365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 69 2014

The Power of Overwhelming Synchronicity

Where do I begin? It all started last week. I had a big project that I was working on. It was a rather challenging project. I wanted to start Deepak’s 21 day “Finding Your Flow” meditation on Monday, 4/14. Yet, this project was taking 110% of my time and finding the time to meditate seemed on the low priority list. Finding the time to blog did as well.

With all the work I was accomplishing in this project, the customer felt that I wasn’t in alignment with their vision. I took the comments personally and my week simply went down hill from there. I knew that I was getting overwhelmed with work and not getting in my regular meditation sessions as well as being sleep deprived, I was coming close to the border of sanity verses insanity.

During the week, I purchased tickets to see Gabrielle Bernstein in Hollywood on Friday and Saturday. As Friday fast approached, I knew in my heart that I needed this time to realign and get grounded. I took my time traveling up to LA from San Diego. I stopped for lunch at this great little Baguette place in Long Beach. I had my sidekick with me, Bella dog, and asked politely if she was allowed in to the corner store for me to order and then go sit outside. They kindly replied yes and I stepped into the order line.

When it was my turn to order, I walked to the second register and ordered. No big deal. Was feeling very calm, happy, excited to start my weekend. When I turned around to walk out the door, this customer that was right in front of me and stood about two inches from my face and began with these words, “I know people like you don’t care but you could shut this place down for 30 days by bringing your fleabag into this establishment.” He then went on to insult me as being an inconsiderate citizen who gives good dog owners bad names. I was in shock. Simply, in shock and immediately, welled up with tears.

He walked away feeling like he did his job of telling me off. I went outside and cried. Remember, I didn’t just walk in. I asked before I walked in to order. He, obviously, didn’t hear that or chose to ignore it. Either way, my weekend took an unexpected turn to sadness in that moment.

That night as I drove to see Gabby B, I felt beaten up emotionally. I just wanted to crawl in bed and stay there for days. Yet, I pulled myself together and just thought, “What will be will be. Have an intention but don’t expect anything.”

First off Gabby BLEW ME AWAY! This woman is amazing!! She is such a beautiful, strong goddess. I simply love her. That night was exactly what I needed. She lifted my spirits, and allowed me the connection to believe in myself again. I left there with an extreme high on life and my mission and my passion to serve the world. I LOVED IT! Read more about my experience on Day 71  

Here is where I started to get realigned…

That night for attending the event, I was given two “Miracles Now” books. I had Gabby sign them. Usually, I would keep one of the books and give one away. But there was this overwhelming voice in my head that said, “Give them both away.”

When I arrived back at my friends home, where I was staying for the weekend, I told them my story about my week… the client, the guy yelling at me about my dog and then my amazing experience with Gabby. I took one of the books and immediately gave one to my friends. This felt great. But to be honest, I still had an emotional hangover and did go to bed early that night. I was able to do day 2 of the 21 day meditation that night all about happiness, Read more at Day 67  . Happiness. Really?!? Happiness. It was what I needed and the meditation couldn’t have been more timed to my current life at that moment.

The next day, I awoke, still feeling a bit out of sorts. I was determined to just take it easy and relax. My friends and I decided to head to breakfast and go birthday card shopping afterwards for a mutual friend of ours who was celebrating her birthday that night. For her birthday gift, I wrapped the other book up and got her a humorous card. When we arrived back at the house, my friends decided they wanted to rearrange furniture. So for the next few hours, we rearranged furniture. I was of complete service to them. Whatever they needed, I helped out. It was exactly what I needed to do to get realigned. It was part of my path to center and ground myself. I was being of complete service without asking for anything in return.

Next on our agenda was leaving for the birthday party. I didn’t realize it but the time was much later then expected when we left. I was driving to the place and thinking in my head that I wouldn’t even be able to spend two minutes there. I thought several times to signal my friends ahead and give them the gifts and I would turn around to get to my second evening with Gabby. Yet something inside of me said to keep on going. So I did.

