365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 23 2014

Welcome to Day 23 of 365 Moments of Clarity Project

Today’s MoClar Moment is inspired by a new live event titled Believe 2014 that is taking place in UTC San Diego, CA. To pay homage to Believe 2014, I would like to discuss the idea of belief today.

What does Believe mean?

We have unconscious beliefs everyday. We believe when we wake we will survive that day. We believe that when we come home from being away, that the house will be exactly as we left it. We believe that our car will start for us when we turn the key. These types of beliefs are all unconscious. We don’t consciously think about them until a moment jolts us out from unconscious to conscious. Such as a sudden car accident or coming home to find out you have been robbed. Our unconscious beliefs are shattered in that moment and suddenly, those unconscious beliefs are no longer hidden from us but now brought into the light of awareness. For weeks or months or even years, we may leave our homes and not know what we will find when we arrive home. We may worry, stress and fear could set in.

This begs to ask… What other beliefs are we unconscious about? We may internally believe that life has to be hard, rich people are selfish, poor people are lazy or there will never be peace in the world so why try. How many of us are aware of those moments? What can we do to uncover those beliefs that are unconscious?

Personally, my path to finding those all so hidden beliefs that the ego uses to protect you for one reason or another, is to read inspiring material and then journal about how I felt about what I just read and why. I may write about an experience or two where in the moment that belief manifested in my life. Only by bringing awareness can we move the unconscious to the conscious. 

As a coach, this is one of our primary focus points is assisting our clients in this very process; recognizing the reality of their truth without label; by label I mean good or bad. Another way to say it is without judgement. We as coaches do not judge our clients in any way. We understand fully that we are their equal. We all have these uncovered beliefs. Our purpose is to uncover them, shine beautiful healing light on them and then change the beliefs that no longer serve us to not only better ourselves, not only better our relationships, not only better our community but better our world!

As we grow into these magnificent beautiful people, we are setting an example to every one we meet, be it stranger, friend or family. It is our example that sets the stage. It is our actions that promote a better world. It is our core beliefs that sum up our karmic experience for this life.

Therefore, the question is…

Are you ready to change your core beliefs to
create a life you have always wanted?

Judgement Journal

Today, I want to discuss with you what a Judgement Journal entails. A judgement journal is used to open your awareness to those hidden beliefs. As you begin to wake up, write down those small moclar moments.

Judgement Journal Example

You are walking on a busy street in Manhattan. You look around at all the people you see and your thoughts wonder. Some of these thoughts may be…

  • And she thought that outfit looked good.
  • Those shoes don’t match.
  • Doesn’t he know what a tailor is?
  • Where did she get those earrings? I simply must have them. (this is of course a complimentary judgement but a judgement none the less as you are judging her earrings above all the others you saw.)
  • Wow, he is so short!

I do want to note that I am not asking for people to shut down judgement all together. Remember that I believe we are perfectly imperfect. I personally have not conquered being judgement free. Yet, I awaken to my judgement faster and faster all the time.  I wrote an article on this very subject in 2013 titled Wake Up to Non-Judgement in 30 Seconds.

The goal is simply to bring awareness. As you bring awareness you create confidence, which leads to a whole new world of opportunity.

This journal can be on your smart phone or notepad in your briefcase or purse or back pocket. It could be as simple as a two column check mark journal that says positive or negative at the top without any more writing but a simple check mark in the category. Or maybe if you are a writer and feel called to do so, you may want to go into detail about a thought that had a lot of charge for you.

It reminds of that small notepad that Will Ferrell used in the movie, Stranger Than Fiction. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about a man who hears a voice. This voice is regaling a story that is his life. He seeks assistance to understand and a professor suggests that he journals his experiences and judges them either as a comedy or a tragedy. Will Ferrell carries around this notebook and when he gets a sign on way or another he marks the journal on how he perceives the event to be.

Judgement Journal

Will Ferrell – Stranger Than Fiction. Comedy / Tragedy Journal

There is a saying that what you judge on other people is what you judge yourself internally to be. The less you judge others, the less you judge yourself and vice versa. Remember, this exercise is simply an awareness exercise. DO NOT Judge what you put down. All we are looking for is noticing your patterns and eventually your uncovered hidden beliefs.

If you feel drawn to share your story, I am always blessed to receive it. Namaste.

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