365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 43 2014

Let go of Labels & Focus on what You Desire

Today’s meditation was so beautiful. It talked about the limitless possibilities of our relationships. We sometimes pigeon hole people into what we label them. Then every interaction with them has this label hanging over their heads. We interpret their reactions against these past labels. But what if we let that all go and look at them as if we have never met them? How would our interactions change?

If we infuse in our conversations what we desire in return, would our conversations evolve to a level that we desire to call into us those values we deem important?

Today was all about using the law of attraction to first be what we want and then call that from within who we are. It was an amazing guided meditation to that area within. As we recognize in ourselves the qualities we desire in others, we will notice these characteristics and call into us those qualities that we have focused on. Basically attracting our highest desires.

How many of us focus on what we don’t like instead of what we do? If we make this simple switch to focus on what we love in this world, the world will return in kind what we asked for. That is the true essence of the Law of Attraction.

How can you use this knowledge to change the relationships you currently have in your life?


Day 10 of Miraculous Relationships

Mindful Moment:

“The spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving teaches us that in order to attract or receive something in our lives, we need to give it freely and without expectation. If we want to experience more love, we need to be lavish in our own expression of love. To receive acceptance, we need to be open and accept others. Today choose one quality that you want to expand in your experience and find as many opportunities as you can to share that same quality with others.”

My Journal Entries for Day 10

Spend some time writing freely about your vision for the relationships in your life. Is there a relationship you would like that is not currently in your life, or one that you would like to deepen and evolve? Write about this relationship as if it is already happening, in present tense and in detail. This form of visualization is a powerful step toward manifesting that which you desire.

Authenticity is my vision for relationships in my life. I want to be able to be myself, share myself and express myself in a way that is authentic and natural to me. I used to worry about what people thought but I realized, if I am authentically me, I will attract others that are authentically themselves and together we can create unique and amazing experiences with memories that will last a lifetime.

I desire to have a love in my life. I have love from all sources of friendship and family but a deep, intimate love is what I look for these days. I would like to write this exercise as a note to the universe.

Dear Universe,

Thank you for sending me the love of my life. We are joyous together. Our meeting was perfect. You placed us in an unforgettable experience. It was the least likely event to meet a partner but there we were. At first it was just a couple of glances, then small talk. Eventually it grew to laughing over dinner plates and deep talks while walking on the beach holding hands. As we grew closer, we both knew this was meant to be. The meeting wasn’t coincidence. It was you putting us together in the divine time of our lives.

Now our life has taken a beautiful turn of travel and adventure. We grow our businesses side by side. Our partnership deep rooted in our values and belief systems. As we are both intellectual beings, we will at times take strong stances in opposing directions but quickly realize that is what makes us perfect for one another. We allow each other to grow and expand our ideals in all sorts of different directions. We challenge each other and yet come together on all the important aspects of communal living.

We both see a future and a vision with a goal to serve the world, the planet and the people. Ah, the love we share is unbreakable by any bond that can be broken on earth. Our bond is of the higher natural order of life and spirit. We have always known each other and we welcome each other home in wrapped arms.

Thank you for moving places and time for us to be reunited.


What are the divine qualities you most appreciate and desire in your relationships? Write about these qualities in detail. As you begin to identify them with clarity, you invite miraculous relationships into your life.

Trust, respect, honor, humility, love, laughter, intellectual conversation, ability to let go, compliment, communal, freedom to be authentic, service to our planet, animals and humanity, non-judgement

I believe the above are the highest of importance for qualities in all my relationships.

What are three ways you can give yourself the most glorious experience of loving kindness today?

  1. Allow for a moment of silence, peace and relaxation when I feel stressed.
  2. Cuddle with my furchildren without a time limit or a distraction of work that needs to be completed.
  3. Enjoy a healthy bowl of fruits and/or vegetables to feed my body, my temple.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.