When we arrived at the place, the parking lot was completely full. My friends waved at me and said they were going to another lot. I knew that if I didn’t find parking here, I wouldn’t be able to stay. I had my hand on the door handle to walk over to their car and give them the gifts when this gentleman right in front of me said, “Need a spot? I’m pulling out now.” What? Really?!? Yeah!!!

My friends left to find parking in the other lot and I patiently waited to allow this person to move his car so I could pull right in. Of course, I thanked him graciously. I quickly jumped out of my car to pay the parking meter, which only took credit cards and it would NOT in any way take my credit card. No Idea why. It took everyone else’s credit card but mine. I was trying for about 2 whole minutes and couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed the gifts and went running to the place where the birthday party was being held. As I rounded the corner, I could see the line of people trying to get into the bar. The bar was packed! For about 30 seconds, I thought I would never get this gift to her in time. I am parked illegally and I simply don’t have time to stay.

Just then, the universe answered my prayers. My girlfriend comes pedaling up on her bike. She wasn’t even in the bar yet. I screamed out her name and ran over to her. It was the most perfectly timed event you can possibly imagine. I quickly gave her the gifts and asked her to open them in front of me. She loved them. She said the “Miracles Now” book was exactly what she needed. She gave me so many compliments on how I always know the right things to get. She made my soul shine and I hope I did the same.

I then quickly ran to my car and took off for my event. While driving, I found that beautiful core happiness that Deepak mentioned in the “Finding Happiness” meditation   from the night before. I was simply happy because I was aligned. I was in flow. I was centered and grounded. I found myself again. I found myself by being in complete service. And because I was in complete service, my life was synchronized.

Later I would find out that my friend took her time getting to the bar. She stopped at some shops along the way that had caused her to arrive at the exact same time as me. We were both supposed to be in that bar an hour earlier. But neither of us were and the only connection we had was the infinite potential connection. Remember, anything is possible. Even a chance arrival time between two friends coming to the same place without direct communication on when they would arrive.   Just BEAUTIFUL!!

See Part Two Day 71  

Two Hands - Audrey Hepburn

Daily Exercise

Today’s exercise is all about being in service. Through service of others we find the greatest joy in life. How can you help someone today make their day better?

Here are a few of suggestions:

  • If you have friends with kids, offer to watch their kids for an evening so they can have date night.
  • Offer to grocery shop for a busy person.
  • Offer to cook dinner for a busy friend.
  • Volunteer at your favorite shelter.
  • Help someone move.
  • Help someone with an event, birthday party or anniversary party.

There are countless ways to be of service to your fellow human. Get creative. If you feel sad or misaligned, this is the best way to recenter yourself and get grounded into the flow of life again.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

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  1. CherylAnn
    CherylAnn says:

    I so needed to read this today! Being in service to others…I really think this is the key to true joy and connection. Also, being open and available so that when the opportunities arise, we don’t miss them. The other side of this coin is being open to being served. I’ve not been good at receiving service and that creates a dynamic that people are not comfortable with. It’s a gift we can give to others when we let them serve us. This week has presented that kind of an opportunity and I am choosing to be open and grateful instead of prideful and self-sufficient. Also, I have a dear Bella dog. 🙂 So sorry that man felt the need to treat you so disrespectfully and cruelly.
    CherylAnn recently posted…Bare Your Heart 2014

  2. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    I so recognise those times of needing to reallign – sometimes we know it, try to force it and it just won’t come. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head – helping others is the perfect way to get out of our own heads and reallign. A great reminder to open and offer ourselves to others; and in doing so, we find ourselves. Thank you for sharing, namaste x

  3. kolleen
    kolleen says:

    So honored to share your energy. You inspire me so much and the book is indeed awakening. Life is so perfect – we just need to align to the flow. namaste

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      Life really is perfect. I think sometimes we get lost in thinking that life isn’t perfect and we try to search for something that already exists as if it doesn’t exist. When we slow down and begin to take notice of the world around us, our friends, our family and all the bountiful blessings that surround us, we learn that what we thought we were searching for is right in front of us the whole time. Life is perfect.

      Thank you for your kind words. Love you my soul sister. 🙂

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