots going at once. Well the weekend of April 18th had two intertwining stories for me. The first, I speak of on Day 69 about being in service to friends and the power of synchronicity  . Today, I want to speak of the events that helped me get there.

It was Friday, April 18th and I was parking at the Golden Bridge Yoga studio in Hollywood. As soon as I walked up I felt a little more peaceful. Their outdoor patio was inviting. There were four ladies helping to pass out the “Miracles Now” book for the event that night. I picked up my two copies and walked inside where I struck up a conversation with some other audience members about when we first heard of Gabby, our current career choices and what our intentions were for that evening. The conversation allowed me to ease into a powerful evening. It is exactly what the universe ordered for me to calm my nervous after my incident earlier that day as well as my overall overwhelming week  .

When we were given permission to enter the grand room, I found my spot quickly and sat down. I must say that the informal setup that evening is exactly how I see my talks in the near future. Not webinars over the phone but on this one-on-one personal level.  Everyone on the floor, no chairs. To me, it was the most comfortable I felt for an event.

I, of course, being an impatient one, opened my book. I randomly opened my book to #47: Your Presence is Your Power. If any of you know me, I am a numbers aficionado. Numbers guide me in my life. It is how the universe and I communicate. Number 47 is one of my personal favorites.  So for me to randomly open the book to 47 was a divine sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Now if you read Day 69  , you know that I had a challenging week. This is the start of #47…

“Our ability to cope with stressors and adopt a positive stress response is called “allostasis”. The body is capable of restoring its balance naturally, but when stressors take over they hijack our body’s normal function. When we get too stressed, our stress response turns against us. This is called the “allostatic load.”

When you experience allostatic load, it’s likely that the world around you reflects your low-level energy. ” – Page 110 of Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein

Wow. If that is not a direct description of my stressful week, I don’t know what is. I was definitely in allostatic load. The man yelling at me at the corner baguette store earlier that day was unconsciously feeling my low level energy and in return reflected it back to me by expressing his insecurities at me. I was a living experience of this passage. My presence was not powerful but instead draining. I quietly whispered under my breath, “thank you,” because I knew this message is what I needed to hear.

There is a meditation that is described in the book to assist one in bringing power back into their presence. I highly recommend purchasing this book, “Miracles Now.” Yet, if money is tight, in our daily meditation today, I give you a link to this exercise.

The next passage I read was one I actively searched out, #17: Meditate to Release Childhood Anger. If you know my back story, I embodied a lot of childhood anger while growing up. That being said, I released it long ago and honestly, barely remember the anger of that time. I still thought it was interesting that on my birth number this message would come through. Maybe, I hadn’t released all of it yet. However, I will wait for a time when this messages finds me randomly instead of purposely as I didn’t resonate with it that evening. Yet, another interesting synchronicity is that there was someone in the audience that did need this message and Gabby spoke of it to them during our Q&A. I felt very in-tune with the evening through these passages.

The lights dimmed and it was time for Gabby. She spoke of many things that evening. All of which resonated with me greatly. There were a few times where tears of joy ran down my cheeks; messages I needed to hear to realign to my spiritual self. To me, what is most interesting about that evening was her overall message was #47: Your Presence is Your Power.

I heard it load and clear. And today, I want to pass that message on to you. Remember that who you are being is being reflected back to you. As I continue my weekend, my presence becomes more powerful and that power reflects back to me in ways unexpected but so joyfully welcomed.

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Daily Meditation

For today’s meditation, I would like you to try the “Breath of Fire with Lion Paws.” If you have been struggling lately with keeping your presence powerful, then this meditation will help you reset your brain’s electromagnetic field. I know that it has personally helped me to create powerful amazing experiences after being practiced.

Please note, I am not a Kundalini instructor, yet. I followed the guidelines within the “Miracles Now” book. I was able to locate online instructions for my readers.

Breath of Fire with Lions Paws Instruction Sheet  
Breath of Fire with Lions Paws Video  


Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.

Mudra: Make both hands into Lion’s Paws: curl and tighten the fingers of each hand. Keep the tension in the hands throughout the exercise. Extend both arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms up.

Breath & Movement: Bring both arms up over the head so that the hands pass each other over the crown of the head. The elbows bend and the palms face down. Then bring the hands back down as you extend the arms out parallel to the ground again. Start a rhythmic motion in this way. Alternate which wrist is in front when they cross by each other over the head. Create a powerful breath with the motion of the arms. The arm motion is very fast-paced. The breath is an inhale as the arms extend and an exhale as the arms cross over the head. The breath becomes a steady Breath of Fire.

Time: Continue for 9 minutes.

To End: Without breaking the pace of the exercise, stick the tongue out and down all the way. Continue for 15 seconds more. Then inhale, bring in the tongue and fix the arms at 60 degrees, so that they form an arc around the head with the palms facing down about six inches apart over the head. The hands are still in Lion’s Paws. Hold the breath for 15 seconds. Keep the arms fixed as you exhale and inhale completely. Then hold the breath for 30 seconds. Relax and let the arms down. Meditate at the Heart Center. Follow the gentle flow of the breath. Chant an inspiring and uplifting song. Continue for 3-5 minutes

This short one-exercise kriya has a powerful and immediate effect on the brain and its electromagnetic field. The pressure in the hand position triggers reflexes in the fingertips to each area of the brain. The movement of the arms moves the lymph in the lymphatic system. It also pressurizes the nervous system to change its current
state. The Breath of Fire added to the motion enhances functioning of the pituitary and stimulates the pineal gland to increase the radiance and subtle frequency of the
brain’s projection.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.