365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 70 2014

What does it feel like to find love within you? Or fall in love with yourself?

What would it look like to love yourself unconditionally and then share that love to all you meet?

Today’s MoClar Moment is all about finding love from within. Exactly where all our energy is derived from, be it strength, courage, compassion and love. Many of us try to find love on the outside through relationships, career, family, pets or food. We ask those things to love us first so that we can then give ourselves permission to love ourselves. First, what a burden for them. That is a tough request to fill. Second, what if they are doing the same thing? Trying to find love outside of themselves. So here you are trying to find love within another soul and here they are trying to find love within another soul but in essence you both miss the love all together because you don’t have it and they don’t have, who has it?

Let us flip that switch. What if we found love from within instead? As we walk out into the world shining brightly with this love that is within our being, we help others discover their god-given gift of love within them. Now love is not lost. It is always with you; found in your soul, never to leave you. And everyone you come across as the same ability. How would your relationships change?

Instead of asking them to give you their love, you are both sharing something that is innately inside. It is no longer a give and take. It is simply a way of being. We no longer are draining one another but instead uplifting each other by allowing them to keep what is rightly theirs because you have your own. So you are both overflowing and creating ultimate love abundance. Your relationships would deepen, grow and mature to focus on other things in life, like experience, forward thinking innovation and community development. You are no longer looking for something that is perceived as missing. Now you have the power to advance the evolution of life.

I want to be on that side of the road. The one that is pushing forward to a better tomorrow with love that is not lost but instead is used to teach and empower the next generations.

Finding Your Flow Day 4

Day 4 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the flow of love in motion during your day today, practice giving the energy of love to yourself and each person that crosses your path.  As you give, you will receive.  If you find yourself criticizing or judging yourself harshly, take a moment, breathe deeply, exhale and then regard your actions as the insignificant oversights of revered guests in your home, easily forgiven in the light of your high esteem.  Bringing this to mind will help you remember the experience of being with yourself quietly in a state of loving kindness.  Namaste”

My Journal Entries for Day 4

Remember when you first fell in love and all you wanted to do was be with your beloved? Look back on the purity and openness of your heart at that time and describe that impulse of the heart to escape its isolation and connect with another heart. That complete surrender to the joy of union is the essence of love. That energy of divine union is your essence.

I remember quite well being in love. Wanting to share every little detail with the person. Experience life with them. It felt like time stood still and that there was no better place to be then right there next to your love. I remember thinking that all his stories were the best stories I ever heard.

It is also the little details. The way they say a word or shake their head. How they smile or say goodbye on the phone. Everywhere you would go, you would consider them. Always thinking what you could bring home to give them a smile. For me, I never left without a picture of them either in my wallet or a frame to put on my bedside at hotel rooms.

Being in love is the most precious experience one can have. I am lucky to have been in love twice.

Well, three times. Over the last few years I have learned to fall in love with myself. Enjoy quiet times in meditation, writing a song or reading a book. I have felt the joy of listening to my body and loving the person who is in the mirror.

When you fall in love with you, magic happens. Real magic happens. You will never be in isolation again. You will never feel lonely when you are aligned with the flow of life.

You will feel as if you could accomplish anything and in truth, you can.

Who is your ideal example of a loving person? Write all the reasons why.

For me, my ideal example of a loving person is/was my Zack dog. He loved me no matter what. Whether my hair was messy or styled. If I wore sweats or my best dress. If I was happy or sad. He loved me unconditionally. He never wavered. He was my rock, my living angel and now my virtual angel.

He taught me how to not be selfish. How to give of myself completely. How to take care of another without judgement. How to be free. How to not worry about where we were going or how we would get there.

He lived in the moment. He loved everyone and everywhere. He was the happiest dog/person I ever met. No hangups. Didn’t care about the past or the future. He just put one paw in front of the next and kept moving forward.

He also taught me how to let go. He taught me how to survive after loosing a loved one. He taught me to see this world differently.

I will never forget him, ever.

Zack, I miss you and love you more each day. Thank you for being my dog.

Who or what in your life inspires your love and devotion? Make a complete list and then be sure to tell them today how much you love them.

I am inspired in so many ways by so many people. Just recently, I had a friend of mine hear my story of challenges in the current weak. And out of the blue he stood up and grabbed his wife and walked toward me to give me a love hug. I will never forget that. It was one of the best moments of being heard I ever felt.

I have others who teach me love and devotion by having those things devoid in their life.

I started a practice several years ago, to tell everyone that I meet that I love them. Whenever I walk out the door, I say “Love you” to most people. It is because I do truly love them. And they deserve love, even by a stranger. I am usually the stranger. 🙂

I felt that if more people could know that love wasn’t about their status, how they looked or even acted, but instead about simply being who they were, as is, then maybe it would spread. Maybe, just maybe, that person would adopt saying I love you more often. Less fights would break out and slowly but surely, life would get easier for everyone. At least in the perspective of the holder of the idea.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.