365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 66 2014

Welcome to Day 66 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

In today’s Moment of Clarity, I have found myself back in the wonderful hands of Deepak and Oprah for their 21 Day “Finding Your Flow” meditation. It is good to return to my favorite way to bring myself back to center.

Our first day was about finding security. This message could not be any more timely in my life. As an entrepreneur, your income levels can sometimes be a roller coaster ride.  There are spans of time when things are at the top and life is treating you like a prince or princess. Yet there are those other days where one chooses to feed the dogs and cats first before feeding themselves, sometimes for days. My intention was to always have a steady stream of clients. The universe and I are still working out the details on that contract. 😉

For me, finding security is important. It is a high value as I age. When I was younger I was invincible. I could always get it worked out. And I still can today but I can see this value of security creeping in more and more as the days and months and years go by. However, this value of security that I speak of is material security; a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, bills paid and little money still left over for emergencies that may happen. This is the security I reference here.

When Deepak talks about security, he actually means something else then material security. His security lies more in trust and belief or faith. We will all have our inevitable ups and downs. And in these ups and downs, if we can ground ourself in the security of believing that all will be as it will be (read how I don’t mention *should* be), we will have the strength to get to the other side.

*Side Note… Becareful of the *should be’s*. Should be’s come from expectations, will be’s come from intentions. The fastest way to growth is through our vocabulary. 

So today, finding our security is finding our faith. It is grounding ourself in the security that we know our experience is meant to be. We speak about this subject a lot in this blog but that only goes to show how important this concept and belief really is in not only finding your internal peace, but finding success and clarity in life.

Finding Your Flow Day 1

Day 1 in Finding Your Flow

Mindful Moment:

“To keep the essence of today’s meditation with you as you travel through your day, consider making time to check in with your experience of security.  Several times today, notice how you feel.  Do you feel centered and grounded?   When uncertain moments arise, do you feel safe or unsafe, secure or insecure.  Just observe and be with your feelings.  Pay attention to the moments that you do feel grounded and secure.  This natural state is one that you can always access and come back to, of peace and clarity.  The flow of feeling safe is part of your essential being, there to support you and bring you home to yourself, your true self.”

My Journal Entries for Day 1

What does it mean when all the parts of your life are flowing smoothly? What does that look like? How does it feel? As you write, allow yourself the freedom to explore, knowing there is no wrong answer to this question.

It means that my life does not have stress. That I have time for the things that are important to me and I do not worry about things I “have” to do because my wants are met and life is as it will be.

OR if you think mindset. A mindset shift is to recognize that life is always flowing smoothly and that what is before us is exactly what we want to experience. We just need to remember that.

For me a smooth life is not a rushed life or a life full of worry about how we will make our bills or how we will find our next project, etc… It is about knowing that all is well and always will be. A flowing life feels relaxing, supportive, happy and empowering. It feels on point or meant to be. It has a very intuitive knowing of where you are meant to go and not really worrying about how to get there.

What are your intentions for this 21-Day Meditation Experience? What do you want to learn and create in your life during our time together? Be very specific with your intention – it is a powerful way to start any journey. After writing, take a moment to visualize each intention as a seed you are planting today within your heart. The time you spend meditating and journaling each day is the water and sunshine that allows your vision to sprout.

My intentions are to come back to my flow of knowing my next steps. To become unstuck with worry about my future. To believe again that the universe is always working in my best interest.

I would like to deepen my practice of trust with life and experience. Trust with believing in myself to follow my path. In the end, my ultimate goal for this meditation series is to create some additional tools so that when challenges arise and remove me for a moment away from my chosen destination that I hold the skill-set I desire to bring me back to where I want to be. To remind myself that the courage is in moving forward to my purpose and not loosing sight of my mission statement even through challenges. I choose to believe and trust that what I resonate with the most is why I have been born during this time.

The visualization exercise for today was terrific. I realized that this journal is my step back into my flow. That meditation is my ticket to my mission statement and my purpose in life. Meditation helps me to let go of worry or stress and allows me to align my vibration to the field of infinite possibilities where I can and will create the future I desire. Wow, already on the first day and I am feeling the love from within. 🙂

Write down a memory from your past when you felt completely secure, safe, and content. Know and feel that this presence of security is permanent and always available.

The memory that keeps popping up for me is the memory of being on vacation in Curacao. I felt very safe there and secure. It was a relaxing experience. I was content to slow down, take it easy and not worry about tomorrow. Maybe this is why I am so fond of vacation. There is this inner knowing that for that moment in time, everything will work out as it should.

I understand the concept of that feeling being permanent. I understand that I can always access it. Yet, in the real world, security can seem fleeting. What you once had, you no longer have. Youth is a great example of this. One cannot remain secure in youth. You will age. Your body will not heal as quick as when you were young. I know that some say this is a limiting belief and that if you believe that, it will happen and if you don’t you will not notice you aging until it is your time to depart.

I think that is why Taoists believed you could life forever. They knew the life we saw as reality was actually just our beliefs manifested on our experience. To this day, I have never met a person who didn’t age.

So the real question is, how do you access security the day you lose your job? Or lose your house to bankruptcy? Or lose your son to cancer? How do you access security in these moments?

The only answer I have ever found was simply by believing that the experience before you has been placed upon you because you are strong enough to handle it and you will grow from it in ways you cannot see in the moment. If you trust and believe, then the experience is your ticket to the life you deserve or desire. Just turn it around, get that positive mindset working and take that “Oh Crap” and turn it into, “How can I make this work?”

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.