365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 7 2014

The 2 Key Components in Learning that

You are Unlimited

Today’s MoClar Moment was a pretty powerful moment for me. It all started on Friday when I found a Barnes and Noble gift card in my wallet. I decided last night to visit the book store. I was going to purchase the Meditation Bible book that I have been wanting to get for awhile. Yet, something drew me to another book. It wasn’t a normal book that I would pick up and it might be because I have a ‘charge’ around the subject. The book that kept getting my attention was titled, “Creating Money — Attracting Abundance.” Now I am all for abundance but money has always been a subject of debate inside my head. I have heard from my parents growing up that money doesn’t grow on trees or that money is for the rich not for us or money is evil. Sound familiar?

The issue is that we grow up with all these sayings stuck in our head and we keep manifesting those ideals in our life. Through all my spiritual practices over the years, the hardest one for me to accept is that I deserve just as much abundance as the next person. Well, today that very lesson was taught to me in a MoClar Moment.

What I am realizing is abundance is a lesson of manifesting and realizing your true potential. Therefore, manifesting abundance in anything is an advanced technique in belief and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. It is the earth’s equivalent of learning real, usable magic.

Manifesting = Magic

This is the first time I realized this. Manifesting abundance is the ultimate creative process. Yes, I agree. I am slow to this lesson.

I wrote an article last year about redefining abundance. I decided to redefine it as this…  abundance is the freedom to experience life on your terms and your desires. I still agree with that saying. However, that was me playing safe and secure. I still don’t want the big house on the hill or the fancy car. But I do want to add to that definition.

Today I realized that abundance is freedom but it is also a lesson in ultimate creation. Abundance gives you the chance to see your unlimited potential. It is a birthright. Everyone deserves their abundance. It is about being rich in experiences and creating those experiences to be rich in.

Abundance is the freedom to experience life on your terms and your desires. But with abundance is manifesting. And manifesting is creating those experiences to be abundant in.

Abundance and Manifesting are the two key components in learning that you are unlimited. That important lesson alone is so powerful because you can then breakthrough any block that is holding you back. When you begin to realize that you deserve to live your life on purpose, you deserve that trip to Europe, you deserve the opportunity to love your career and look forward everyday to waking up and making a difference. All that potential; that creative power is within you.

Yes, I do deserve money as well as health and love and family and traveling the world; everything. But up until now, money was always a guilty pleasure. Today I realized that the abundance of money is essential for my purpose to inspiring people, teaching spiritual practices and raising the consciousness of the world. Living in abundance and being grateful for it brings you closer to source and the divine power within you. The universe is already very abundant.

If you realize how innately connected you are to the source and the source is very abundant itself, then you by default are also very abundant naturally and innately. And when you believe this you actually move towards creating a higher karmic energy. This higher karmic energy is what moves you to the next level of your learning cycle (if you so desire to get to the next level).

Whew! Big lesson.

“…learn how to trust and listen to [your] inner guidance, awaken to [your] greater potential and
gain the confidence that comes from knowing [you] can create whatever [you] want.” — Sanaya Roman

Daily Affirmation

Today’s daily exercise comes from the book, Creating Money. I highly believe in affirmations and also belief that creating your own is more powerful than repeating someone else’s affirmation. So please read these three affirmations. They are only here to inspire you. If they resonate with you, keep them. If not, then change them or create your own. The goal is to create three affirmations that speak to your ultimate creative process of manifesting abundance in your life.

For more ideas in creating your own affirmations, read Four Step Affirmation Formula.

Remember these tips in creating affirmations:

  1. Make them believable
  2. Begin with “I”, make them personal
  3. State them in present tense
  4. Really feel them down deep in your soul




Tell me about your thoughts on abundance and manifestation. What are you beliefs around money? What is your definition of abundance? Share with me your practices for manifesting the desires you deserve in this life. Today, I thank my audience for being apart of this experience. Only 7 days in and already I feel motivated and ready for 2014; a powerful year of learning and experiencing life. 🙂

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