365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 45 2014

Welcome to Day 45 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s meditation is a great reminder to be conscious on how you want to show up in the world. How you want to be remembered? I know some will call me a firecracker. A person with deep passion and lots of energy. Others may mention my enormous love of animals. Or my tenacity to get what I want in life. They may mention how I could never settle for anything as I had too many interests.

But the question is, is this how I want to be viewed? When I walk into a room, do I want to make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Do I want people to be scared of me or to love me? Everyone can feel others’ energies. 2 year olds know when parents are fighting. 5 year olds know what love is. Our first communication is based on energy.

Energy directs your body language, your speech and your outlook. It affects your decisions and actions. Honestly, energy means so much in every aspect of your life. How can you show your honesty, your kindness or your love for friends, family or strangers on the street?

May I always be conscious of my energy and the effects of it on others. May I always find a balance between all the dynamics that my energy can bring. May I show up with the best part of me in each interaction. Blessings my friends, always and forever.


Day 12 of Miraculous Relationships

Mindful Moment:

“Today, pay attention to your energetic state. Take time to focus your awareness on how your state of being may be affecting other people. If you notice that you’re feeling prickly, irritable, or otherwise out of sorts, take a few moments to breathe deeply into your heart, sending yourself love and compassion. Acknowledge your distress without judging it, and notice how your energy shifts. Each time you pause, assess, reframe, and choose love, you are truly leading your life toward your destiny. You are opening to your infinite potential.”

My Journal Entries for Day 12

Take a moment to review the many environments you were a part of over the course of the last week. How did you show up? What energy did you project at home, work, school, in the grocery store, or while driving? Were you offering yourself in a way that engaged the people around you or pushed them away, isolating yourself? Think carefully and write a candid and detailed review, a personal “how I showed up” inventory.

My energies have been very dynamic over the last week. During the week, they were normal. By mid-week, my energy was drained from what I labeled a negative experience. By end week, I was receiving an award for work I created. And as my weekend began, I learned that a project I thought was done actually had much more work to do. My energy resembled an ocean wave of highs and lows. I believe I often engage people due to my high energy nature. But to others my natural authentic energy might just tire them from watching me.

I feel it is important to be cognitive of your energy and understand how it affects others. I would say I am 74% cognitive of my energy and adjust to the current moment. Other times, I am blind to others as ego takes over to experience life.

It would be good practice to decide in the morning how you want to show up for that day. Then at night journal about your intention and manifestation of that intention. Did your day go as expected? Did you show up as you thought you would? How will you shift your experience tomorrow?

Now write a “how I choose to show up” version listing five ways you aspire to show up in the world. Consider your observations from question one as you write this new list. Be candid with yourself. How do you want people to experience you? What can you do to ensure that you are showing up in a way that allows the world around you to receive, love and support you? Be specific. As you write you become the change agent of your own reality. Take your time with this exercise.

I would like to be seen as helpful. As someone who is knowledgeable and offers many different perspectives. A person of high intelligence and deep love. I want to show up to the world as a human with compassion, understanding and humility. A person who lives in abundance and shows others the path to find their abundance and true self. I wish to show up as a person who loves life and lives it to the fullest. A world traveler who passionately LOVES the stories of others. I choose to show up in the world as someone you can count on. I choose to show up with authentic energy. I may at times be very positive and other times negative but always authentic.

Design your destiny today! What impact do you want to have today with your family, friends, work team and all who cross your path? How would you like the world around you to experience your presence? What vibration do you want to ripple out into the world? Take your time, and be very specific. Some ideas: I choose to show up sharing the energy of peace, laughter, love, friendship, collaboration, harmony, authenticity, etc. Remember, be gentle with yourself as you practice; this is a daily lifelong journey.

I choose to show up sharing the energy of passion, love, community, dance, authenticity, laughter, strength, courage, compassion, understanding, humility, acceptance and growth.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.