365 Moments of Clarity 2014 Collection

365 Moments of Clarity – Day 10 2014

Family Challenges, No Problem

A simple thought to remember to ease your pain

Happy Friday!

Today’s MoClar Moment comes from a personal lesson in being a family member. Through my years of practice, I have learned to quiet my voice, calm my senses and observe instead of being attached to situations. I have practiced daily to see the truth of life, the blessings in the challenges, the thought between the words and the motivation behind the feelings. This self-work has allowed me freedom to let go and be grateful for all that is around me.

Therefore, when family challenges arise, I can calmly know that what is taking place is in the best interest for everyone. I no longer worry or am sad or even define what others may say is depressing or unfair. I know that the universe never sends me something I cannot accept.

Here is a personal fact about me… I grew up in a very religious household. Though I had a good childhood, I rebelled against the religion as soon as I could. I denied all possible faith systems for 17 years. In the fall of 2010, down on my luck, something happened. I speak about my turning point in my free Webinar, “Your CLARITY® Now”. I won’t go into those details here but what I realized was that even if I am no longer religious, faith in something binds the human psyche. Without faith, the question “why” most times seems to show up.

“Why” in past tense is one of the biggest blocks a person can have. It keeps them stuck, stagnant and always living in the past. When I developed my faith again, I become a different person. A freer person. A person who now believes that every moment is the exact moment I am supposed to have at the exact time I am having it. That there is no other possibility at that moment for a different moment to occur.

When I say this, people tell me that maybe I haven’t really had a lot of pain in my life to believe that. I haven’t personally been through a war. I haven’t lived homeless. But that doesn’t mean that my pain is any less than anyone else’s. Comparing is not the answer in compassion, connection or understanding.

For all our pain is equal when it hurts.

My biggest pain was loosing my furson and my true soul companion, Zack Dog, to cancer. I could have asked “why” and I did a couple of times. But because I have a belief that every moment is a perfect moment and I no longer define it as bad, good, better or worse, I can see past labels and just observe the experience as is. There is a gift in all moments, in all experiences and in all walks of life.

The universe wants us to be in complete love. Complete love doesn’t have labels. It just is. It is given freely to us in every moment. It is our choice to accept it; to bring it to heart; to feel it in the very depth of our soul.

The next time you have family challenges, remember to observe and know…

“Every event that befalls me is absolutely the best possible event that could occur.”
— Chris Prentiss, Zen and the Art of Happiness

Daily Exercise

Our beliefs manifest our world. Today, I kindly ask you to examine yours. Right now as you read this post…

  • What are your thoughts? 
  • Why are you thinking those thoughts? 
  • How are those thoughts helping you, hurting you or perpetuating a belief that no longer serves you? 
  • If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your current thoughts? 

Weekly Belief Challenge

Over the next week, carry a journal with you. Whenever you see a belief popup, write it down. And ask yourself…

  • What about this belief is true?
  • What about this belief is false? 
  • What about this belief is serving me? 
  • What about this belief is kind to me and others?
  • If I no longer had this belief, how would my life change? 
  • If I strengthen this belief, how would that change my life?

Do you have family challenges? I would love to hear about the constructive ways you use to move past them with unconditional love and gratitude. How do you see the silver lining in all that comes before you? Let us share and inspire us all. Thank you.