365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 11 2014

Self Reflection & Courage = A Passionate Life

Today’s MoClar Moment is a story about courage. Courage to believe. Courage to manifest a desire knowing that failure is not an option. Courage to listen to your soul and hear the purpose. Courage to love who you are despite years of thinking differently. Today is me being ultra vulnerable to demonstrate when a person knows without a doubt what their purpose is.

Everything we see around us was first a thought. Well, actually it was first nothing. As the cosmic energy works, nothing only becomes something when there is a desire to make it something. Therefore, everything you see actually comes from a thought that felt a burning desire. As desire shows us possibilities, creative thoughts are produced. And as creative thoughts are produced, actions are made. As actions are carried out, physical, touchable elements are manifested.  Until thoughtful desire turns into possibility and possibility turns into actions, there is nothing.

In 2012, I had a desire. I just came off of a year of celibacy and spiritual study. It was the first time in my life where everyday I wrote in my  journal. I was meditating daily and intuitively listening to my heart. That year I was driven to change my beliefs, my values and rethink my future. Something was calling my name. It was just waiting for me to wake up. In 2011, I began waking up. As 2012 started, my desire developed thoughts in me of a new way to help people. I, for the first time in my life, could feel my infinite soul.

I worked with my coach to help me develop a strategy to build my new desire. I had yet to know what it was but I knew if I kept meditating and intuitively listening it would show itself. Through-out 2012 I sharpened my skills, advertised my business, developed relationships with clients and with patience my purpose slowly started to reveal itself.

I will never forget the moment my true purpose, my ultimate destiny fully developed as a vision in my head. Up until then, I tried on many coaching hats; Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, etc.

On August 9th, 2013 as I sat down to reread my story about why I came to coaching as a new career path, I realized that it was a moment of clarity on that hill that day back in fall of 2010.* It came just like an aha moment.

Aha is defined as when something is suddenly seen, found, or understood.  I found myself that day. I had an aha moment or a moment of clarity. As I focused on the words “moment of clarity“, I realized what my purpose was. A moment of clarity is the most powerful moment in one’s life. You suddenly change everything. I looked at that phrase “moment of clarity” and I knew right then and there, I wanted to teach, coach and do anything I could to help others find their own moments of clarity. Profound Coaching is where my path lies. On August 9th, 2013, MoClar Moments was born.

Since that day, thoughts have just been flowing out of me. I have been like a facet of ideas. And that is when I knew, I was aligned for the first time in my life with my soul. We connected so deeply that everyday has been a tremendous blessing. There is no option of failing at this new love of mine. Everything fits. Will everyday be perfect? No. But everyday brings me closer to individuals who are looking for their moments of clarity. Everyone I help gives me more experience in helping the next person. I cannot create moments of clarity. But I sure can promote practices or help you stick with practices that will promote moments of clarity for you.

MoClar comes out of the saying “moment of clarity.” Mo = moment & Clar = clarity.

On that hill in 2010, I had a moclar moment. On August 9th, 2013, I had a moclar moment. Today, my moclar moment came when I realized I needed to tell this story so that you could understand fully where my heart is. So that you could feel the passion that runs through my veins for my life’s work. Every career I have ever had, every moment, every experience, has led me to this. I couldn’t have come to it any sooner or later. I arrived exactly when I was supposed to.

Everyday is a courageous moment to believe that I am here for purpose and that through my devotion and my daily actions, I will align with others who are looking to develop those practices to create those moments of clarity to move them forward, to live their purpose, to align with their soul and to have the same passion for their life’s purpose as I have for mine.

For all who have read this story, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my soul. Here’s to our life purposes!

“Theses experiences are often touching and memorable. People can feel the presence of something larger, something more patient and vaster than their ego.” –Tim Kelley, True Purpose

*To hear the story, please register for the “Your Clarity Now” webinar

Awareness Building

Today, instead of a mediation or journal entry or exercise, my hope is simply to open you up to possibilities. For me, I get inspiration when I take a walk in nature, have an epic conversation, meditate or read a good book. I challenge you to find your inspiration and today focus on it.

If it is a kicking boxing class that aligns you and gives you a smile, get to that class! If it’s a walk in nature like me, take time out for that walk. If it’s reading that book, go to bed 30 minutes early and read for those 30 minutes, undisturbed.

If you don’t know where you get your inspiration, ask friends where they get theirs and try it. You will know which ones work and which ones don’t; Trust me.

When you find the activities that create your inspiration, repeat those activities often.

Down below, please share your stories of passion, purpose and moment’s of clarity. Thank you.

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  1. erica lawrence: naturopath - body ecologist.
    erica lawrence: naturopath - body ecologist. says:

    There was such a gentle, supportive energy permeating your post. I can feel your passion coming through; like wings lifting me up and carrying me to a place for quiet observation, allowing me to gaze down on my own journey and realize that I’m on track. I don’t recall having an A-Ha moment exactly, but I can relate to the other emotions that flow once you’re there. Bless you for helping others reach this… it truly is a profound place to be.

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Wow, this is such a beautiful story and beautifully written! I love how you came to your Mo.Clar, it’s a great reminder that everyone’s story is different and that it takes deep reflection, awareness and patience. Thank You for sharing Connie.
    Melissa recently posted…The Business Of Being Different

  3. CherylAnn
    CherylAnn says:

    Moments of Clarity. I had a professor who used to say, “Never doubt in the darkness what you saw in the light.” The problem with “moments” of clarity is that they are fleeting. Right now I am living into the memory of that “moment” with faith that it has guided me to the correct path. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Michael Knouse
    Michael Knouse says:

    This is beautiful, Connie. I’m touched by your story and there’s a powerful force at work here. A moment of clarity is a memorable moment indeed. Nothing can prepare you for it yet everything prepares you for it. All of life’s experiences come rushing together to form this one moment in time where the fog clears and everything comes into alignment. I had a similar moment last year when I was laid off from my corporate job. I had a choice to make whether to go back to the corporate life or to continue building the side-business that I had been cultivating. My moment of clarity came to me while on a trail run through the forest in a local park. I knew at that moment that I must pursue the work that had been pursuing me all along. Now I’m happily coaching and helping others that want to create meaningful work while edging out of their corporate jobs. Thank you for sharing this wonderful ‘moment of clarity.’

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      What a beautiful story. Thank you kindly for sharing your experience and your moclar moment with us. I feel so honored to have read that story. I am happy to hear how others are aligning with their soul and finding their true passion and purpose and serving the world. I wish you the best of luck!!!
      Connie Benedict recently posted…365 Moments of Clarity – Day 25 2014

  5. Paula
    Paula says:

    Connie, I love this so much thank you for sharing. What a moment eh? I work on this daily too. I meditate and that is where I get my clarity plus early mornings – I seem to write more then! Really loved this post and thank you for making me feel like I am never alone in this. Bless you.

  6. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    This was a good reminder for me to really be mindful of the moments of clarity that I experience. So many times i have them and I don’t appreciate them for what they really are and just move on to the next thing. I will continue to look for those moments and experience them fully.

    • Connie Benedict
      Connie Benedict says:

      I have learned to keep a journal with me at all times. And by journal, I do mean my iPhone. 😉 Depending on what I am doing at the moment a MoClar thought comes to me, I will either record my thoughts through speech on the iPhone and transcribe it later or type them into notes or other apps that are of use to remember my MoClar moments. I used to do the same, think something and then let it slip away. But I now realize those short but powerful thoughts are your soul talking to you and I hope to capture all those thoughts to the best of my ability.

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