365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 67 2014

Welcome to Day 67 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Have you lost your happiness? Did you look under the couch for it? Maybe on that high shelf in the closet. Or perhaps you left it at the neighbors house warming party last night.

When we rely on external happiness, this is exactly what it could be like to loose happiness. In today’s moment of clarity, Deepak talks about the fact that happiness, true happiness, core happiness, is always with us. It can be difficult to see that during times of challenges. Trust me. I KNOW! I had a challenging week and at every corner I seemed to be calling in more moments of challenge. I am usually *not* a murphy’s law type of person but this week made me a believer for all of a few seconds.

I attempted to look for my happiness in meditation, usually does the trick for me but not this week. I tried to look for it in my gratitude journal, usually does the trick but not this week. I tried to look for it in inspirational quotes and playing my guitar. But not this week. I finally had to stop looking. And guess what. The minute I stopped searching for it out there, I found it in here.

That is what true, core happiness is. I technically never lost it, even if it felt lost, it wasn’t. Once we start to search, we loose sight of it all together. The minute I sat down to feel all these sad, depressing feelings and then took those feelings and sent them in a bubble up to the universe to worry about, happiness simply appeared.

Our inner happiness has wisdom built into it, and guides the flow of our everyday desires to greater joy and spiritual fulfillment.  Fighting against your desires doesn’t make you more spiritual – only more frustrated.  Desire is natural.  — Deepak Chopra

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Finding Your Flow Day 2

Day 2 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the flow of happiness in motion today, take time to appreciate beauty in the ordinary experience of life – a warm breeze, the taste of tea, the sound of children playing.  Anything can become an occasion for noticing happiness is an inner state of awareness.  The more you connect the inner and outer, simply by taking notice, you will be strengthening and magnifying the knowledge that pleasure and happiness are already within you.  Over time, you will recognize  that by shifting your attention from the world out there, to the world in here, you’ll give yourself the ability to enter the state of contentedness and happiness anytime you want.  Namaste”

My Journal Entries for Day 2

Write about a time when you were happy because you got something you wanted, like a new relationship, a new car, or a great job. Under that, write about another time when you were just as happy even though you didn’t have those things. What was the common feeling in both cases? Write about your state of mind. What was it about you that made you happy in both instances?

I hold many memories of happiness from inanimate objects or external experiences. Travel is one of those external events that just brings so much sunshine into my life. I love the feel of airports for two reasons. Either I am going to a destination I have never been before OR I am going home. Plus for me, airports are the one time where I can simply relax. There is no hurry to get to the plane as you are requested to arrive two to three hours before departure and no rush once you are on the plane. It is also probably the only time I am not in the drivers seat.

I love when I visit places for the first time, experience their beauty and awe through new eyes. I love learning about the culture and meeting new people. There is just something about having an unknown experience that excites me.

On the other hand, I love being home as well. Playing with my furchildren, taking a nap on my couch, and simply enjoying time reading a book with a hot cup of tea. I do these things not to make me happy but because I am happy. I enjoy doing these things.

The common feeling in both is simply being happy. It is this inner knowing that no matter if I am across the continent or sitting at home, either place I am a happy and content person. I am blessed with all I receive be it traveling or playing with my furchildren. I believe that happiness comes from within.

In both instances I describe above, the events I experience are because I am already internally happy.

Write down an experience you had this week when you felt happy for no special reason at all. Maybe you were walking home or eating lunch with a friend, and you noticed a quiet elation for simply being alive. This is your unfiltered core happiness shining through. Bring that memory and feeling back into your body with a few deep breaths, feeling it settle in the area of your lower abdomen as a ball of effervescent joy. Write down a description of how this happiness feels inside.

Due to my nature these days, I am mostly a happy person. As Gabby Bernstein says, I am a person who lives in the light with fleeting moments of darkness. To be honest, this particular week was a little tougher to locate my happiness. Yet, down deep inside, I am still very thankful for all that is in front of me; good friends, good family, food, shelter, financial stability and a drive to service the world in a higher capacity.

I think the best day this week was today. I was simply happy at one point, just sitting outside enjoying the nice weather in California with my Bella Girl and soaking up the activity on a busy main street.

As I visualize that moment and see a ball of energy in my solar and/or sacral chakra brighten, I feel an overwhelming exaltation of love. It is this that I know I carry with me everywhere.

At times, we may allow people to steel our energy and dull that brightness. I like the exercise of thinking back when you were happy and bringing that past experience into our present to wipe away the current moment of negativity. Wow, a reason the past is useful. As a spiritual person, you hear to always leave the past in the past, but this exercise actually uses the past to create a happier present situation. Very interesting, I like it. 🙂

Write about one thing in your life right now that you associate with happiness. It could be your grandson’s laughter, your beloved’s brown eyes, or the view of flowers in your garden. Whatever it is, connect that joyful experience with the bliss center in your lower abdomen and write down the full experience.

Playing with my furchilden and cuddling with them brings me mountains of happiness. I break out in uncontrollable laughter at times just laying on the floor and rolling around with my doggie. This is my deepest center of bliss for sure. I feel this more in my heart though, then my lower abdomen. As I think of these things, my heart center becomes warm and tingly. I also become very grateful for that experience.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.